Foton Lovol Participates in 111th Canton Fair

Release Date:2012-08-25 enlarge

The 111th China Import and Export Fair were held on April 15-19 in Guangzhou. Foton Lovol participated in the fair with a few series of products, including tractor, loader and vehicle products. In addition, the well-designed display of tractor core parts has also attracted much attention of customers.

This time, Foton Lovol changed its strategy for this exhibition, showing the construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and vehicle products in the open together and enriching combination of its products to showcase the overall corporate capacity substantially. In order to improve the effect, Foton Lovol attached great importance to the organization of model machines for the exhibition. As a result, the condition of the model machines was greatly improved and the technological level and appearance also took the lead in the domestic industry, thus having obvious competitive advantages. In addition, in order to better showcase its competitive advantages, the company had also organized the exhibition of tractor core parts, including Carraro front axle, Lovol power engine, LUK clutch and synchronizer of product chassis assembly. The first three parts were designed and manufactured by famous international companies. The tractor chassis, under the dissection of Foton Lovol, was a new-generation chassis product by the company designed for medium and high-end markets worldwide. As the only company of parts on the exhibition, Foton Lovol attracted more customers to visit and negotiate. During the event, it has received over 500 customers. To develop new customers, Foton Lovol invited those clients with intensions to visit the company, enhanced cooperative confidence and achieved better results.