Top 10 forecasts for agricultural machinery industry in 2021

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  Top 10 forecasts for agricultural machineryindustry in 2021


  2021, destined to be extraordinary.


  2021 is not only the starting year of the"14th five year plan" , the well-off societywas fully reached, but also the first year after the 100th anniversary of thefounding of the Communist Party of China and the full containment of the epidemicin 2020. It is of great significance.


  In 2021, it will continue to stabilize.


  In 2021, facing theincreasing downward pressure on the international economy,it is foreseeable that the overall tone of development of China willstill be "steady and strive for progress", and it can be concludedthat China's commercial society will emerge many dazzling "smallfires" and is surprising.


  Focus on the agricultural machineryindustry, it’s important how to expand the advantages, make up for thedeficiencies and promote the sustainable progress of the industry comparing thegrowth in 2020.


  01 it’s the right time to speed upinnovation, make up for the shortage


  2021 will still be an important year forthe agricultural machinery industry to make up the shortage. Scientific andtechnological innovation is becoming a common topic and a major direction ofsocial progress. People live in continuous innovation. In recent years,agricultural machinery industry has also been rapidly advancing in innovation.High-end products such as domestic cotton harvester, sugarcane harvester, largeanimal husbandry machinery and large baler have achieved huge progress.Moreover, high-power tractor, combined harvesting machine, economic cropoperation machinery and precision seeder are much more intelligent, unmanneddriving, AI technology, navigation system, data analysis, Internet platform,etc. all have pushed the development for agricultural machinery industry.