Strong rise of domestic high-speed transplanter, great change of transplanter industry is coming!

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  Rice transplanter is a hot spot in the national conference every year. If the rice transplanter is regarded as the self powered agricultural machinery, then this kind of product is the largest category of agricultural machinery in China. It not only has a high output value, but also has a large number of practitioners and many heavyweight enterprises. The booths of kubotian, Yangma and other big brands have attracted much attention.


  The author has participated in the National Conference for 14 consecutive years, and every year there will be news reports on the rice transplanter industry. In 2019, the author wrote an article "Kubota is hard to shake, the number of domestic brands is increasing, and the rice transplanter industry is brewing great changes!", One year later, this year's topic became "the strong rise of China, great changes in the rice transplanter industry are coming!", What major changes in the industry can be revealed through the national meeting?


  1Opportunists out, power on stage


  It is undeniable that the number of rice transplanter enterprises participating in this year's national conference decreased significantly compared with the same period last year. The author roughly estimated that there were at least 15 less. In previous years, none of the small enterprises in Northeast China, Shandong, Hebei and Henan were present, but none of the mainstream enterprises such as kubotian, Yangma, Wade and xingyueshen were absent, We can still get a lot of surprises from their booth.


  The performance of the exhibition confirmed the real changes of the industry to a certain extent. According to the data of the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy system, 66 rice transplanter brands sold in the subsidy system from January to October, which fully shows that the rice transplanter industry has begun to shuffle, and the industry concentration has also improved to a certain extent. Some data show that the share of the top 10 brands in the rice transplanter industry is 78%, which is 4 percentage points higher than that in the same period last year.


  The author thinks that those who quit are weak and opportunists, and those who stay are either long-term or powerful. But the good news is that there are both quitters and entrants.


  I see at least three strange brands, such as Jiushun, a new brand in Zhejiang, which adopts the same strategy as the star and moon god, starting from the high-speed rice transplanter, holding high and beating high. Of course, we should pay more attention to LoVo Arbos's second entry into the rice transplanter industry, and also starting from the high-speed rice transplanter.


  The rice transplanter industry has already passed the high-speed growth period. Now it has entered the platform period, and the concentration degree of the industry will continue to improve in the later stage. According to the author, the new brands that dare to enter the industry at this stage are either strong in comprehensive strength or the mainstream suppliers of big brands.


  2The muzzle of enterprises is aimed at the new intelligent track


  If we say what is the highlight of rice transplanter industry in this year's national conference, I think many people will say it is intelligent.


  The author found that almost all of the more than a dozen rice transplanter brands exhibited the models equipped with automatic navigation, auxiliary driving and even unmanned driving systems. The domestic brands Jiangsu Wade and xingyueshen all exhibited three rice transplanters equipped with auxiliary driving and unmanned driving.


  In particular, Kubota nw8sa type high-speed rice transplanter, which is a pure imported product, is a real sense of unmanned rice transplanter.


  In this sense, the brain of the rice transplanter can carry out its own path planning, automatic driving and autonomous operation, and can deal with obstacles or emergencies on its own, Enterprises that want to develop driverless rice transplanters should really learn from Kubota and come up with a real driverless intelligent machine instead of hyping the concept.


  According to industry experts, after more than ten years of digestion and absorption, domestic brands have basically mastered the core technology of rice transplanter manufacturing, and the product technology level keeps pace with Kubota and Yangma's domestic products. As no enterprise can break through in technology, the current homogenization competition is very fierce, and the differentiated development is imperative.


  Automatic navigation and auxiliary driving based on Beidou terminal application technology is a better direction. If we can take the lead, domestic brands are very likely to seize the new track of differentiation breakthrough, but it is a pity that it is not one or two companies that have this idea, but almost the common understanding of the whole industry.


  So in the foreseeable future, whether Japanese brands or domestic brands, we all hope for intelligence, but it will trigger a new round of more vicious homogenization competition, but competition can not be avoided after all. What enterprises have to do is continuous innovation, and competition is the speed and efficiency of innovation. In the new track of rice transplanter industry in the future, Only those who run fast can win, so Xiaobian can only shout "run, brother!" at the back.


  3Domestic high-speed thruster, Japanese tempering and polishing walking machine


  Compared with previous years, the obvious change in this exhibition is that the proportion of ride type high-speed rice transplanter is increasing. However, it is puzzling that Japan's Kubota and Yangma attach great importance to hand-held rice transplanter this year, while the domestic brands are collectively turning to high-speed rice transplanter.


  All the more than a dozen domestic brands of rice transplanters on display this year have high-speed rice transplanters. New entrants and "Er Jin Gong" Revo Arbos all have high-speed rice transplanters on display. If the high-speed rice transplanters on display of some domestic brands from 2017 to 2019 are prototypes or concept machines, this year's high-speed rice transplanters on display are real commercial machines that have been mass sold or will be put on the market.


  This can also be confirmed by the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy system this year. From January to October 2020, about 60000 rice transplanters were sold in China, which was the same as that in 2019, while the sales increased from 1.96 billion yuan to 2.43 billion yuan.


  The fact that the number is flat and the sales volume has increased significantly only shows that the proportion structure of walking machines and ride type high-speed machines has changed, and the main contributors to the increase in the sales volume of high-speed machines are domestic brands such as StarCraft and Wade.


  This exhibition is very worthy of attention is the Kubota hand transplanter. In this exhibition, Kubota exhibited two generations of four types of hand-held rice transplanters, among which 2zs-4 (spw-48c) and 2zs-6 (spw-68c) of SPW series are familiar old products, while kW series is a new product for upgrading, namely four row machine Kw4 and six row machine kw6. The two products have greatly improved in power, adaptability, durability and efficiency.


  For example, kw6 is equipped with a 5.7 horsepower high-power engine, which is 1.2 horsepower higher than spw-68c, and can achieve 3.47 mu / h operation efficiency. It is equipped with a 10L fuel tank, which is 6L higher than spw-68c, which can effectively reduce the refueling downtime, meet the needs of one day operation, and make the operation more convenient. In addition, it can increase the wheels, movable rice seedling, increase the number of gears, and turn on the lights.


  It can be seen that after a series of optimization and upgrading, Kw4 and kw6 are completely different from 2zs-4 (spw-48c) and 2zs-6 (spw-68c). When domestic brands rush to high-speed rice transplanters, Kubota goes the opposite way to temper and polish the hand-held rice transplanter that has been abandoned by domestic brands, The reason behind this is worth pondering over by domestic brands.


  4Kubota system emerges, competition in 2021 becomes white hot


  According to a senior expert in the field of rice transplanter, the current technical schools of domestic rice transplanter include Kubota, Yangma, Jingguan and Mitsubishi. However, from the exhibits at this year's exhibition, Kubota has become the mainstream, and other technical schools have become supplements.


  According to experts, at present, there are about 60 domestic rice transplanter enterprises, almost all of them take the Kubota technology route, which is the same as the reason that 80% of tractor industry brands take the Futian technology route.


  So why do domestic brands collectively choose Kubota technology? According to expert analysis: first, Kubota brand influence, imitation Kubota easy to get user recognition; Second, the complete supporting system of Kubota has been established, so the cost of accessories along the route of Kubota is lower and it is easier to succeed; Third, the structure of kubotian transplanter is simple, the degree of mechatronics and hydraulics integration is low, and it is easier to imitate; Fourth, Kubota has a large number of products and a complete system of services and accessories. Imitation of Kubota can reduce or eliminate investment in accessories and services.


  The Kubota road we all take indicates the homogenization of competition.


  According to experts' prediction, the competition of rice transplanters in China will become white hot in 2021. Kubota is the target brand of domestic brands, and the focus product is high-speed rice transplanters. It is said that Wade and star Luna's stock plan in 2021 will be 7000, and other domestic brands will add up to more than 10000, with a total of nearly 20000, plus Kubota and Yangma Jingguan three will produce 35000 high-speed transplanters in China in 2021, and the annual demand for high-speed transplanters in China is about 25000. How can we digest the extra 10000 high-speed transplanters? In 2021, domestic brands may surpass Japanese brands in sales volume for the first time. Let's welcome the more fierce storm together!