Why the corn harvester is hard to find!

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  This year, corn combine harvester is very popular, among which the stalk and ear corn combine harvester is in the limelight.


  Corn combine harvester with stem and ear harvesting is a kind of multifunctional harvesting machine, which is based on the traditional corn ear harvester, adding the function of corn straw recycling and chopping. It is one of the few agricultural machinery products originally invented by domestic enterprises. This kind of agricultural machinery was first promoted in Yutian County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Yutian county is the breeding base of Mengniu, Basically, every family raises cattle.


  In 2015, stem and ear harvesters began to appear. After five years of cultivation, the demand finally broke out in 2020. The subsidy data showed that the annual sales volume exceeded 4000 sets, with a year-on-year growth of 115%. But 2020 is only the prelude, and the climax is likely to be in 2021. According to several major stem and ear harvester manufacturers, such as Tang gonglijun, Dima and Yinghu, This year, the order volume of stem and ear harvester is two or three times that of last year. The orders paid by users have exceeded the production capacity of the factory, so they have been afraid to take orders since May.


  So why did this year's corn combine harvester market start ahead of time? What's the secret of corn combine harvester?


  Secret 1: beef cattle breeding is developed, and the demand for roughage is hot


  Professional silage combine harvesters mainly serve large-scale farmers or large-scale farms, and are designed for dairy cows. Shijiazhuang Meidi 9qz-2800, 9qz-2900a.9qz-3000, dinggua 9qz-2200, 9qz-2400, Muze 4qz-2620, 4qz-14a, etc. are specially designed for the needs of these users, The corn combine harvester is specially designed for small-scale operation or small-scale farmers, and is specially designed for beef cattle breeding.


  Small scale farmers are very concerned about the cost of breeding. They are usually not professional farmers, but diversified farmers with the combination of planting and breeding. These farmers often have the psychological demand of self-sufficiency in traditional agriculture. 400 kg calves out of lactation need 30 kg / cow of straw feed every day for just 10 months and 300 days, If their own corn straw can be used as fodder for cattle and sheep, it will save them a lot of money. Although corn straw is not as nutritious as special fodder, its waste utilization is much better than self financing. Therefore, it seems that the unprofessional corn combine harvester can meet the needs of small-scale growers.


  Under the influence of novel coronavirus pneumonia and "double epidemic" of new crown pneumonia, the consumption substitution function and nutritional value function of beef products gradually appeared, and domestic beef consumption demand was strong.


  In the past two years, the reason why the stalk and ear harvester has been popular is that the increase in the number of beef cattle has driven the demand for corn straw feed, and the transmission to the downstream is the increase in the purchase of stalk and ear harvester which can harvest straw as well as ear. From the above figure 1, we can see that in 2020, the domestic beef cattle stock will be 95.62 million, with a year-on-year increase of 4.24 million, driving the grass planting, Increased demand for roughage corn straw, directly led to the sales of corn combine harvester.


  Secret 2: the "free" mode of opening and hanging


  The comparative advantage of corn combine harvester is very obvious.


  Generally, the subsidy of 4-line corn picker is 120000-160000 yuan. At present, the price of corn picker should be about 80 yuan / mu. The net profit of one mu is about 40-50 yuan / mu. If 1000 mu is dried a year, the net profit can reach 50000 yuan. It takes 3 years or even longer to recover the cost.


  The market price of the corn combine harvester with stem and ear harvesting is 190000-250000 yuan. Its business model is as follows: the harvester collects corn for the common people, and the common people don't need to give the money to the harvester when picking corn cobs, but the common people need to give the corn straw to the harvester (in other words, the harvester helps the old Bai to clean up the corn straw). According to 3000 Jin of grass per mu, 7 cents per jin of grass, One mu of land can be sold for 210 yuan. After deducting the cost of oil and tricycle, the operator can drop about 180 yuan / mu, which is the net profit of the operator. The operator can work 50 mu a day, and the net profit is 9000 yuan a day. The operation time is relatively long. If the operation time can reach 20 days, there will be a net profit of 180000 yuan. In theory, the cost can be recovered in a year to a year and a half, Compared with the common corn machine, the cost recovery time is greatly shortened, and the risk of land purchase is relatively low.


  It can be seen that, compared with the price of 80 yuan per mu of ordinary corn harvester, the corn stalk and ear harvester can collect corn for free for farmers, and send it to their families for free. It is very convenient for the elderly families who are lack of labor force. Some people will say that people will not sell corn straw by themselves? Of course, it will, but it's quite troublesome to find someone to collect, bundle, transport and sell the corn stalks for small-scale cultivation. The common people feel troublesome. They don't have to pay their own money to collect the corn stalks, and some people help to deal with the corn stalks. Why not let the common people be the shopkeeper?


  This is the "free" business logic of corn stalk and ear harvester. The most competitive business model in the world is "free". If there is a job that others do for you, they not only don't charge you, but also help you throw away "garbage". This is something many people can't refuse. This is the biggest secret of corn stalk and ear harvester industry, It is also the trump card for the stem and ear harvester to grab business from the common corn machine.


  Secret 3: the subsidy fund is insufficient, so we should be the first to "grab" the subsidy


  According to the data of the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy system, in 2020, the state allocated 17 billion yuan of state subsidy funds, but actually implemented 28.7 billion yuan, overdrawn 11.7 billion yuan. In 2021, the first batch of state subsidy funds was only 14 billion yuan. After filling the excess subsidy in 2020, the real available subsidy funds in 2021 were less than 2.5 billion yuan, And the severe disaster area where the subsidy fund is seriously insufficient is the main sales area of corn machine - north of Qinling Mountains and Huaihe River.


  Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin and Henan are the main sales areas of corn combine harvesters. The annual subsidy funds in these areas are very limited. In 2020, there will also be overdraft in varying degrees. Therefore, the subsidy funds in 2021 will be tight. In the face of insufficient subsidy funds, especially the corn harvesters that should be sold in large quantities in the second half of the year, It has become a "helpless move" to sell in advance and grab subsidy funds, which is one of the main reasons for the market to start ahead of time and the sales peak season to move forward.


  Secret 4: the price of raw materials is rising, so we are worried about the rising price to buy them first


  After the late May, with the strong intervention of the relevant state departments, the prices of domestic basic raw materials such as steel fell. Before that, the prices of raw materials rose sharply, especially the prices of steel. Agricultural machinery is an industry based on steel. More than 80% of the components such as tractors and combine harvesters are made of steel and iron. With the rise of steel prices, the cost of agricultural machinery increased, It is inevitable that the ex factory price and the market retail price will rise.


  Since March, some large corn machine enterprises have issued a formal price adjustment notice. Dealers want to lock the products in advance before the price adjustment, so they have a high enthusiasm to order.


  This kind of panic is also transmitted to the user level, and users also want to buy corn machines in advance in the first half of the year, which leads to the increase of both the number of machines and the number of purchases in the first half of the year.


  Secret 5: competition promotes product quality and efficiency


  At present, there are more than 30 corn harvester brands in China, forming several different technical routes, producing several products with different structures, and each has its own advantages.


  The first type of Yinghu is the biggest selling type of Yinghu at present. Lovol and yongmeng also adopt this structure. Based on the modification of traditional corn machine, the main features are that the chopping and throwing fans are installed at the lower part of header, and the straw bin is installed at the top; The second Dima type is only adopted by a few enterprises in China, such as Jiufang Taihe. Jiufang Taihe is one of the earliest pioneers to promote corn harvester with stem and ear. Jiufang's machine is equipped with vertical header. The vertical header is used for corn to enter the header vertically. The ear is picked by "breaking" rather than squeezing, which can effectively avoid ear tail injury or ear gnawing, After ear picking, the corn straw is recycled after bias pressing and crushing. The third is Xinxiang Yutian type, which is evolved from the combination of silage machine and corn machine. At present, it is adopted by Tangshan Lijun, jindafeng, Henan jinjiuyuan, Xinxiang leweinong and other enterprises. It is refitted on the basis of the original silage harvester. The lower part of the header adopts the wheat type header, and the straw bin is placed behind; The fourth is Fergusson type, with the cutter under the header and the straw bin on the side.


  Several models have both advantages and disadvantages. Under the pressure of competition, the speed of technology integration is accelerated. At present, Xinxiang Yutian model is more recognized. Although the operation speed is not the fastest, the machine is mature and the reliability of the whole machine is high, and the rear straw bin meets the needs of current users; The speed of product upgrading is accelerating. After a lot of market feedback, the product is continuously improved, the product quality and performance are generally improved, and the user recognition is higher and higher. It is obvious that the dual-purpose stalk and ear harvester is rapidly replacing the ear corn harvester in Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other places.


  Secret 6: 2. Mobile phone trading is active, driving the sales of new phones


  As the products become more and more mature and the quality becomes more and more stable, in recent years, the circulation speed of the second-hand stalk and ear harvester is speeding up, and the market is very active. The machine that has been used for one or two years is very easy to sell. In Hebei and Shandong, the second-hand machine with hard brands such as Tanggong, Dima and Yinghu can also sell about 100000 yuan, which is more valuable than the common corn machine.


  If the old ones don't go and the new ones don't come, and the second-hand stems and ears can be sold well, it will eliminate the worries of the buyers, so it has a direct driving effect on the sales of new machines.