Agricultural machinery enterprises should pay attention to the demand and shopping mode of "generation Z"

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  The product is good. If potential consumers don't know, can't see, and can't reach him, they will eventually be free.


  In terms of brand operation, even if you are an agricultural machinery "old brand", you need to constantly innovate the brand, keep the brand young and meet the needs of the young consumers.


  A pandemic has changed many aspects of people, including production, life and thinking.


  We also inadvertently found that, under the impact of the fierce epidemic, since the beginning of last year, agricultural machinery enterprises have paid more and more attention to the use of new media to disseminate, especially video-based, new media media for marketing. Tiktok Kwai and the vibrato number have been established by enterprises of all sizes. With the recent growing influence of WeChat's "video Number", many enterprises have immediately established video numbers. Compared with the traditional media in the past, or the reading volume of new media media, such as WeChat official account and headband, which are dominated by static text, these short video platforms can easily break tens of thousands of hits.


  What does this mean? The author thinks that on the one hand, it shows that the young generation of audiences are more and more fond of watching short video. Compared with reading words, under the impact of massive information, young people are more and more impatient to read, prefer to see pictures and easy short videos. If the content is matched with handsome men and beautiful women, it is more attractive; Second, it shows that the younger generation has become the main force of agricultural machinery purchase, or the consumption psychology of agricultural machinery buyers is younger and younger; Third, these new short video media with more visual and auditory impact and more interactive characteristics are more influential, and the radiation surface across the age layer is wider and wider. In addition, it also shows that our agricultural machinery enterprises are constantly adapting to and embracing this social and communication trend, which is very worthy of affirmation.


  The most important thing for enterprises to sell products is the product force and service force, which are the most basic and fundamental elements. However, strong marketing force is also an effective driving force to promote enterprise growth. The product is good. If potential consumers don't know, can't see, and can't reach him, they will eventually be free. If the long-term growth of enterprises depends on the "potential" level of product force, service power and technological innovation, from the short-term effect, strong marketing power can often win the market in a certain stage. Therefore, for professional managers with pressure of performance appraisal, whether state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, they often pay more attention to marketing strategies and executive power, that is, to improve at the level of "skill", and create a fantastic effect, so-called "soldiers, tricks and ways". In the current domestic agricultural machinery market with high homogeneity, many enterprises can only rely on marketing guidance to promote the growth of sales and the promotion of market share.


  We know that products, in addition to their own value, also meet the different consumer psychology value, agricultural machinery products are no exception. We should not only see different product values, but also understand different consumer psychology of different generations, especially young people. Generally speaking, the middle-aged people in the post-60s and 70 generations in China have experienced the economic era of material shortage, and value of products themselves is more and more important. The young people after 80s, 90s and 00 pay more and more attention to consumption experience and psychological satisfaction.


  Therefore, enterprises should pay more attention to the needs of consumers, and how to reach and occupy their minds in advance, whether in product design or marketing methods. To stay in the future, the innovation of marketing means is undoubtedly very important. Besides good products as the basis, the beauty of vans and beauties, which adapt to human nature, has become the auxiliary means used by enterprises competing.


  (source: China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association)


  Many signs and facts remind us that agricultural machinery enterprises should pay more and more attention to the research of the demand of generation Z. The so-called Z generation refers to the generation born between 1995 and 2009. Experts expect that this kind of population will account for 27% of the total population by 2025. The most important point of generation Z is "digital Aboriginal". The research shows that they spend 4.7 hours playing mobile phones every day, and they enjoy the traditional Chinese products and live video business with Chinese traditional design.


  One generation has a generation of consumer psychology. Mainstream users in the market change, and popular products will change. For business marketers, it is necessary to maintain a keen user insight, but it is not easy. Tencent founder and chairman of the board of directors Ma Huateng once admitted that he would continue to study on the Internet. A big crisis is that he can't understand what young people like on the Internet now. "No one guarantees that one thing is permanent, because human nature is to be updated, even if you have nothing wrong, it is too old for you."


  Ma Huateng, other leading enterprises should keep the times sensitive and alertOld is a mistake in itself a lot of times, which means the generation gap and lack of feeling of business. The older generation of entrepreneurs, no matter how rich experience they have, do not really understand the world of young people. For enterprises, the only way to fill the gap is to maintain the insight of young users and keep the youth of the team. Some of our very strong leaders have accurately found the market demand in their growing age. However, with the growth of age, it is more difficult to find them in their career or later stage of enterprise establishment, especially in such a time when science and technology are changing rapidly and information explosion. Therefore, their insight into the times and consumers is becoming more and more difficult, This requires the company to continue to use young people. Compared with the managers of the next generation, the personal experience and keen intuition of the same generation are sometimes more reliable, which is why the new consumer brand operators are often the important reasons for young people. Last year, there were two star companies, bubble mart and Yuanqi forest, whose founders were both post-80s in domestic consumer market.


  For the market, the brand status of products has never been a piece of iron. If the enterprise does not work hard, it will be constantly overtaken by the later. In recent years, the domestic tractor market, on the side of the couch of Dongfang red and Lovol, has produced many new brands, some of which have fallen off the market under the impact of emerging brands. In recent two years, the concentration of tractor market has not increased but declined, indicating that many new and old users have chosen new brands.


  In fact, it is not only the agricultural machinery industry, but also the field of electric vehicles. In the era of strong traditional automobile brands, Tesla from the United States has attracted many consumers rapidly, and domestic brands such as Weilai, Xiaopeng and ideal are rising. This shows that more and more consumers are embracing new things and there are many tasters in each field. Even some traditional old customers may be taken away by new products and new brands. Ideal automobile first announced quarterly profit last week. Since the first vehicle model of Weilai automobile was put into the market in june2018, as of January this year, 82866 electric vehicles have been delivered in China. The pursuit of high-end SUV models by high-income consumers helps the company reach 17.2% gross profit rate in the fourth quarter of 2020.


  In recent two years, Jilin has two small corn machine manufacturers that have hardly been known in the past, and suddenly become the top sales in this field. After understanding the two enterprises, they will find that they have no excellent products and technologies, and there is no extraordinary high-tech, but only timely discovery and grasp the changes of communication mode, and cater to the needs of the younger generation by means of live broadcast on the short video platform. Maybe some of our powerful enterprises despise their development mode, but compared with some of the traditional agricultural machinery enterprises, these two enterprises can discover and adopt such marketing methods in advance and become the water test in advance in the industry, which is very worthy of affirmation. At the same time, this is also a differentiated competition of marketing. After all, these new emerging enterprises cannot compare with some traditional strong enterprises in terms of brand power, product power, channel power and other resources. In order to achieve the latter, they must make a surprise. In addition, through the spread of the Internet red in the field of agricultural machinery, we will also find that some enterprises should not always think that their brand is strong and the products are very strong, so many young generations like to take risks, stimulate and embrace new things. In terms of brand operation, even if you are an agricultural machinery "old brand", you need to constantly innovate the brand, keep the brand young and meet the needs of the young consumers.