Three sowing methods to solve the problem of whole process mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas

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  Recently, the "2020 field day of agricultural machinery and equipment technology for rice and oil crops in Hilly and mountainous areas of Sichuan Province" led by Sichuan Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas and organized by the Provincial Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion Station in conjunction with Dazhou agricultural and rural Bureau was held in Puguang town and Juntang town of Xuanhan county. The activities showed 3 kinds of rape sowing methods, namely, six rows of live direct seeding machines, UAV broadcasting and mobile sprayers broadcasting. Practice has proved that it is feasible to implement the whole process mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas.


  In Wangu village, Juntang Town, Xuanhan County Harvest agricultural machinery professional cooperative demonstrated the three rape sowing technologies. At the command of Ren Danhua, chief engineer of the Provincial Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion Station, the machine driver drove the tractor through the field, and the six row precision direct seeding machine completed rotary tillage, fertilization, ditching and sowing at one timeWe can randomly adjust the fertilization amount according to the soil testing formula, or adjust the sowing amount according to the characteristics of different crops. We can sow six rows at one time, which is very efficient and suitable for large fields with flat terrain and concentrated patches. "


  How to sow some hillside fields lacking production roads? Drone broadcasting came in handy. When the operator presses the remote control, the UAV flies into the sky with seeds and fertilizer and sows seeds evenly at a traveling speed of 4 meters per second and 6 meters wideThis UAV is equipped with 360 degree omni-directional radar and AI agricultural intelligent glasses, which can automatically avoid obstacles. We control the sowing amount per mu by controlling the opening size of the planter. Rape is generally controlled within 300g per mu. " Ren Danhua said.


  What about those situations that are not convenient for large-scale mechanical operation and have no conditions to purchase UAVs? The third "light and simple" sowing technology came into beingFirst, seed and fertilizer should be planted at a ratio of 2 to 8, and put into the mobile sprayer. As the machine sways the seeds, the seeds and fertilizers can be evenly distributed into the soil. However, in this way, the land must be cultivated first with a small rotary cultivator, which is more suitable for small plots scattered in mountainous areas with families as units. " Ren Danhua said.


  The activity also showed the whole process mechanized operation technologies such as straw returning to the field, land tillage and efficient plant protection, visited Xuanhan harvest agricultural machinery professional cooperative and observed the demonstration of its mechanical equipment. The cooperative implements the mode of "whole process mechanization + Comprehensive Agricultural Service Center". It not only transfers more than 1100 mu of land by itself, but also radiates and drives more than 20 towns such as Qingxi through four new service modes: circulation operation mode, trusteeship service mode, mutual assistance operation mode and equity quantification mode, taking the lead in realizing the whole process mechanized production of main grain crops in Hilly and mountainous areas, Cracked the bottleneck of "who will farm, how to farm, and how to plant a good field".


  Gui Gang, chairman of the cooperative, introduced that due to the higher efficiency of mechanized direct seeding, more seedlings per mu and guaranteed yield, the precision direct seeding area of rape in the cooperative has reached 1000 mu. In terms of yield, it is more than 30 kg per mu more than the traditional manual transplanting method, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved; UAV aerial seeding, mobile sprayers and other ways this year plans to test and promote 30-50 acres.


  "Today's links such as cultivated land, sowing, straw returning to the field and ditching are all displayed around the urgent problems faced by agricultural production in Hilly and mountainous areas. I hope all localities will promote their application in combination with local reality." Yang Jianguo, director of the Agricultural Mechanization Department of the Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, said, "the activity also let everyone know how to develop agricultural mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas. Local agricultural mechanization departments should make joint efforts to vigorously cultivate new agricultural machinery management organizations and serve local modern agriculture. Use the lever of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy to pry and expand the development of agricultural machinery service organizations, and solve the whole process service problems before, during and after delivery for local agricultural production. "