Baler becomes the rigid demand of straw forage

Release Date:2021-09-13 enlarge

       September 8 is the third day of Changchun Agricultural Expo. As the weather cleared up, the exhibition also entered its peak period. At the Chenhai agricultural clothing booth, an endless stream of agents and users came to observe and negotiate. According to Bai Xuefeng, chairman of Wanli farmers' Professional Cooperative in Lishu County, Jilin Province, "in recent years, balers such as' forage King 'have become more and more popular because of their continuous improvement of performance and standardized service, and have become the rigid demand for straw forage utilization in Jilin and other places.".


          The main reason why the packer is favored by the market is that it can benefit farmers. Secondly, the state has vigorously implemented environmental protection and agricultural machinery subsidy policies in recent years. As for the profits brought by the baler to farmers, let's first calculate an account: a baler can make about 600 bales in 8 hours a day, and the market price of bales is about 7-15 yuan / bag. Conservatively calculated at 8 yuan / bag, after deducting the cost of 3 yuan / bag, the daily profit is about 3000 yuan. According to the working time of 2 months / year, the annual profit is as high as 180000 yuan, while the price of a good baler is about 150000 yuan, One year is more than enough, so everyone began to buy.


        In recent years, the state has gradually strengthened environmental protection. The previous straw will be discarded or burned on site, which is not allowed to waste and pollute the environment. The state has also issued agricultural machinery subsidy policies. For example, Chenhai "forage king" packer can basically apply for agricultural machinery subsidies all over the country, which has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers, Now the packer has basically become the standard configuration of agricultural machinery household cooperatives in Northeast China.


        On the whole, the packer market is booming, but the specific sales situation of each packer manufacturer is still determined by the product quality and service. The so-called golden cup and silver cup are not as good as users' word-of-mouth. Now there are many packer brands in the market, and sometimes the price difference can be close to twice, which especially tests the identification ability of users, In particular, it depends on the manufacturer's handling and control of product details and whether the later technical services are in place.


          "Changchun Agricultural Expo is a good opportunity. Staff can explain one-on-one with users what is good about our machine and how to identify an excellent packer, which can not only let users understand our products, but also let users feel the professionalism and enthusiasm of our team. Users can also go to the site to compare other brands of packers. We are not afraid of comparison, because we are not afraid of comparison Our products have enough confidence, "said Wu Feng, sales director of Chenhai" forage king "packer.


          According to Wu Feng, sales director of Shandong Chenhai agricultural equipment company, the reason why the "forage king" packer is welcomed by users is mainly because the users who buy it are professional users. They are unanimously optimistic about the company's product quality and technical services.