The substitution effect of domestic cotton picker market is remarkable

Release Date:2021-09-15 enlarge

  The large cotton picker industry has high technical content in the field of agricultural machinery and has certain industrial technical barriers. John Deere and Case New Holland, as the world's leading cotton picker enterprises, entered the Chinese market in the 1990s. The Chinese cotton picker market has been monopolized by John Deere and Case New Holland for a long time, and their cotton picker market ownership is at a high level. According to the survey and statistics, in 2020, the domestic brand market accounted for 31.43% and the foreign brand market accounted for 67.57%.


  In recent years, through technological innovation and industrial capacity improvement, Xinjiang boshiran and other cotton picker enterprises have greatly improved the competitiveness of domestic cotton pickers, gradually recognized by the market and achieved good market results. Domestic cotton pickers have begun to form a substitution effect for foreign brand cotton pickers.


  At present, several domestic enterprises have realized the industrialization of cotton pickers. The backbone cotton picker enterprises include Xinjiang boshiran, modern agricultural equipment of state machinery group, Zhejiang Xingguang agricultural machinery, Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural machinery, Xinjiang Railway Construction heavy industry, Shandong Swan stock, Jiangsu Wade agricultural machinery, etc.


  In 2020, the domestic brand market accounted for 62.29% and the foreign brand market accounted for 37.71% of the sales share of cotton pickers in China. The sales volume of domestic brand cotton pickers has far exceeded that of foreign brands.


  From the sales volume and market share of enterprises in the industry, as the representative of domestic cotton picker brands, boshiran ranks first in the industry, surpassing John Deere and leading other domestic brands.