Zhonglian harvester showed great prestige in the agricultural machinery promotion field activities, and users directly bought two sets

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  2021 Hebei Shijiazhuang peanut production agricultural machinery promotion "field day" was successfully held in Xinle City, which attracted a large number of enterprises and farmers. The machines and tools on the scene are too busy to pick up. There are many types, such as peanut pickup harvester, unmanned plant protection machine, tillage and land preparation machine and so on. The present farmers listened to the explanation one by one and looked very seriously. Among them, the peanut harvester has become the focus of farmers' attention. The peanut pickup harvester harvested by Zhonglian stands out among the same types of machines and tools, attracting a large number of onlookers. After the operation, the peanut pickup harvester harvested by Zhonglian is clean, fast and effective, which has been praised by the on-site audience. It is reported that the machine has been sold. The owner is master Wei from Xinji, Hebei. He also came to the scene and was very happy to drive the machine when he saw the praise of the audience.




  Later, the reporter interviewed master Wei. After understanding, master Wei has been struggling in the agricultural machinery industry for decades, identified the peanut harvest market and opened the peanut harvester. "I've driven wheat harvesters before, and I've seen all kinds of models. In recent years, more and more peanuts have been planted here, and there is a growing demand for peanut harvesters. Although peanut pickers can help farmers solve the problem of peanut harvest, due to the small number of local peanut pickers, many villages can only allocate one or two flowers during the peanut harvest season every year , the villagers can only wait for the flowers to work through the queue number. If the contact is late, the queue number is relatively backward, which is likely to catch up with the bad weather and reduce the output of peanuts, so I want to buy a peanut harvester myself. From the current market, the income of corn and wheat planting has declined in recent years, and the price of peanuts has been rising. It is conceivable that the planting area of peanuts will continue to expand in the future , buying a peanut harvester is a sure bet. "Master Wei said of the original intention of buying flowers.


  Sure enough, the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. If you want to buy machines and tools, you still have to go and have a look in person. Master Wei told us that he also met Zhonglian peanut harvester at an exhibition. "The same type of peanut harvester was also present. During the demonstration of machines and tools, I found that the peanuts collected by Zhonglian peanut harvester are very clean, fast, low impurity content, less crushing and good quality. Everyone can see it." master Wei talked about the reasons for choosing Zhonglian harvest and said with relish: "What I like about this flower is that it has strong vitality and applicability. The dry and wet crops take all. The roller in the fruit picking room is equipped with an independent gearbox. The low gear is selected for dry crops and the high gear is selected for wet crops. The selection of the two gears can not only reduce the crushing rate but also avoid congestion. As far as I know, Zhonglian harvest has a development history of decades. It is a good faith enterprise, and its product sales and market share are higher than that of others High, the user's evaluation is good, so I chose Zhonglian peanut harvester without hesitation.




  "The quality of Zhonglian peanut harvester is really poor. There have never been any major problems during use." master Wei couldn't help thumbing up when talking about Zhonglian peanut harvester. "After sales has always been a concern for me. At the beginning, I didn't know how to use the machine very well. I called the after-sales consultation. Within an hour, they sent someone over and patiently told us about the operation technology and the problems that are easy to occur. Usually, there were telephone follow-up visits to ask about our use feelings, which suddenly relieved me of my worries. I'm still worried about such good after-sales service What's your heart? It can be said that Zhonglian harvest has witnessed my growth and my technical level has been improved. It can harvest 5-6 mu in an hour, which is very efficient. The two machines have harvested more than 2000 mu and earned back their capital at once. I never thought I could earn so much before, but the previous wheat machine didn't make money. Thanks to a good machine, it's right to choose Zhonglian harvest. After sales Service and product quality are guaranteed. "


  In addition to the excellent after-sales service, master Wei is also very satisfied with the harvest effect of Zhonglian harvest peanut pickup. "There is no harm without comparison. That's right. Last year, in addition to my Zhonglian harvest flower vitality, another flower vitality of other brands came to our village. Sometimes they often work together. After seeing the harvest effect of the two cars, the villagers came to me for numbering. My Zhonglian harvest flower vitality not only lost less fruits, but also had a very low rate of broken fruits Moreover, the peanuts collected are very clean, and the villagers can see the difference at a glance. "


  Speaking of this year's plan, master Wei plans to purchase two more Zhonglian peanut harvesters. Through this season's operation, master Wei has a deeper understanding of Zhonglian peanut harvesters and plans to carry out cross regional operation in Shandong and other places. "Judging from last year's operating Mu and this year's scheduled volume, two machines are certainly not enough. Now there is also national policy support. The prospect of purchasing two more cross regional operation harvesters is still very promising. Moreover, Zhonglian peanut harvest will be upgraded every year. This year, GPS service system is also installed to provide more timely after-sales service. Tires have also been upgraded and have stronger grip , driving is more reliable. "


  The sales volume of Zhengzhou Zhonglian harvester has always been far ahead. In 2020, it has achieved a market sales performance of more than 3000 sets, and the market share has reached 46%. Its R & D team continues to upgrade and transform. Whether it is the internal renewal and upgrading of the pickup, the optimization of the fruit picking system, the multiple selection of the gearbox and the tightness and comfort of the cab are among the best in the same type of machinery Zhengzhou Zhonglian always takes "serving agriculture and creating value for customers" as its purpose, close to the needs of farmers, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and create better and more perfect products. Zhengzhou Zhonglian, as a leading enterprise in the industry, has always been a trusted brand for users.