Lexing tractors exported more than 3000 units in the first half of 2021

Release Date:2021-09-17 enlarge

  Recently, at the delivery site of lexing agricultural equipment, a batch of export tractors are ready to go and are ready to "marry away" in South America. At present, the data in the first half of the year show that 3088 lexing export tractors have been sold, and overseas users have put forward more and more personalized needs for tractor configuration, "private customization" "Tractor is becoming an industry trend. Under this background, lexing adheres to" customer-centered "and feeds back global customers with high-quality products and services according to the diversified needs of customers.


  According to lexing technicians, during the epidemic period, after receiving the order, the business department was anxious for the customer's needs and thought about the customer's needs. It quickly cooperated with the R & D, procurement, production and other departments to overcome the pressure on production organization and product delivery caused by poor logistics during the epidemic period, completed the assembly and commissioning of the tractor in a short time, and the order will be delivered to the user on schedule.


          It is understood that lexing tractor is deeply recognized and loved by local users. This model of tractor is light and comfortable, and has high-efficiency and high-quality operation effect. Local users say: In addition to its high efficiency and high quality, there is another reason to choose lexing. At present, science and technology are developed and the replacement is fast. With a new car, the old car will be sold, and the preservation rate will be very important. Therefore, if the preservation rate is high, you don't worry about selling