Tianlang baler can not only harvest straw, but also silage corn

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  Straw feed pickup baler, as a new agricultural machinery product that successfully turns straw waste into treasure, has been recognized by many farmers in the developed areas of animal husbandry such as northeast, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang in recent years, and the market sales volume is very considerable. As a leader in the field of straw feed baler, Tianlang is hard to find in the market.


  As we all know, the main purpose of straw feed baler is to crush, knead and pack the picked straw after soil removal. The collected straw has low soil content and can be fed directly. Cattle and sheep like to eat. It is simpler and more convenient than the multi-step process of traditional baler, and is especially popular with farmers.


  In recent years, many users have developed a new use of Tianlang straw feed baler - green storage feed baler harvest. Sun Tao, a villager from Dongxing village, wangaizhao Town, Dalat banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, purchased a Xintianlang 2021 9yfq-2.2c automatic bagging baler for this purpose.


  Why did Sun Tao choose Tianlang for so many brands of straw feed balers in the market? In response, he explained: "I bought this Tianlang baler this year. When I bought it, I didn't hesitate. I directly chose the Tianlang brand. Because I own sheep. Last year, I learned that someone used the Tianlang baler to harvest stored corn. Later, I saw the silage quality and bought some for my sheep. The palatability is very good, and the sheep love to eat, and the food is special It's clean and basically has no loss. It doesn't lose the quality of those large silage machines at all. The most important thing is small bags, which is easy to store, and it's very convenient to feed cattle and sheep. "


  Although this is the first year of purchase, so far, this Xintianlang 9yfq-2.2c baler has baled more than 15000 bales of silage. Sun Tao also has a deeper understanding of Tianlang baler. "Before, I just knew that the silage quality of Tianlang baler was very good, but through this year's baling operation, I found that its operation speed was still very fast. It took two people to bagge in order to keep up with its baling speed. Moreover, there was no problem in terms of quality. So far, there are no problems at all, which is very easy."


  Of course, many users may wonder why Xintianlang 9yfq-2.2c automatic bagging baler still needs manual bagging. According to Sun Tao, this is mainly because plastic bags are needed for fermentation for silage harvest, so manual bagging is required. If straw is harvested, manual bagging is not required.


  Before 2014, Sun Tao was only one of many truck operators. As for why he chose to transform into planting and breeding industry, he explained: "At that time, there were many people raising trucks, and they basically couldn't make any money. Later, I saw the news that the state strongly supported animal husbandry. Inner Mongolia itself was suitable for animal husbandry, and there was a lot of land. I thought about renting land to grow silage and corn, and bought some sheep to enter the animal husbandry. I didn't expect this scale to be really done, which can be regarded as a response to the call of the state."


  At present, Sun Tao has sold more than 4000 mutton sheep every year, and has planted more than 4000 mu of corn at home. He is a well-known local farmer. In order to facilitate his land planting, Sun Tao began to purchase some agricultural machinery and equipment in 2015. Among these agricultural machinery and equipment, the Xintianlang baler is the most satisfactory one. "Look at the sheep I raise. Their hair is snow-white, and they are especially strong. This is the credit of Xintianlang baler."


  It is reported that in addition to meeting the needs of his own farms, Sun Tao also plans to sell the harvested silage to other farms to increase more income. "The harvest efficiency of Tianlang baler is so high that it is expected to be able to pack at least 50000 bales of silage and straw feed this year, which can not only meet the needs of my own farm, but also sell to other farms and obtain a huge income."


  For future development, Sun Tao is full of energy. "At present, the state is still vigorously supporting the development of animal husbandry, and my farm will be further expanded with the call of the state. Moreover, I now have the blessing of Tianlang baler, which not only doesn't have to worry about sheep feed, but also develops our new industry. In the future, I will buy more Tianlang balers to develop the silage industry while developing the breeding and planting industry As well as the straw feed industry, diversified income can provide us with a higher ability to resist risks. "