The upgrade war is coming up again, and the full feed rice combine harvester has entered the era of 7kg!

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  Tractors have suffered Waterloo this year. After entering April, many small factories have stopped production, but relatively speaking, it is valuable for the full feed rice combine harvester to maintain the level of the same year last year. According to the data analysis of industry associations, in the first half of the year, the actual sales volume of enterprises with scale and above was about 25000, which was basically the same as that of the same period last year. The stability of demand benefited from the stability of rice price and the increase of rice planting area. If it was not for the shortage of subsidy funds in Northeast China, I believe the data in the first half of this year would be more beautiful, except that the sales volume was basically the same as that in the same period last year, Another thing worthy of special attention is the market entry and sales increase of 7kg models. The author believes that 5kg has become a masterpiece in the domestic rice combine harvester industry, and the 6kg era is coming to an end. The competition pattern of the industry is likely to change.


  1The war rose again, and the heroes competed for plane 7


  I remember 10 years ago, an expert from a famous Japanese enterprise judged that the maximum feeding amount of domestic full feed rice combine harvester was 6kg, and more than 6kg would have little significance for domestic users, that is to say, 6kg feeding amount is the ceiling of rice combine harvester, but is this really the case?


  From the actual sales data, 6kg will replace 5kg models as the mainstream models in 2020, and the sales volume of 6kg will increase by 130% year-on-year. Among them, the sales volume of three 6kg models, 4lz-6.0ekq, 4lz-6.0efq and 4lz-6.0eaq, will reach 25000 units, and other brands such as Lovol heavy industry, Zoomlion and Zhejiang Liulin also have the main 6kg models.


  Obviously, Wade agricultural equipment once again occupies a leading position in the 6kg model. The sales volume of 25000 units a year has accounted for nearly 40% in the industry. It will be very difficult for other brands to surpass wade in the 6kg model. The wisest choice is to launch models with greater feeding volume and higher efficiency than Wade 6kg model. Enterprises think so and do so.


  As early as 2018, Xingguang agricultural machinery launched 4lz-7.0z with longitudinal axial flow, but the model is equipped with 95kw engine. Although it was launched early, it has not caused much response in the industry. In 2019, Zoomlion launched PL70 (4lzt-7.0z), which is equipped with 92kw engine. Although the above two models were listed earlier, due to the low market share of the two models, The industry influence is limited, so it has not attracted enough attention and targeted actions from industry competitors.


  In 2021, after Lovol heavy industries was reorganized by Weichai, the newly established Weichai Lovol adheres to the wolf culture of Weichai shares, and has set ambitious strategic goals of 20 billion in 2021, 50 billion in 2025 and 100 billion in 2030. Some experts believe that the new Weichai Lovol is the most uncertain factor in the agricultural machinery industry in China and even around the world, It is very likely to act as a "catfish".


  From the perspective of industry competition in the first half of 2021, Weichai Lovol took the "catfish" banner of the agricultural machinery industry, changed the depression of Lovol heavy industry in the past, renewed its vitality and grafted the murderous and domineering spirit of Weichai Power. Taking Weichai Lovol as the storm point, the agricultural machinery industry began to form a huge vortex of competition, It is believed that this vortex will continue to absorb the surrounding energy and expand, which will sweep the whole agricultural machinery industry and form a huge typhoon effect.


  Specifically, in the rice combine harvester industry, Lovol achieved a sales volume of 5000 units in the first half of 2021, with a significant increase in market share. In terms of product layout, on the basis of the product combination of rg50 surpassing version, rg60 cross regional version and rg60 glory version, Lovol has launched the rg70 pilot version with a feeding capacity of 7 kg. In the later stage, Lovol may also launch the rg70 glory version, of which the engine of rg70 pilot version is 125 HP, It is the most powerful model at present.


  When it comes to the 7kg model, of course, we must talk about ward. As early as the 5kg hot sale, perhaps out of the consideration of taking precautions, ward has launched the flagship 4lz-7.0em (q) of Ruilong with a feeding capacity of 7kg. This model is equipped with a 125 HP engine, the most high-end 85 speed change box of ward and 45cc hydraulic continuously variable transmission (HST). It can collect up to 16.5 mu per hour, which has strong competitive strength.


  According to the information learned from Weichai Lovol, in order to compete for market share from Wade, Lovol adopts the strategy of "beating the small with the big", that is, Lovol's products will focus on the 7kg model. In fact, Zoomlion, Xingguang agricultural machinery and other brands also adopt this strategy.


  In the face of the pressure from competitors, ward will certainly work on the 7kg model. Therefore, the author judges that the domestic full feed rice combine harvester will fully enter the 7kg era, and 7kg will become the main sales model. Whoever has an advantage in 7kg is the first brother of the industry.


  2Speed and efficiency are the core elements of competition, and cross region operation is the main battlefield


  In the current domestic agricultural planting industry, the most important thing for practitioners in the primary industry is still the output of crops, which extends to the service link. The basic demand of growers for agricultural machinery products is still speed and efficiency.


  The appeal of the final customer is the appeal of the buyer and the manipulator, that is, the manipulator attaches most importance to the speed and efficiency of the combine harvester.


  In fact, speed and efficiency are the bottom password of the competition in the domestic combine harvester industry!


  In the past two decades, all brands that can take the lead in the market are superior in the speed and efficiency of machines. This is because the operators engaged in cross regional services are all out to make money. Machines with high horsepower and high efficiency can make more money in the same time. Domestic rice machine brands, It is precisely at this point that we are ahead of Japanese brands such as Kubota and Yangma.


  hit on what one likes! The author found that in the market competition in 2021, the core competitive means of head brands such as ward, Lovol, Kubota and Zoomlion are also the speed and efficiency of machines, which is specifically reflected in the upgrading of product feeding volume:


  In 2021, Kubota Suzhou factory finally two 5kg models, Cx100 and cx108, of which Cx100 and cx108 also have plus versions cx100q and cx108q with air conditioning. For Kubota, this is a very bold advance, but it seems a little conservative in the view of domestic brands, because domestic brands are more radical.


  The most typical representative is Weichai Lovol. Lovol's rice combine harvester was once a leader in the industry, but it was replaced by Kubota before long. Later, due to backward products and technology, Lovol's rice harvester has been rolled by Wade and Kubota. In 2021, Weichai Lovol began to work on the rice harvester, launched rg60 cross regional version and rg60 glory version, and adopted the strategy of "beating the small with the big", In terms of speed and efficiency, we benchmarked the 5kg, 6kg classic version and cross regional version of the Ruilong. In the middle of the year, we launched the rg70 glory version and rg70 pilot version with a feeding capacity of 7kg. We benchmarked the exclusive version 4lz-6.0ek (q) of the Ruilong and the flagship version 4lz-7.0em (q) of the Ruilong.


  It can be predicted that the domestic rice combine harvester product upgrading war is in the ascendant, and the main products have entered the era of 7kg competition. The competition is mainly between ward and Lovol. In addition, Zoomlion and Xingguang also have 7kg product reserves, but Kubota and Yangma are seriously backward in products again.


  Therefore, for a long time to come, speed and efficiency will still be the main theme of the competition of rice combine harvesters. The brand with greater feeding volume and maximum operation efficiency will be supported by users. Enterprises that comply with this trend may still win, while enterprises that violate this law will be very passive, It is even possible to withdraw from market competition.


  3Pay attention to unit 7 and provide purchase suggestions


  As can be seen from the above, the domestic full feed rice combine harvester will fully enter the era of 7kg, 7kg will become the main sales model, and ward, Lovol, Zoomlion, Xingguang and Liulin have launched 7kg main harvesters.


  In particular, we recommend the flagship 4lz-7.0em (q) of wode Ruilong, rg70 glory version and rg70 pilot version of Weichai Lovol, Zoomlion Guwang PL70 (4lzt-7.0z) and Xingguang agricultural machinery 4lz-7.0zj.


  For the selection of rice combine harvester, the author provides the following suggestions to users:


  First, select the top brands in the industry. It is better to be the top 3 brands in the industry. If a brand is at the top of the list for a long time, it means that its products, prices and services have been generally recognized by users.


  Second, choose mature and stable products. Domestic brands launch new products every year, so it's not easy to choose mature products. However, as long as you know that the so-called new products are upgraded or iterative products, as long as the previous generation is a product recognized by the market, the products after iteration can generally be purchased with confidence.


  Third, choose dealers with service ability or brands with good service reputation. Combine harvesters are agricultural machinery products with strong service dependence. When users buy combine harvesters, the service is embedded in the product, that is, the service itself is a part of the product. For the operators of rice combine harvesters participating in cross regional operation, if there is no mobile service of manufacturers and the service of local dealers during the cross regional period, don't expect to make money for a year.


  Many combine harvesters have advantages in product quality, but manufacturers are unwilling to invest too much in service, so they have declined in recent years. Therefore, when choosing rice combine harvesters, we must inquire about the service reputation of manufacturers and stay away from those who only sell products and do not want to provide services.