YITUO harvesting machinery company: increase product value transmission and realize the increment of weak parts

Release Date:2021-09-28 enlarge

  Since the beginning of this year, Yituo harvest machinery company has been guided by product value, implemented "fixed-point breakthrough" of corn products, constantly broken the "barriers" of weak regional markets, and achieved the goal of target market increment and weak regional breakthrough.


  YITUO Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd. has two major brands in the field of harvest machinery: Dongfanghong and China harvest. As a model of independent innovation of China's agricultural machinery products, it takes the lead in developing wheat harvesters, corn harvesters and other products, enjoys the honor of being a pioneer of China's agricultural machinery, and has been committed to promoting and leading the development pace of China's agricultural machinery industry.


  This year, in order to better grasp the industrial trend, market changes and user needs, the company's management team has clearly adhered to the "forging long board" and "filling short board", continued to cultivate the competitiveness with leading quality, and focused on building the industrial chain and manufacturing advantages. Regularly organize R & D, manufacturing, sales and other personnel to conduct research in the front-line market and field by region, so as to achieve the perfect combination of product R & D, agricultural machinery and agronomy, information technology and manufacturing capacity, and complete the R & D of a variety of regional new products and the improvement of old products. According to the regional planting mode and agronomic characteristics, all kinds of products have been specially improved and put into use. The header, lifting, grain recycling box, chassis, power, cab and other systems have been systematically upgraded and improved. The product quality, function, operation comfort and operation efficiency have been comprehensively improved, forming new product selling points and competitive advantages.


  The smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. In the face of users' strong pursuit of high quality and high cost performance, the company has carried out targeted publicity and launch of a series of new products, increased market development in weak and blank areas while ensuring the supply of advantageous areas, so as to achieve the goal of momentum building in off-season and increment in peak season. In order to further open the weak regional market, the Sales Department of the harvest machinery company has formulated phased marketing strategies to comprehensively improve the competitiveness of the regional market. First, strengthen product publicity and promotion. Tiktok, WeChat, Kwai, and other platforms are fully used to fully publicize the functions and performance of new products, and continuously enhance the customer's cognition of products. Second, strengthen customer construction. Taking the sales service region as the unit, more than 10 product seminars and product experience activities in various forms were organized to improve the deep understanding of products. Visit intended customers and key customers to understand the real needs of end users. Promote financial service support to help solve users' capital turnover problems. Third, strengthen the service system guarantee. More than 200 service stations across the country are jointly guaranteed to make users feel at ease in purchase, use and service. Reply within 30 minutes after receiving the repair call from the user and make an appointment for the repair time; The service commitment system with 4 hours in place in the service area and 6 hours for general fault repair as the main content ensures that users can enjoy a package of intimate services in terms of purchase training, use and maintenance, operation service and fault repair, so as to make users happy to buy and use Dongfanghong series products.


  In the process of market development in weak areas, the central sales service area timely adjusted its competitive ideas, determined the marketing idea of "accurate promotion and fixed-point breakthrough" with dealers, organized and held a variety of small publicity meetings, implemented digital marketing promotion and accurate sales strategies for the county market with large holdings but weak Dongfanghong products, and took the initiative to catch the needs of users. In Luyi area, the marketing team actively contacted the agricultural machinery heads and agricultural machinery "leaders" in various towns and townships to understand the use and renewal intention of old cars one by one, and deeply tap the users who are willing to buy machines. In view of the "pain points" of users' funds in purchasing machines, under the condition of fully implementing the full purchase of machines, the "Dongfanghong finance" service is widely promoted, which alleviates users' financial problems and provides more convenience for users to purchase machines. Combined with the fact that users don't know much about Dongfang red corn machine, focus on publicizing the differences with competitive products, and convert the differences into selling points. After watching the product video and experiencing the product operation, many users visited the company's marketing and service channels, gave the evaluation of "big brand, good product, reliable and guaranteed", and paid for the machine on site. Nearly 20 units were sold in August, realizing a new sales breakthrough.


  In Yongcheng City, in order to compete for the local market, the harvest machinery company makes every effort to optimize channels, improve front-line sales capacity, vigorously carry out on-site product experience and product promotion. Use the original customer resource base of local agricultural machinery companies to mobilize old customers for preliminary evaluation and publicity of products. At the same time, keep an eye on the user's intention to purchase the machine, and repeatedly recommend Dongfanghong products to users. In mid August, when the user conducted trial cutting, the front-line marketing personnel went directly to the field to harvest and adjust the vehicles, recorded the operation video, and sent the video to the intended users. The good operation effect played a great role in promoting the user's purchase of the machine, and the breakthrough sales of 8 machines were realized in the blank area.


  In the eastern sales service area, some villages and towns have been blank areas for many years. Fengxian shuoxin company began business cooperation in early 20 years. After one year of operation, the company highly recognized the product quality of Oriental red wheat machine and corn machine. In July, the regional manager coordinated the company to take terminal sinking to find users and establish five cooperative sales points in major villages and towns, Actively organized two groups of 50 people to go to the enterprise for factory experience to understand the enterprise's product R & D, production and manufacturing, service response ability, etc., which comprehensively improved the understanding of the enterprise and the purchase tendency. Carry out targeted publicity and promotion for influential old machine operators in various towns and townships. Zhang Hongmei, a female agricultural manipulator who was once called "overlord flower in wheat field" by CCTV, finally chose Dongfanghong after many comparisons. She bought three Dongfanghong harvesters this year. Her reason is "I am very satisfied with the use of Dongfanghong products. When there is no fault, the after-sales service team can still pay a return visit. When there is a fault, it will be handled by our users in time. Therefore, Dongfanghong corn machine must be safe to buy and worry free to use, and the price is especially for users, so I also choose" Dongfanghong "corn machine In September, 27 corn machines were sold locally, realizing a 4-fold increase in sales.


  Up to now, the measures such as "fixed-point promotion" and "new channel" implemented by Yituo harvest machinery company have achieved obvious results, achieved the incremental goal of weak areas, with a growth rate of about 10 times, further improved the influence and competitiveness of new corn harvest products, and played a good supporting role in overall sales.