Jiufu agricultural machinery has added a new member: full feed combine harvester

Release Date:2021-09-29 enlarge

  Through good product quality, technical applicability and service, the production and sales volume have doubled year after year. Suzhou Jiufu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., which has become a leader in the field of domestic rice transplanters, has developed a crawler full feed combine harvester product Jiufu 4lz-6.0 in the field of harvesting machinery.


  At present, domestic farmers are more and more inclined to use high-power and reliable combine harvesters. At the same time, rice fields in many regions of China have deep mud feet (> 35cm). The existing models have problems such as difficult walking and steering, easy sliding and sinking and even bottom supporting when working in deep mud feet paddy fields. In order to meet the needs of this market development, three years ago, Suzhou Jiufu focused on the research and development of high-end rice combine harvesters with higher efficiency, better performance, better adaptability and reliability, lower production cost per unit area and more advanced intelligent level, and carried out a lot of technological innovation and development of products, The mass-produced Jiufu 6kg full feed combine was fully launched in September this year to help the "acceleration" of autumn harvest.


  Jiufu 4lz-6.0 full feed combine, 6kg feed, 2.2m header. The model has strong power and matches Yuchai 110 HP turbocharged engine; Equipped with 90 large gearbox and 55 hydraulic stepless transmission, it has high transmission efficiency, fast operation speed and flexible control; Standard wide grounding track 500 × 90(mm) × 56 sections, excellent anti-skid and strong driving; The minimum ground clearance is 350mm, and the mud field has good trafficability; The threshing drum with a length of 2000mm can realize more efficient harvesting operation.


  Suzhou Jiufu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to focusing on the whole process mechanization of China's grain production, gradually forming a series of industrial pattern of farming, planting and harvesting, consciously shoulder the important task in promoting the high-quality development of agricultural machinery, continuously output high-quality and efficient agricultural mechanization products for users through product innovation, help farmers increase their income and add new appearance to rural revitalization.