Zhonglian agricultural machinery challenge arena, Anhui agricultural machinery driving master skills competition

Release Date:2021-09-30 enlarge

  From September 24 to 25, the final of the 2021 Anhui agricultural industry vocational skills competition for tractor drivers and combine drivers was held in Wuhu Industrial Park of Zoomlion. The competition was jointly sponsored by the Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and the Provincial Federation of trade unions, undertaken by the provincial agricultural machinery test and appraisal station, and co organized by Wuhu agricultural and rural Bureau and Zhonglian Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. 48 contestants from 16 cities in the province came to the fore after layers of selection and conducted a wonderful competition on agricultural machinery driving skills.


  "Loss reduction is to increase production". As an important starting point for improving the quality and efficiency of national grain production, machine harvest loss reduction also puts forward higher requirements for the professional level and operation specifications of agricultural machinery drivers. In recent years, focusing on the high-quality development of agriculture, Anhui Province has vigorously promoted the construction of agricultural mechanization talent team. This competition has also built a learning and exchange platform for the majority of agricultural machinery drivers in Anhui Province to improve their operating skills, which will cultivate more high-quality talents to promote the development of agricultural modernization.


  The competition is divided into theoretical examination and operation skill examination. The organizing committee carefully selected two best-selling models of Zoomlion rn1004 tractor and PL60 rice harvester for both flood and drought areas as practical competition machines. In the competition, the contestants competed fiercely, each showing his magic power, which fully demonstrated the superb skills of agricultural mechanization talents.


  As the chairman unit of China modern agricultural equipment vocational education group, Zoomlion agricultural machinery actively performs its social responsibilities, attaches great importance to the training of driving skills and the training of agricultural machinery after-sales service talents, explores the socialized service of agricultural machinery, establishes Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery College, and constantly strengthens the training of practical talents with internal and external agricultural machinery skills. At present, Zoomlion agricultural machinery has assisted in agricultural vocational skills competitions at provincial and municipal levels, new vocational farmers' training and other activities for seven consecutive years, helping the development of agricultural and rural modernization in Anhui Province and even the whole country.