Shine at the China Africa Economic and Trade Expo! Zoomlion agricultural machinery high-end customized products are favored by African customers

Release Date:2021-10-08 enlarge

  Recently, the highly anticipated second China Africa economic and Trade Expo opened in Changsha. Zoomlion, a leading equipment manufacturing enterprise, made a brilliant debut with eight high-end intelligent equipment. Among them, three agricultural machinery products, PL60 crawler combine harvester, rx904 tractor and 2zpy-13a seedling throwing machine, were highly concerned by the majority of merchants. During the exhibition, it signed order contracts with many countries.


  Agriculture is a key area of China Africa cooperation, and there are broad prospects for promoting the development of Agricultural Mechanization in Africa. In recent years, Zoomlion has been actively committed to providing full mechanized solutions for global agricultural production. Its products include tractors and supporting agricultural machines and tools, seedling throwing machines, plant protection machines, harvesters, balers, dryers, etc. The three agricultural machinery products on display focus on the whole process mechanized production of rice in Africa, fully combine the local agronomic characteristics and operating environment, have leading technology and excellent performance.


  Rx904 tractor is newly upgraded for paddy field operation. It adopts waterproof front axle with good sealing performance to meet both flood and drought; Large torque reserve, 10% higher than that of similar products; The turning radius of the operation is only 4.2m, the steering is flexible, and the work efficiency is improved. For the African market, PL60 harvester is equipped with 120 HP engine, 2.2m header and 1.53m3 large granary, and the operation efficiency is improved by about 20%; Optimize the threshing and cleaning system and chassis system to make the harvest cleaner and the operation more stable. Compared with traditional seedling transplanting and direct seeding, 2zpy-13a seedling throwing machine has obvious advantages such as high efficiency, short rejuvenation period, cost saving and increasing production and income. It is planned to be widely popularized in Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.


  It is understood that Zoomlion is one of the earliest enterprises in China's equipment manufacturing industry to enter Africa. After 15 years of intensive cultivation, Zoomlion has built a relatively mature sales network system in the African market and formed a three-dimensional localized operation pattern. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to rely on the China Africa cooperation platform, provide strong support for the development of agricultural modernization in Africa with high-quality products and professional and efficient services, and add a more beautiful color to China Africa cooperation.