Tianlang baler perfectly turns straw into treasure, which can be called the leader in the baler

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  Xie Xiongwei, general manager of Tenglong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalat banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia. He entered the agricultural machinery industry in 2014 and has worked for 8 years so far. Before entering the agricultural machinery industry, Xie Xiongwei had been working hard in the automobile industry and engaged in the business of parallel imported vehicles. The reason why he chose to transform into the agricultural machinery industry in 2014, he explained: "I had been making parallel imported cars before, but later the industry was not easy to do. At that time, I just paid attention to the strong support of the state for the three rural policies. At that time, I thought that the agricultural machinery industry must be a blue ocean market in the future. Therefore, I was determined to start the transformation and enter the field of agricultural machinery sales."


  With many years of automobile sales experience, Xie Xiongwei is also like a duck to water in the field of agricultural machinery sales. After just a few years of development, it has won the agency rights of Lovol heavy industry, Dongfanghong and other domestic first-line agricultural machinery brands. With the weakening of the domestic agricultural machinery market environment in recent years, many agricultural machinery dealers are facing a moment of life and death. Xie Xiongwei has not been engaged in the agricultural machinery industry for a long time, but he has rich experience in automobile sales. Therefore, in the face of the depressed agricultural machinery market, he chose to take the initiative.


  "In fact, the decline of domestic agricultural machinery market in recent years is mainly affected by the decline of traditional agricultural machinery fields such as tractors, corn harvesters and combine harvesters. In fact, the markets of balers, plant protection UAVs and animal husbandry machinery have increased significantly. Considering that Inner Mongolia has always been the core area of national animal husbandry and breeding, and the state has always paid attention to animal husbandry and breeding in recent years In increasing support, I decided to introduce a baler product to alleviate the pain of the decline of the traditional agricultural machinery market. "


  In 2020, Xie Xiongwei finally chose to act as agent for Jilin Tianlang's straw feed baler products through many investigations on many baler brands in the market. "At present, there are many brands of baler products in the market, and there are many sub categories, such as generous bales, small square bales, round bales and straw feed picking balers. After many investigations, I finally found that Tianlang's straw feed baler can perfectly turn straw into treasure, which not only solves the problem of banning straw burning, but also provides feed for farms, A leader in the baler industry! "


  Facts have proved that Xie's majestic vision is very original. In the first year of 2020, Tenglong agricultural machinery sold more than 20 Tianlang straw feed balers, which were recognized by many farmers and herdsmen. "Although we know that Tianlang's straw feed baler is very good, we didn't expect to sell more than 20 sets in the first year. Moreover, through the use feedback of these users, we generally respond that Tianlang's baler is of particularly good quality, the harvest speed is also very fast, and the harvested straw feed quality is also very good, which is loved by cattle and sheep. No, not only users buy back this year, but also many leaders Qi friends came to buy it. I expect to sell at least 40 Tianlang straw feed balers this year. "


  When it comes to the advantages of Xintianlang straw feed baler, Xie Xiongwei is like a treasure. Every time a user comes to inquire about baler products, he will personally take the user to explain around the baler. "The new 9yfq-2.2c automatic bagging baler launched by Tianlang in 2021 has undergone a number of upgrades, among which the military gearbox gear has been increased again; the crushing system has been upgraded, resulting in better straw crushing and silk kneading effect; the mailbox has been increased, the oil cylinder has been thickened, resulting in faster grass output and higher operation efficiency under heavy load operation; the addition of rotary screen has better dust removal effect; the electric control system is Han Xian, and the operation is more efficient At the same time, the fault cause can be found faster; the gantry has been strengthened, and there are basically no problems such as gantry deformation and cracking... "


  To Xie Xiongwei's surprise, Xintianlang straw feed baler can not only collect straw, but also silage corn, which greatly prolongs the operation time of the baler and increases the income for users. "This year, we have a user who bought Tianlang baler and began to harvest silage corn when he went back. He packed more than 15000 bags in more than ten days, which is very efficient. Moreover, according to the user's evaluation, the quality of the harvested silage is no worse than those silage machines. The user has raised a lot of sheep in his own house, and he knows the quality of silage very well."


  Today, Xie's majestic Tenglong agricultural machinery company not only did not decline in performance, but rose against the market, and all this stems from his positive response to market changes. "The big market environment is not good. We can't always complain. We should seek breakthroughs and find new business opportunities from ourselves. In the future, we must deeply cooperate with Tianlang, an emerging brand in the field of agricultural machinery, and explore more market space."