Dechang peanut harvester not only has high operation efficiency, but also deserves praise for its after-sales service

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  In the annual peanut harvest season, the reporter came to LUANNAN COUNTY, Tangshan city to understand the peanut harvest. Due to the recent continuous heavy rain and wet and waterlogged peanut plots, many agricultural machinery could not go to the ground. The reporter saw a peanut harvester working in erlangmiao village from a distance, so he came forward and talked with the machine operator for a while.


  Zhang Zhaosheng, 38, said that since his father was engaged in agricultural machinery work before, he was influenced by it and began to be an agricultural manipulator after graduating from school. So far, he has nearly 20 years of experience. At present, he keeps tractors and peanut harvesters.


  "The machine I use for today's operation is the newly purchased yudechang 4hjl-2.5c self-propelled peanut harvester. Recently, it's time to harvest peanuts locally, but the weather has been bad. Some machines dare not go down to the ground. This machine is more powerful. In addition to its fast harvest speed and clean harvest, its biggest advantage is that it can harvest wet land, so the plot of land is relatively wet these days and it's not dangerous Affect my homework. "


  Why do you think so highly of the new machine? Originally, this is not the first Dechang peanut harvester bought by Zhang Zhaosheng. He has bought four for four consecutive years since 2018. "When I bought the first Dechang peanut harvester in 2018, my friend recommended it, saying it was efficient and not bad. I also compared several companies, and even went to the field to see other machines. Under the same conditions, Dechang peanut harvester was indeed more efficient, so I bought one. I operated more than 1000 mu that year, and the machine was almost back."


  Yudechang 4hjl-2.5c self propelled peanut harvester


  Many agricultural machinery workers say that the industry is depressed and they don't make much money. Zhang Zhaosheng expressed his views on this: "How to put this question? Some earn money and some don't. It mainly depends on what agricultural machinery they raise, whether they can bear hardships, and whether they are willing to go to cross region. The cross region operation fee is higher than that of the local area. For example, when I go to Hubei, the operation fee is 120-150 yuan / mu, and the local is 90 yuan / mu. Of course, the relationship between people and landlords is also very important. If there is a lot of work, we can naturally make more money. I think being an agricultural mechanic in recent years has greatly improved my quality of life. Dechang peanut harvester has bought 4 sets in a row and has returned to the capital every year. If I don't return the capital and earn money, I don't have the capital to buy one a year! "


  Speaking of Dechang's after-sales service, Zhang Zhaosheng also praised it again and again, "After so many years as an agricultural mechanic, Dechang is the only manufacturer that makes me so loyal. First, the products are of high efficiency and good quality. Four peanut harvesters have not been overhauled from the beginning to the end of the operation season. Second, timely after-sales. I believe the mechanics have a deep feeling about how important timely after-sales is. I have bought Dechang peanut harvesters in recent years. Every time I have a small problem or need to be repaired It's very timely to change vulnerable parts and make a phone call. Whether I'm across the region or locally, someone always provides timely and fast after-sales service. "


  Dechang after-sales personnel maintain the peanut harvester


  In the middle of the chat between the reporter and Zhang Zhaosheng, they also met the after-sales personnel of Dechang. They saw that the machine stopped and thought there was something wrong, so they came to have a look. They learned that there was no problem with the machine, simply maintained it, and explained to Zhang Zhaosheng how to maintain the new model correctly, so that he could call the first time if there was a problem.


  One of the after-sales personnel told reporters that this is the norm of their work. In the operation season every year, the manufacturer is equipped with an after-sales team of nearly 20 people stationed locally to provide services for users. "The purpose of our after-sales team is that the repair report on the same day must be handled on the same day. Even if the operator reports for repair at night, we are on call. Sometimes it is normal to be busy until 11:00 or 12:00. The National Day holiday is also endless, and we are on standby 24 hours, just to provide users with more timely after-sales service." Perhaps the main reason for Zhang Zhaosheng to become a loyal user is to think about and worry about users.


  Dechang after-sales personnel explained the maintenance methods of the new model to Zhang Zhaosheng


  Zhang Zhaosheng also told reporters that in addition to high product efficiency and timely after-sales, Dechang peanut harvester also maintains its value by selling second-hand. "Some friends can't afford new machines for the time being, so they buy second-hand ones. For example, Dechang peanut harvester has high brand awareness, good product quality and good reputation, and is also very popular in the second-hand market." Zhang Zhaosheng said.


  At the end of the conversation, Zhang Zhaosheng told reporters that he had to be busy next. First he worked locally, and then he went to Hengshui, Dalian and other places across the region. "This year, he is expected to work about 2400 mu. After he is busy, he will have a good rest. He is tired and happy." Zhang Zhaosheng said with a smile.