Increasing innovation investment in China's agricultural machinery industry to break the dilemma of industry development

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  This year, China's agricultural machinery market is good, but the development of the agricultural machinery industry is still facing problems such as insufficient effective supply, continuous high raw material prices, rising industrial cost pressure and so on. At the 9th China Agricultural machinery high end forum held in 2021 recently, participating experts believed that China's agricultural machinery industry has great potential, but it is currently in a critical period of Rolling Stones up the mountain and climbing over the ridge. It is necessary to continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, constantly explore new development space and solve the development dilemma of the industry.


  "From the overall historical data, we are in the climbing period of low and upward after high-speed development," said Zhao Qingliang, vice president of China Academy of agricultural mechanization. After the "golden decade" from 2004 to 2014, China's agricultural machinery industry began to enter a period of in-depth adjustment. Especially from 2016 to 2018, the output value and profit of the agricultural machinery industry once entered a negative growth, stabilized and gradually rebounded in 2019. In the first half of 2020, under the influence of multiple factors such as policy and structural adjustment, the agricultural machinery market released positive signals, and the operating revenue and total profit of the agricultural machinery industry changed the downward trend.


  In 2021, China's agricultural machinery industry will continue to climb forward, with an expected increase of about 3%, and the main agricultural machinery products and major enterprises will perform well. In the second half of this year, the tractor market is expected to have a certain correction, but the whole year is relatively stable; Wheeled grain harvesters maintained double-digit growth; Self propelled corn harvester will usher in the development peak in recent years; Crawler grain harvesters are expected to make a slight correction, and rice transplanters and balers will maintain a high-speed growth.


  Participating experts believe that there is still a lot of room for the development of China's agricultural machinery industry. At present, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in China has reached 71%, and agricultural mechanization is still at the primary level. The imbalance and insufficiency of agricultural mechanization across the country are prominent. Among them, the mechanization level of main crops is high, but the mechanization level of animal husbandry, aquaculture, facility agriculture and primary processing of agricultural products is still very low; The mechanization of main crop production in the northern plain and dryland agricultural areas has developed rapidly, while the mechanization of cash crop production and agricultural mechanization in the southern paddy field areas, especially in the hilly and mountainous areas, have developed slowly. It still takes quite a long time for China to realize the whole process and all-round mechanization of agriculture.


  At present, the main factors restricting the improvement of China's agricultural mechanization level are the insufficient effective supply of new technologies and new equipment of agricultural machinery, few medium and high-end products, and the adaptability and reliability of machines and tools need to be improved. The majority of farmers are even faced with the situation of inorganic availability and no good machine use. Experts believe that under the current difficult climbing situation, the agricultural machinery industry should continue to improve the independent innovation ability of the agricultural machinery equipment industry, completely change the current situation of low R & D investment of agricultural machinery enterprises, increase R & D investment, make efforts in technology and product R & D, and actively develop new products, new technologies and new processes. To continuously enhance the management level of the whole industrial chain of agricultural machinery, we should not only control the cost from the source, but also reduce the cost from the aspects of manufacturing process improvement and process improvement. Enhance the brand value of agricultural machinery and create a brand of agricultural machinery that satisfies farmers and has high loyalty, so as to improve the ability to resist the risk of rising prices of raw materials.


  At present, China's digital agriculture has entered a rapid development stage, and the intellectualization of agricultural machinery has become a development trend. Participating experts believe that agricultural machinery enterprises should grasp the new trend of agricultural equipment engineering development in the digital economy era, promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment industry, promote the innovation of agricultural machinery products and key parts, enhance the effective supply capacity of agricultural machinery, provide important agricultural machinery and equipment for the development of digital agriculture, and improve the level of modern agricultural production in China. However, the basic situation of China's agricultural production still faces many problems. The intellectualization of agricultural machinery is still in the exploratory stage. There are also a few applications in some places with high level of agricultural modernization, but there is still a long way to go to popularize and apply in a large area.


  At the national level, we should continue to increase support for agricultural machinery innovation, give full play to the guiding role of agricultural machinery subsidy policies, and improve the level of independent innovation in the agricultural machinery industry. The new subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery from 2021 to 2023 focuses on the independent innovation of agricultural machinery science and technology in terms of subsidy qualification, focuses on accelerating the pace of obtaining subsidy qualification conditions for agricultural machinery innovative products, and opens up a green channel for high-end intelligent innovative agricultural machinery products that cannot carry out agricultural machinery appraisal for the time being; Improve the calculation proportion of subsidies for rice transplanter (throwing) seedling machine, heavy no till planter, corn grain harvester and other weak links of grain production in key areas, machines and tools urgently needed for the development of characteristic agriculture in Hilly and mountainous areas and high-end, compound and intelligent agricultural machinery products. This will certainly stimulate the enthusiasm of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises for independent innovation, improve R & D capacity, promote the significant improvement of China's agricultural machinery equipment level and agricultural mechanization level, and provide strong support for enhancing the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, ensuring national food security and increasing farmers' income.