Shoulder the hope of national agricultural machinery -- Longfeng high-end machines and tools appear in 2021 Qingdao International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

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  From October 26 to 28, 2021, the 2021 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition with the theme of "Rural Revitalization · smart agriculture" was successfully concluded at the International Exhibition Center of Qingdao World Expo City. During the international agricultural machinery exhibition, the national epidemic situation was severe. However, with the efforts of the three associations of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and all exhibitors, they overcame many difficulties and promoted the success of the exhibition. The on-site viewing atmosphere was also enthusiastic.


  During the exhibition, C101 Zhengzhou Longfeng booth located in the cross corridor gathered a large number of visitors for three consecutive days, becoming one of the booths that attracted the attention of users during the exhibition. It is reported that the Zhengzhou Longfeng booth has prepared snacks and hot drinks for the exhibition visitors, so that the users can have a place to supplement energy and rest during the exhibition, which has been praised by many exhibition visitors.


  Domestic high-end hydraulic turnover plow, not inferior to imported brands


  Of course, in addition to snacks and hot drinks, a variety of high-end agricultural machinery products displayed at Zhengzhou Longfeng booth are the "big dishes" that really attract many users. As we all know, Longfeng hydraulic turnover plow is not only the representative of domestic high-end turnover plow, but also its product quality and technical level are not inferior to international first-line brands. I still remember that Raptor 460, the first hydraulic overload protection intelligent amplitude modulation plow in China, was exhibited at Longfeng booth in Zhengzhou at Qingdao International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in 2019 and 2020, which not only triggered an upsurge of the exhibition, but also amazed many peer enterprises.


  In this exhibition, Zhengzhou Longfeng brought intelligent amplitude modulation plows for the needs of users in different regions, including Raptor 1lfyt-460-1 (heavy hydraulic overload protection) overturning plow and Raptor 1lfyt-460-2 (light hydraulic overload protection) overturning plow. Among them, the Raptor 1lfyt-460-1 (heavy hydraulic overload protection) overturning plow can be equipped with hydraulic overload protection and hydraulic continuous amplitude modulation, and can be equipped with hydraulic buffer plow to effectively protect the rear suspension system of the tractor. It can realize continuous operation under complex ground conditions, saving vehicle, time and high efficiency. The Raptor 1lfyt-460-2 (light hydraulic overload protection) overturning plow adds the adjustable function of onshore and offshore mode, and is equipped with hydraulic automatic amplitude modulation.


  Referring to the two Raptor series flip plows in this exhibition, the person in charge of Zhengzhou Longfeng said: "The reason why Raptor 460 series hydraulic overload protection intelligent amplitude modulation plow is divided into light and heavy products is mainly to meet the different needs of users everywhere. At first, the intelligent hydraulic amplitude modulation plow produced by us has very complete functions, and it can be said that it is not inferior to the international top turnover plow products. Although the price is much cheaper than imported products, it is also relatively cheaper than ordinary products The hydraulic turnover plow is much higher, so we split these functions to reduce the user's purchase cost and better meet the user's use needs. "


  Shoulder the hope of national agricultural machinery and build a high-end electric control planter


  In Zhengzhou Longfeng booth, except for two "Dances" In addition to the hydraulic overload protection overturning plow, an electric control high-speed planter has also attracted the attention of many users. It is reported that this 2bmq-12 electric control high-speed planter is a new model developed by Longfeng for three years and belongs to the third generation of Longfeng planter products. After the independent development of the first generation two row / four row planter and the cooperative development of the second generation eight row planter with foreign institutions (sifujia sigma5), an intelligent high-speed planter is developed by digesting and absorbing advanced planter technology at home and abroad and combining the agronomic applicability of corn / soybean sowing in China.


  "Many people in the industry don't understand that we started to build an electric controlled planter, because this product is so large in terms of R & D time and capital investment that many domestic agricultural machinery enterprises don't dare to think about it. However, Longfeng is an enterprise with the hope of national agricultural machinery brand. In the field of flip plow, Longfeng has made the national brand stand up, Longfeng's high-end flip plow does not lose any imported brands. Therefore, since we want to be a planter, we need to be high-end. We need to compete with imported high-end brands and grab their market. Instead of making some medium and low-end products to fight a price war, it makes no sense. "The person in charge of Longfeng said.


  In addition to Raptor series hydraulic overload protection overturning plow and 12 row electric control high-speed planter, a pioneer 1lyft-1055 semi suspended shore and shore overturning plow is also displayed in Zhengzhou Longfeng booth. The product can be selected in two modes: shore, shore and shore. The semi suspended traction design realizes overturning without leaving the ground. The girder adopts 6 + 4 combined structure and is fully suitable for 450-600 HP tractors. Longfeng 1bq-6.0 drive The moving rake can complete the cultivated land, soil crushing and pressing operations at one time; the single rake can be replaced quickly, which is practical and more efficient; it can work together with the planter to reduce the operation process and improve the efficiency. The main transmission parts adopt reinforced design, large modulus, high contact surface and high-strength materials, with lower failure rate; all structural parts are made of high-strength steel, with high reliability.


  Forge ahead bravely and create a world-class brand of agricultural machinery


  In this Qingdao International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, several high-end agricultural