Yueda intelligent agricultural machine -- red inheritance and ingenuity spirit, casting huanghaijinma

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  In July 2021, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a notice on actively implementing the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. A new round of subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery was fully implemented, strictly managed by all provinces, the supervision of appraisal (testing) institutions participating in the implementation of the subsidy policy was further strengthened, and efforts were made to punish production and marketing enterprises that cheated of subsidy funds, Effectively maintain the good order of policy implementation and the security of subsidy funds.


  Jiangsu Yueda Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 60 years specializing in the production and sales of "Huanghai Jinma" brand tractors. The company's predecessor is the iron factory of the New Fourth Army. It was born in the years of war and inherited the "Iron Army" gene. Its strong red blood continues to be on the "old yantuo" people. As one of the old backbone enterprises in the agricultural machinery industry, Yueda "Huanghai Jinma" Shoulder the responsibility for realizing China's agricultural mechanization. The company actively responded to the call of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries and commissions, and strictly standardized and implemented the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery.


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  The company actively publicized and supervised the new round of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, drew inferences from one instance, carried out self-examination and self correction in a normalized manner in view of some corruption cases exposed in the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, implemented the anti-corruption risk prevention and control of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy throughout the company's normalized production and operation, made up for weaknesses, made preventive shots, and accurately grasped the new policy requirements New changes, abide by the boundaries, bottom lines and red lines of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policies, and operate in strict accordance with the technical parameter requirements of provincial products. The company's product strategy of "one big, one small and one water" has successfully passed the review of all provinces. Yueda Huanghai Jinma shoulders the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, provides users with high-quality products, continues the red blood and carries forward the craftsman spirit.


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  "One big"huanghaijinma yk2404


  Huanghai Jinma yk2404 heavy-duty tractor is a new heavy-duty tractor product independently developed by our company. Compared with peer products, this product has a great breakthrough in automation and intelligence: it is equipped with GPS or Beidou satellite positioning system to realize regional automatic driving, remote online fault diagnosis, improve operation quality and reduce labor intensity; Intelligent electric control hydraulic lifting system, automatic adjustment of tillage depth; LCD screen accurately displays farming quantity, peripheral image information and fault diagnosis information; Electro hydraulic control differential lock, super obstacle crossing function; Small steering radius and good maneuverability of the whole machine; The gearbox has many gears, which can meet various operation requirements; Full hydraulic steering, front and rear adjustable steering wheel, etc. Light up your dream, a wise choice - yk2404 tractor!


  "One small" huanghaijinma ycx504d


  Ycx504d new greenhouse King tractor is a new horticultural tractor developed by our company through extensive market research, which is more suitable for greenhouse and horticultural operations. This product has more compact dimensions, shorter wheelbase, lower height, smaller turning radius and obvious improvement of operation efficiency. It adopts a multi-functional integrated special-shaped rotational plastic oil tank to make full use of the space of the whole machine and increase the volume of the oil tank; Strong pressure double oil cylinder lifter with floating control to realize strong lifting and lowering function. The whole machine is equipped with hydraulic output and the oil cylinder is equipped with stop valve, which is more convenient for operation; The whole machine is beautiful, comfortable to operate, with good adaptability and strong competitiveness. At present, it is a major sales highlight and popular product in the domestic agricultural machinery market.


  "One water" huanghaijinma yu1004


  Huanghai Jinma yu1004 wheeled tractor is a new product developed by the company for southern paddy fields. It adopts independent double acting 12 inch German Luk clutch, which is light and reliable to operate; Equipped with shuttle gear, the number of farmland operation gears is up to 9, and the operation efficiency is obviously better than that of similar products; Creeping gear can be selected to meet the agronomic requirements of special operations; The two speed power take-off mechanism has high strength, segmented shaft head and convenient maintenance; The speed ratio of central transmission gear is large, and the strength and reliability of transmission system are strong; Side mounted operation, comfortable operation; Special shaped rotational plastic fuel tank with large volume; Strong pressure lifter and force level adjustment lifter can be selected by users.huanghaijinma yu1004 tractor, cultivate a bright future!


  "One power" " huanghaijinma  yl254et  


  Use science and technology to promote the development of productivity and innovation to help the application of new energy. The successful R & D of Huanghai Jinma yl254et pure electric tractor marks that Huanghai Jinma tractor has achieved preliminary results in the exploration of new energy application, and successfully completed the design, R & D and assembly of electric tractor in the company's product strategy of "one large, one small, one water and one electricity". It is driven by motor, With lithium iron phosphate battery as the power source, it is energy-saving and environment-friendly. It adopts double motor working mode, which has significant advantages such as high peak power and strong obstacle crossing function, and can withstand short-term overload operation; The power motor is directly connected with the gearbox, the main variable speed power motor is stepless speed regulation, and is equipped with two gears of auxiliary speed change with meshing sleeve shift, which can meet the operating speed requirements of different machines and tools. Take energy conservation and environmental protection as the mission, intelligent and unmanned as the development direction, and be a good assistant to users - Huanghai Jinma yl254et pure electric tractor.


  Yueda intelligent agricultural equipment will unswervingly promote the development strategy of "three years and three steps", comprehensively deepen the mechanism reform, stimulate endogenous power, adhere to innovation driven development, strengthen product quality control, and focus on the R & D direction of "one large, one small, one water and one electricity" Tractor Products, Strengthen the mass production of electric tractors representing the cutting-edge level of domestic industry technology and the R & D of driverless tractors. In the future, Yueda Huanghai Jinma will continue to accelerate the innovation and upgrading of products, promote the combination of modern intelligent technology and traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing, help agricultural mechanization and rural revitalization, and contribute to agricultural modernization.