Zhonglian high-end agricultural machinery blooms the 4th China International Import Expo

Release Date:2021-11-10 enlarge

  The appointment of the east arrived on schedule four times. On November 4, the 4th China International Import Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai. 58 countries and 3 international organizations participated in the national exhibition, and nearly 3000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared in the enterprise exhibition. Among the many top technical products of Zhonglian, cl2404 high-end High-power Tractor and Rabe Rabe agricultural machinery, as representatives of high-end agricultural machinery products, attracted extensive attention from the guests and audience.


  Walking into booth 3a4-005 in the technical equipment exhibition area, an aurora green tractor with one person high wheels attracted the majority of the audience. Zhonglian cl2404 tractor has the characteristics of strong power, environmental protection, convenient and intelligent operation. It is equipped with six cylinder high-pressure common rail diesel engine. The rated power of the whole machine can reach 176.5kw and the power reserve can reach 33%; CVT continuously variable transmission is adopted, and the whole machine is fully electro-hydraulic controlled to realize automatic shift and power commutation; The multifunctional handrail with independent intellectual property rights can realize multi-system integrated control and convenient operation and control; It has two operation speed modes of highway transportation and field operation to reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle; The whole vehicle is equipped with satellite navigation and driverless equipment, which has the function of active obstacle avoidance and can realize fault self diagnosis.


  The plow behind the tractor is also the protagonist of this exhibition. "This product is called fully suspended super five share plow. It has an interesting name - albatross hydraulic overturning plow. It is a high-end product launched by Zhonglian Rabe in combination with the Chinese market, which condenses the technical accumulation of Rabe brand for more than 130 years." Wang Yongliang, R & D Engineer of Zhonglian, introduced it. This product has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency and uniformity. "The product is equipped with advanced transportation sinking system, which can realize the conversion of multiple operation modes, greatly reduce the probability of sinking plow and vehicle, and the unique eccentric sleeve design solves the problem of inconsistent left and right tillage depth. In addition, it can reduce the damage to soil capillary, maintain the water balance of soil surface, and is conducive to the growth of crops."


  Rabe, Germany, is an old agricultural machinery enterprise with a history of 131 years. It is the inventor of grid plow wall and has a number of world pioneer technologies. The acquisition of labe in Germany is one of the driving points for Zhonglian to actively promote the structural reform of agricultural machinery. Since the acquisition of labe in 2020, Zhonglian has made efforts to organically combine the original high-power tractors and agricultural tools, reduce the friction resistance between agricultural tools and soil as much as possible, and improve the operation efficiency and quality while greatly reducing the tractor fuel consumption. According to different soil characteristics, different combinations of agricultural tools such as plow, rake and subsoiling machine are adopted to create an overall farming solution according to local conditions, give full play to soil potential, continuously improve soil fertility, and make multi-dimensional efforts to continuously promote the high-quality development of agriculture in China.