Zhonglian agricultural machinery was invited to participate in the International Forum on sugarcane ecology in Mexico, and the whole process mechanization scheme of sugarcane was highly praised

Release Date:2021-11-11 enlarge

  Recently, the Mexican sugarcane Ecology International Forum was held in Veracruz, and Zhonglian agricultural machinery was invited to participate. The meeting focused on the topics of "reducing cost and increasing yield of sugarcane, environmental protection of planting and harvesting, and promoting mechanized production", and carried out discussions in the form of Online + offline. V í ctor Su á rez Carrera, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture of Mexico, industry experts, representatives of sugar cane farmers, heads of agricultural machinery R & D and overseas marketing of Zhonglian, and other guests attended the meeting.


  Mexico is the sixth largest sugar producer in the world, and Veracruz is the main sugarcane producing area in Mexico. V í ctor Su á rez Carrera, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture of Mexico, pointed out at the seminar that mechanization is the only way for agricultural development in Mexico. He hoped that the government, scientific research institutions and well-known manufacturers such as Zhonglian agricultural machinery could cooperate in many ways to jointly promote the development of sugarcane mechanization in Mexico.


  At the seminar, the R & D director of Zhonglian agricultural machinery made an in-depth analysis on the development status of sugar industry and sugarcane planting technology in Mexico, introduced the whole process mechanization solution of Zhonglian sugarcane and the promotion results in major sugarcane producing areas such as Southeast Asia and America, and put forward constructive suggestions on standardized sugarcane planting and mechanized production in Mexico. Zhonglian sugarcane harvester also conducted on-site operation demonstration. With the characteristics of high operation efficiency and good harvest effect, it was highly praised by the guests and sugarcane farmers.


  At this meeting, Zhonglian agricultural machinery and the Ministry of agriculture of Mexico reached a cooperation intention, and will carry out all-round cooperation in the field of sugarcane mechanization in the future. In recent years, Zhonglian agricultural machinery has been deeply engaged in the mechanized production of sugarcane in Mexico. According to the local agronomic characteristics, it has launched a variety of fully mechanized sugarcane products with strong applicability and stable performance, including sugarcane harvesters, sugarcane planters, sugarcane transfer equipment, wheeled tractors, etc., which are favored by users. In addition, Zhonglian agricultural machinery has also innovated the marketing service mode, actively participated in the construction of local sugarcane machinery service center, and has the functions of skill training, operation monitoring and after-sales service, so as to escort the development of sugarcane production mechanization in Mexico.