Buy corn harvester, the old brand Yongmeng machinery is trustworthy

Release Date:2021-11-12 enlarge

  In the past two years, with the steady increase of corn prices, farmers' enthusiasm for planting corn has increased significantly. Affected by this, the domestic depressed corn harvester market also began to rebound from the bottom. In addition to the increased willingness of users to update products, many new users bought corn harvester products and entered the field of mechanized corn harvesting.


  Dai Zhonglin, 36, is a villager in liujiaguanzi Town, Lishu County, Siping City, Jilin Province. A Yongmeng 4yz-5620 corn harvester was purchased in 2021 and officially entered the agricultural machinery service industry, which can be called a "rookie" in the agricultural machinery service industry. The reason why Dai Zhonglin chose to engage in the agricultural machinery service industry is quite helpless: "in rural areas, there are no other ways to generate income except planting land and breeding. In the past two years, I think the corn machine market is OK, so I want to buy a corn machine to try and increase some income."


  As for why he chose to buy the Yongmeng corn harvester, Dai Zhonglin took it for granted. "Although I'm a rookie in the agricultural machinery industry, as the saying goes, I haven't eaten pork and haven't seen pigs run. Most of our local corn fields are harvested by Yongmeng corn machines, and this situation has lasted for more than ten years. So there's nothing to consider when buying corn machines. It's definitely not bad to buy Yongmeng corn machines directly."


  On October 15, 2021, the Yongmeng 4yz-5620 corn harvester purchased by Dai Zhonglin has harvested nearly 1000 mu of corn, and the operation time has reached more than 130 hours without any failure. This surprised Dai Zhonglin: "Although I know that the quality of yongmeng corn machine is very good, I also have some expectations in my heart. But I am very surprised that there are no problems after more than 130 hours of operation. After all, our average harvest time every day reaches 16 hours, and sometimes it is even continuous. Under such high-intensity operation, there have been no quality problems, which is enough to explain yongmeng How reliable the quality of the fierce corn machine is! "


  In addition to quality and reliability, Dai Zhonglin is also very satisfied with the harvest effect of yongmeng corn harvester. "The Yongmeng corn machine not only runs fast, but the harvest effect is not bad at all. The peeling is very clean, and the phenomenon of throwing sticks and knocking grains is very rare. The people are particularly satisfied with the harvest effect of the Yongmeng corn machine. A few days ago, a user used a corn machine of other brands. Although the price is relatively low, the user stopped the operation not far from the ground and directly drove it away. No Only the rods were lost and broken seriously, and even the grains were blown out from the air duct, resulting in great losses. Later, the user found me and asked me to help collect the land. While collecting it, he also lamented that the effect of Yongmeng corn machine harvest was better. "


  Although it was quite helpless to enter the agricultural machinery industry at first, in just ten days, the gross income earned by the Yongmeng corn harvester has reached more than 80000 yuan, which made Dai Zhonglin start to change his concept and work harder and harder. "At the beginning, I thought that raising agricultural machinery was just making hard money. Through personal experience in recent days, I was really tired. I had to work hard when I collected, but the income was really very good. It was worth it to calculate that this year was more than 20 days and a month. Of course, the premise was to raise such a good product as yongmeng corn machine, otherwise I would be tired when I was working Lie down, that's really hard work and can't make any money. "


  For future development, Dai Zhonglin also has a higher pursuit. "In the past, raising cattle and planting land at home was just enough to live. Later, I bought this Yongmeng corn harvester. At first, I wanted to subsidize my family, but I think the Agricultural Mechanization Service is very promising. So next year, I plan to buy another Yongmeng corn harvester, and gradually purchase some agricultural machinery equipment of other categories, so as to strive to develop to a new level After setting the scale, we also set up a professional agricultural machinery cooperative to take the Agricultural Mechanization Service as our own business! "