Zhonglian agricultural machinery helps the development of sugarcane mechanization in Indonesia

Release Date:2021-11-15 enlarge

  Recently, the dryland Modern Agricultural Mechanization Technology Innovation Exhibition hosted by the Indonesian Agricultural Mechanization Development Center was held in Banten Province, Indonesia. Zhonglian agricultural machinery made a wonderful debut with the whole process mechanization solutions of sugarcane production such as sugarcane harvester, sugarcane planter and UAV, which attracted the wide attention of leaders, industry experts and users. Syahrul Yasin LiMPO, Minister of agriculture of Indonesia, visited the Zhonglian agricultural machinery exhibition area and fully affirmed the achievements made by Zhonglian agricultural machinery in promoting the whole process mechanization of sugarcane in Indonesia.


  Indonesia is a major sugarcane growing country in the world. According to the local sugarcane planting environment and agronomic conditions, Zhonglian agricultural machinery has launched three series of sugarcane harvesters, including medium horsepower wheel harvester, crawler harvester and large tonnage wheel harvester, which can meet the needs of different regions, have the characteristics of high operation efficiency, low loss rate and low impurity content, and effectively break through the short board of machine harvester, It is very popular with local sugarcane farmers and sugar factories. In addition, Zhonglian agricultural machinery also provides sugarcane planters, wheeled tractors, UAVs, sugarcane transfer equipment and other products to form a whole process mechanization solution for sugarcane production.


  In the future, Zhonglian agricultural machinery will carry out in-depth cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture of Indonesia in the fields of sugarcane mechanized harvest, whole process mechanized planting base and intelligent planting demonstration park, jointly promote the integration of agricultural machinery and Agronomy in sugarcane production, and provide "Zhonglian solutions" for promoting the development of sugarcane industry in Indonesia.