Wang Lijie: I'm very proud to be engaged in agricultural machinery sales. I'm lucky to know Yongmeng machinery

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  As a typical agricultural county, Lishu has been successively identified as "national modern agriculture demonstration area" and "national comprehensive rural financial reform experimental area". In recent years, with the development of agricultural modernization, Lishu County is experiencing a historic transformation from creating a miracle of output to fully realizing agricultural modernization and building a well-off society in an all-round way.


  Lishu County has carried out black land protection experiments in Lishu since 2007. After more than ten years of exploration, it has summarized and popularized the "pear tree model" of black land protection. Conservation tillage in Lishu County bid farewell to the traditional planting concepts and habits over the years. In the process of corn planting, all straw was returned to the field and covered on the surface, the number of soil turnover was reduced to the minimum, and all field production links were mechanized.


  As a native of Lishu, Wang Lijie not only witnessed the rapid agricultural development of Lishu County for more than ten years, but also deeply participated in it and made great contributions as the general manager of Lishu Dongfang Agricultural Machinery Distribution Co., Ltd. "I first worked in a local state-owned harvester factory. Later, the enterprise was restructured. Not long after I came out, I established Lishu Dongfang agricultural machinery distribution company in 2004 to engage in agricultural machinery sales. It can be said that I have worked in the agricultural machinery industry for nearly 30 years and witnessed the whole process of agricultural production from manual farming to the present mechanized operation. I also participated in it personally I'm very proud of it, "Wang Lijie said with great emotion about her agricultural machinery career.


  Oriental agricultural machinery in Lishu County, as an agricultural machinery distribution enterprise with a history of 18 years, now acts as an agent for more than 10 agricultural machinery brands, all of which are domestic mainstream agricultural machinery brands. Wang Lijie has also gone through layers of screening for these brands represented today, "In fact, in the past, we had more brands, and there were about 30 more. However, as the domestic agricultural machinery market entered a period of in-depth adjustment a few years ago, we also began to screen the agents' brands one after another, leaving behind some enterprises that can withstand the market pressure, and the products can withstand the test."


  Among the many agricultural machinery brands represented for so many years, Wang Lijie has deep feelings for Yongmeng machinery. "Yongmeng and I signed an agency agreement in 2014, when the domestic corn harvester market broke out. But in fact, in 2012 and 2013, the quality stability of all domestic brands of corn harvesters was poor and often broke down. The reason why we chose to act as an agent for yongmeng was also moved by their after-sales service at that time. At that time, the Yongmeng leaders led some after-sales people During the operation season, I followed the user's machine every day. If there was a problem, it was solved immediately. Where it was unreasonable, I directly modified it on site. It is from this point that I think Yongmeng will develop, so in 14 years, I chose the agent Yongmeng corn harvester. "


  Facts have proved that Wang Lijie's vision is very original. In the two years when the domestic corn harvester market broke out in 2015 and 2016, the sales of Yongmeng corn harvesters she represented exceeded 100, reaching more than 130 at the highest time. Wang Lijie is also very surprised to achieve such good results. "At that time, I was mainly moved by the Yongmeng service attitude. I knew they would develop well, but I didn't expect them to develop so fast. I'm glad I chose the right brand at that time, which also enabled the performance of our company to rise rapidly and enter a period of rapid development."


  Wang Lijie summarized five main reasons why the Yongmeng corn harvester has such good sales. "I don't need to talk about those technical things. The manufacturer has publicized them. I'm talking about the real feedback from our users. First, in terms of the weight of the whole machine, the weight of the Yongmeng corn machine has always been the leader in the industry. What does the weight mean, indicating that there are enough materials for sheet metal and the natural quality is more reliable; second, the engine, the engine The Yongmeng machines have always used Yuchai and Weichai engines, and have been upgraded according to the needs of the market, so they naturally have sufficient advantages in power; "


  "The third is high quality and reliability, which is also reflected in the first point. Almost all users who buy Yongmeng corn machines rarely use after-sales service. Because the machines are rarely broken and the service is timely, we are also relieved to sell them. Unlike the corn machines of some enterprises, the service personnel haven't arrived home after repair, and the phone on the user's side comes back and breaks down. Not only do users complain constantly, but also the dealer is worried Merchants also have a headache. Fourth, the harvest speed is fast. Why is it Yongmeng? In addition to describing its large size, it is also fast. When working with other brands of corn machines, it is really easy to throw it far away. The last point is that the service is timely. We order accessories for users. Generally, we order them in the afternoon and deliver them the next morning. It is basically safe It won't delay the user's work. "


  It is also under these advantages that even though the domestic corn harvester market entered a downturn in the past few years, the Yongmeng corn harvester represented by Oriental agricultural machinery in Lishu County still maintained good sales. Especially in the process of gradual recovery of the market in the past two years, the sales of Yongmeng corn harvesters also rebounded rapidly. According to Wang Lijie's statistics, at least 50 sets can be sold this year. "After many users buy the Yongmeng corn harvester once, they basically won't choose other brands, and will recommend their relatives and friends to buy the Yongmeng corn harvester. Not to mention the collective purchase of cooperatives, we have a self-employed individual who has purchased five Yongmeng corn harvesters for five consecutive years, and basically replaced one every year, which is enough to prove how useful the Yongmeng corn harvester is "Customer approval."


  Now, Wang Lijie is over 50. It is not easy for a woman to work in an industry full of male hormones for nearly 30 years. Although she has experienced some difficulties during this period, Wang Lijie has never regretted engaging in the agricultural machinery industry, and even has a sense of pride. "Looking at the whole process mechanized operation of farmers from the back to the Loess and the sky to today, the success of pear tree model and its large-scale promotion, many users driving the agricultural machinery equipment we sell to help farmers complete the one-stop operation of farming, management and collection and earn huge profits, and users often come to us for advice on some agricultural machinery, agronomy and subsidies, I am very proud to be able to engage in agricultural machinery sales and participate in the agricultural modernization development of Lishu County. "