Looking at changes of the industry through 2021 International Agricultural Machinery Exhibitio

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  At this year's international agricultural machinery exhibition, the old tractor manufacturer in the past has now become a private Tianjin tractor factory. A tiantuo tieniu-55 tractor produced in 1981 has been displayed, which is said to have worked for users for 40 years. On April 1, 1958, China's first batch of medium horsepower wheeled tractors went offline in Tianjin tractor factory. Among many models, one product was deeply loved by users because of its large traction, good applicability and durable leather. In the following decades, it galloped on the vast land of China, made indelible contributions to China's agricultural modernization and exported to East Asia, Europe and the United States and other places are favored internationally. Up to now, it can still be seen in the farmland of individual regions. The tieniu-55 on display this time is exactly this model. The company said that the exhibition aims to pay tribute to the predecessors of agricultural modernization and encourage "our generation of agricultural machinery people" to continue to forge ahead with their original intention.


  It is true that it is a good thing not to forget history, but we should look ahead. History is the driving force for progress. In terms of enterprises, John Deere of the United States has been almost 200 years since 1837. He has long been the world's No. 1, with an astronomical income of 170 billion yuan in agricultural machinery business. It is conceivable that the vast majority of agricultural machinery enterprises in China are gone, and they must still be there. Some of our domestic enterprises are not satisfied with enterprises like Kubota in Japan. It is good to be dissatisfied with products and technology. We just want to work hard. Just like now, the sales volume of ward in the domestic market (note, it is the domestic market, home country!) has far exceeded that of Kubota in Japan. However, our domestic enterprises have to compete with him in management and operation. Moreover, our enterprises now have to make a great wish to compete with Japan's Kubota and Yangma to see who can live longer in the future.


  With comparison, we can better see our strengths and weaknesses. As the annual China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, it is also a mirror of the development of the industry, reflecting the rise and fall and changes of the development of the agricultural machinery industry.


  This year, we saw that there were fewer tractor faces in many tractor industry clusters such as Weifang, Ningbo and Luoyang in previous years, and two tractor enterprises with Hui Style in Anhui did not come to the exhibition. This shows that some enterprises in the tractor industry have encountered difficulties in development this year. According to the organizer, the number of tractor exhibitors in previous years has decreased by 15% compared with last year, the area of fruit and vegetable tea and hilly and mountainous machinery exhibition area has increased by more than 40%, the increase of animal husbandry exhibition area has reached 50%, and the area of intelligent agricultural equipment exhibition area has doubled. From these figures, it can also reflect that domestic agricultural mechanization is vigorously expanding to "whole process and comprehensive". In addition, the area of this year's fine parts exhibition area has increased by about 20% compared with last year, and the number of participating enterprises has increased by about 15%, which highlights its position and role in the whole industrial chain. In addition, a number of machine tool enterprises still appear in the exhibition, indicating that the influence of the international agricultural machinery exhibition continues to run through the upstream industrial chain.


  This time, a very obvious phenomenon is that tractor enterprises vigorously promote the concepts of CVT and CVT, indicating that many enterprises directly skip the power shift and powershuttle from the mechanical transmission. Lovol, Yituo, Zoomlion and Dongfeng all exhibited CVT concept tractors. You know, at present, the leaders in the field of domestic tractors are still in the stage of mechanical gear shifting, which shows that the technology upgrading of domestic enterprises is extremely urgent.


  It is worth mentioning that in the past, Beijing Zhongken Ruihai, the main agent of coloni, a German large silage machine brand, also exhibited the tractor pearl fint from Germany, which should be the first time to appear in such an occasion as the international exhibition. In the past, others were very "arrogant" and unwilling to put it in China. Now there are two at once. The big one has reached an incredible 517 horsepower. On the one hand, it shows the endogenous requirements of expanding the market, on the other hand, it shows that there is already a demand for this kind of high-end tractor in China. General manager Shi Haixing of Zhongken Ruihai, an agent, believes that the phenomenon of internal rolling of domestic tractors made in a rough way over the years is an opportunity for foreign high-end brands to enter the Chinese market. This actually represents a considerable part of psychology.


  Lao Zhu personally believes that the current domestic consumption level may not be able to support the large-scale mass production of the above domestic CVT tractor enterprises. There are still a few really rich high-end users. Of course, the idea and practice of domestic enterprises to march into technology are worth advocating and encouraging, especially the leading enterprises need to take the lead. For small and medium-sized tractor enterprises, there is no need to catch up with this fashion. They should do a good job in their leading products and serve the target market. What is suitable for their own development is good. They should not let their enterprises fail to support the final capital flow and get into trouble in order to pursue high technology.


  In the field of harvesting machinery, vertical axial flow, horizontal axial flow and cutting vertical axial flow technologies are more and more widely used alternately, with more efficient operation and cleaner threshing, and grain harvesting becoming more and more mature. Kubota, Xingguang agricultural machinery and other enterprises have also displayed belt harvesters with a feeding amount of 6kg or more per second, indicating that domestic crawler harvesters are accelerating the trend towards high efficiency.


  From the corn harvester and the conventional grain harvest of wheat and rice, the multi-purpose feature of one machine is more obvious. Juming and Jin Dafeng, the wheeled harvester enterprises that produce wheeled main wheat harvesters, did not participate in the exhibition. Only Lovol, ward, Zoomlion and Zhengzhou Zoomlion were seen in the indoor exhibition hall. To some extent, Zhengzhou Zoomlion, which inherited some of the original harvest genes, also released a large wheeled harvester of 9 kg per second. In terms of product performance, both foreign and domestic enterprises show the trend of changing header to harvest a variety of crops because they want to meet the needs of increasing operation season and improving income. Taking the big brother Lovol gk120 led by the wheel harvester enterprise as an example, the harvest of corn grains, soybeans, wheat and other different crops can be realized only by replacing the header and adjusting the working parameters of the main engine components. With the changeable climate, the crawler harvester, which used to harvest rice, can also harvest corn, millet, rape and other crops by changing the header.


  To see the large grain harvester, of course, we have to see Deere and KOLE, John Deere S760 and KOLE tucano570. Kessnew Holland, which resumed its exhibition two years later, did not bring a harvester because of the booth area. In terms of sales volume, it can not be compared with Lovol, Zoomlion agricultural machinery and Wade, which has risen rapidly in the wheat harvester. However, these international giants are positioned as the global market, they pursue higher marginal profit margin, and the Chinese market is only their non mainstream market, Domestic enterprises should first meet the needs of the majority of users in China.


  Over the past decade or two, the semi feeding harvester that can handle rice straw more neatly and leave the field is still a barrier for domestic enterprises. It can not cross the two mountains of Kubota and Yangma in Japan. Yangma exhibited the yh6118 semi feeding harvester launched in the second half of last year, with bright appearance and strong power. However, domestic enterprises only saw one or two enterprises such as Xingguang exhibited semi feed harvester products. It can be seen that domestic enterprises in this field, whether technology or participating enterprises, still remain at the same level in the past. With the state's attention to the problem of straw, the value of straw has been continuously improved due to the rapid pull of animal husbandry. The semi feed harvester has a certain recovery trend in recent years, and some high-end users are more and more willing to buy it. For large-scale rice planting areas, half feeding rice harvesters are more likely to be favored because of their advantages in higher cleanliness and lower loss rate, as well as the requirements of mechanical drying for rice cleaning. Therefore, for domestic harvester enterprises, the market segment of this harvester field can not be ignored. Like East Asian countries such as Japan, China has a large rice planting area, while Japan does not have so much rice straw as China. Therefore, there is still a certain room for improvement in feeding harvesters in the next few and a half years. Domestic enterprises also need to strengthen innovation and improvement in reliability and technical performance.


  From the perspective of silage harvesting machinery, there is no common reciprocating header in the past. Almost all of them are upgraded to disc machinery. At the same time, the power is also rising, which reflects the upgrading trend of adapting to the industry. The 4qz-30a1 silage machine newly launched by Weichai Lovol heavy industry is a domestic leader in appearance and configuration, and the supporting Weichai engine reaches 460 HP. From the exhibition, there is also the new 9360 series launched by Sinomach, a leading enterprise of silage machine, with an engine of more than 400 horsepower, which shows that domestic enterprises have made continuous breakthroughs and more mature technology in the research and development of high horsepower and high-efficiency silage harvesters. Of course, the largest and most eye-catching silage machine on site is a Jaguar 800 series product exhibited by the international giant Kele harvest. At present, it has become one of the most popular silage harvesters in the northern market of China, with a global sales of more than 40000 sets. As we all know, high-quality silage is the basis of healthy cows and high-yield milk. For users, it means easier operation, greater power and better silage fermentation technology. In addition to ORBIS series corn header, Kele harvest also provides pick-up header and direct disc direct cutting header, which can harvest a variety of crops, obtain longer operation cycle and bring more benefits. It can also be seen that both domestic and foreign harvester enterprises are playing the competitive card of "one machine for multiple purposes and increasing operation scenarios".


  An important impression to the author this time is that the dryer enterprises basically exit. In this agricultural machinery exhibition, dryer products are very rare. Only one dryer was exhibited by ward agricultural machinery, and another enterprise exhibited dryer model. This phenomenon indicates that the hot dryer in previous years is in the cold winter, and the industry pattern is accelerating the reshuffle. A few years ago, dryer enterprises sprung up in Anhui, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other places, and crazy price wars were staged, resulting in chicken feathers everywhere. Some small enterprises robbed customers and orders with low quality and low price, resulting in some enterprises with large brands being in chaos, and some simply withdrew from the dryer market. The dryer Market provides a typical epitome of "bad money drives good money" in the domestic agricultural machinery market.


  At the current international agricultural machinery exhibition, agricultural transport vehicle (nicknamed "low-speed vehicle") enterprises have also disappeared. This year, only small garden products from the traditional agricultural vehicle boss Wuzheng have been seen, and Shandong Shifeng, an enterprise still supporting this field, has not participated in the exhibition this year. At the beginning of the new century, agricultural vehicle enterprises are the number one main force of the national agricultural machinery exhibition, with large exhibition area, many products, many enterprises and great momentum. This agricultural machinery exhibition shows that the position of agricultural vehicles, which are "agricultural machinery without agricultural machinery", has been completely reduced and marginalized in the brand mind of the field of agricultural machinery and the agricultural machinery industry. Although the name is changed to low-speed vehicles, the door of the automobile industry association is not there at all, and the brand of the agricultural vehicle branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association is estimated to be fading day by day Gradually forgotten by the mainstream agricultural machinery industry.


  In addition, the engine exhibition hall, as a key part of the main engine of agricultural machinery, saw significantly fewer exhibitors this year, which indicates that the diesel engine has experienced an important reshuffle in recent years. Single cylinder diesel engines are hard to find. In addition to Changfa, an enterprise that still produces hundreds of thousands of single cylinders a year, it is still visible in the booth. More are multi cylinder diesel engine products supporting large and medium-sized tractors and all kinds of harvesting machinery, which have long been the leading agricultural machinery products with increased power. In the past era of the popularity of single cylinder engines, many diesel engines took the prefix "Chang", and even manufacturers in Shanxi, Shandong and Zhejiang dared to call them "Chang" ×”, The prefix "Chang" is more common in places outside Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Now, with the development of social situation, it has been proved that that set is no longer available: first, industrial upgrading, more agricultural machinery products are equipped with multi cylinder machines; second, manufacturers recognize the products of engine manufacturers with better quality and technology; third, the protection of national intellectual property rights is becoming stronger and stronger, and users are becoming more and more mature Enterprises that rely on counterfeiting and porcelain have no living space; fourth, the concentration of leading enterprises such as Yuchai has increased significantly, and powerful enterprises such as Weichai have increased their penetration in the agricultural machinery market, squeezing out or killing some weak manufacturers in the market.


  Another feature of this exhibition is that construction machinery is stepping up its entry into the agricultural machinery market. In this agricultural machinery exhibition, traditional construction machinery enterprises Liugong machinery and railway construction heavy industry have appeared. Liugong machinery should be the first time this year. This exhibition Liugong brought three tractors, including two heavy-duty models, namely, the oil-electric hybrid he2604 and ld1804 equipped with the latest CVT chassis released by Yuchai For power shift tractors, Liu Qi, a senior industry analyst, believes that this indicates that Liu Gong has officially joined the tractor track.


  At this international agricultural machinery exhibition, the concept of intelligence is becoming more and more popular, and many enterprises are playing the intelligent card. At this exhibition, more enterprises with software as their main competitiveness, such as auxiliary driving, automatic navigation and remote monitoring, have occupied a considerable area of N4 hall, which also shows the "intelligent agricultural machinery" and "intelligent agriculture" The increasing popularity of the concept also shows that these software based enterprises are increasingly closely integrated with hardware equipment. In the long run, strengthening the integration of software and hardware is the inevitable trend of the development of the industry. Of course, the most important thing for agricultural machinery host production enterprises is to improve the reliability of products at present - Lao Zhu has always believed that intelligent machines can go to the fields It will break down after three or two times without working. Consumers will naturally vote with their feet. The important thing is that we can't compare with foreign agricultural machinery products in terms of trouble free working hours. The essence of agricultural machinery is operation. Without operation, bragging about how good and smart their agricultural machinery is is playing hooligans. At present, Chinese farmers haven't lacked the stage of finding no one. Moreover, now we say "driverless" As a matter of fact, there are more people. Which one has fewer people, such as applying fertilizer and medicine, determining the operation track and driving to the field? It still needs people to help when you encounter a turn and a wet field, so it goes without saying the operation efficiency. At present, we still need to do a solid job in our agricultural machinery products.