2021 Qingdao International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition of rice transplanter: one side of the depth of the inward volume, the other side of the brave breakout!

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  Rice transplanter is a hot spot at every year the international agricultural machinery exhibition. If rice transplanter is regarded as a self-powered agricultural equipment, then this product is the largest agricultural equipment category in China, not only the highest output value, and there are many practitioners and heavyweight enterprises, such as the booths of big brands and domestic Star Moon God, Word, etc. is much attention for example Kubota and Yanmar.

    I attended the national meeting for fifteen consecutive years, every year, there will be a newsletter about the rice transplanter industry reports, 2019 I wrote an article "Kubota hard to shake, the increase of domestic big brands, rice transplanter industry brewing huge changes! In 2020, I wrote an article "Domestic strong rise, the rice transplanter industry will be a huge change! The National Conference of 2021, what new changes in the rice transplanter industry can be observed?

  , there is less fresh blood, the characteristics of involution is obvious

    Domestic rice transplanter industry in 2020 through the subsidy system to achieve sales of 66 brands, corresponding to about 60 manufacturers, is a very serious homogeneous competition, highly involute industry, the so-called involute is a large number of low-level duplication of construction and low-level technology and product "excellence" competition.

    Domestic rice transplanter industry is already in the stage of multi-oligopoly competition, in which the market share of the top five of Kubota, Wod, Star Moon God, Jiu Fu, Yanmar industry is more than 60%, in the field of high-speed ride-on transplanter, the market share of the top five of Kubota, Yanmar, Star Moon God, Wod, Dongfeng Inoue is as high as 87%, the characteristics of multi-oligopoly is more obvious.

    Oligopoly of the industry is not suitable for new companies to enter, nor adapt to entrepreneurship, because of the high barriers to entry fierce competition, from the subsidy data, rice transplanter enterprises have been reducing, this situation was verified at this year's national meeting.

    This year's national meeting, in addition to Jiangsu added a Jushun agricultural machine transplanter enterprises, no new entry companies, from the product, this enterprise also took the Kubota route, and other domestic brands are not much different.

  From the performance of exhibitors and the ratio of old and new enterprises, the domestic rice transplanter industry has passed the windfall period, the industry concentration has been very high, a high degree of involution, is not suitable for entrepreneurial companies to enter.

  , the trend of intelligence

    The automation, intelligence and unmanned technology based on Beidou automatic navigation technology found the best carrier in the southern paddy field area, which is the ride-on high-speed rice transplanter. If the exhibition in 2020 heralded the arrival of the first year of rice transplanter intelligence, the national meeting in 2021 announced the arrival of the intelligent popularization stage of rice transplanter.

    The biggest highlight of this exhibition is the intelligence, almost all of the big enterprises' display theme is intelligence and unmanned, which carries automatic navigation, unmanned system and rice transplanter exhibits the most, which shows that the domestic intelligent agricultural machinery, the best carrier in the north is the tractor, while the south is the high-speed rice transplanter.

    At this year's exhibition, Kubota, Yanmar, Ward, Star Moon God, Inoue Pass, Linhai and other domestic and foreign mainstream brands have exhibited intelligent rice transplanters configured with the latest assisted driving and driverless systems, and high-speed rice transplanter prototypes are equipped with automatic navigation or driverless equipment.


    Kubota NW8SA high-speed rice transplanter is a truly driverless rice transplanter, with a total of 8 cameras in the front, back and left of the body, forward and reverse and left and right turn back to the central processor in real time, the brain of the rice transplanter can carry out operation path planning, automatic driving and independent operation by itself, and can deal with obstacles or unexpected situations by itself, in addition, Kubota also exhibited the NSPV6CMD equipped with domestic automatic navigation In addition, Kubota also exhibited the NSPV6CMD high-speed rice transplanter equipped with domestic automatic navigation kit.

    But from the exhibition, intelligent rice transplanter is more worthy of attention belong to domestic brands, in contrast to the conservative Japanese brand is the domestic brand has been the real commercialization of automatic navigation, driverless, in the case of automatic navigation components prices dropped significantly, Ward, Star Moon God, etc. have the trend of automatic navigation, driverless system standardization.

    At the exhibition, the 2ZGF-6E and 2ZGF-8G of WOD Snapdragon series are equipped with counselling driving and driverless systems, of which the driverless can realize AB two-point unmanned reciprocating operation like plant protection drones, four-point planning and automatic edge sweeping functions, as well as obstacle marking and automatic obstacle avoidance functions, etc., but can carry out remote cloud fault detection and remote control of the machine.

    Intelligent agriculture is the trend, unmanned farms, intelligent farms is a hot topic in the field of agriculture in recent years, with agricultural production towards intelligent agriculture to accelerate the transformation of agricultural mechanization, intelligent will become the main force to boost agricultural production, intelligent transplanter, unmanned transplanter will quickly enter the commercial application from the concept of publicity, domestic brands in the industrial era of backwardness is very likely to overtake in the intelligent era.

  , multi-functional to increase the added value

    The seasonality of agricultural production determines that many agricultural machines have short use time, low utilization rate, long payback time and low return on investment, and this shortcoming of rice transplanter is more obvious.

    The rice transplanter with high utilization rate and long payback time is more popular among rice transplanters and investors, and the development trend of multi-functional and multi-purpose rice transplanter is more clear in this National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, which is the result of competition.

    The domestic brands that are a bit inferior in products and brands focus on multi-functional rice transplanters and multi-scene applications. The main concept of rice transplanter is multi-purpose, and its field personnel said that the high-speed rice transplanter of Star Moon God can realize ten functions, such as rice transplanting, live broadcast, rotary tillage, paddy field trenching, middle tillage and weeding, synchronous side deep fertilization, dry field trenching, spreading fertilizer, hanging bucket rice transplanting and medicine application.

    Japanese brands Kubota and Yanmar are also promoting the "multifunctional and efficient, time-saving" rice transplanter. Kubota's 2ZGQ-6H (NSPV-6CMD) is equipped with side deep fertilizer applicator 2FH-1.8C, herbicide applicator CS-6C, and grading roller RSPV6, which can realize grading, side deep fertilizer application, precise drip fertilizer, efficient fertilizer application and other operations.

    The author predicts that the high-speed rice transplanter will reinterpret the development route of self-propelled, that is, the separation of chassis and operation mechanism. In fact, the development trend of universalization of high-speed ride-on rice transplanter chassis is very obvious, and if the idea of modular design is adopted, the rice transplanter can become a fertilizer spreader, a live seeding machine, a planting machine and a transportation vehicle after removing the transplanting parts and carrying other implements, only in this way, the utilization rate of rice transplanter. Only in this way the utilization rate of rice transplanter will be improved, and it will be more valuable for investment.

 , the pursuit of higher efficiency, rice transplanter high-power trend is obvious

    If the essence is revealed through the overlapping competitive fog, the competition between rice transplanter brands and brands is nothing but the operational efficiency and operational quality of the product.


    From the focus of the competition, Japanese Kubota, Yanmar and Wellspring focus more on the quality of operation, while domestic brands focus more on the speed and operational efficiency of the machine. The latter better understand the domestic demand for agricultural machinery environment and the mentality of purchasing machines, so the domestic transplanter in the case of product and brand at a disadvantage to achieve a higher speed of growth.

    From the exhibition, it can be seen that almost all domestic rice transplanters take the Kubota technology route. Although born in the Japanese brand, domestic enterprises have done a lot of innovation, upgrading and optimization work in application and technology, which is also the path that many Japanese enterprises took back then.

    For example, Word and Star Moon God on the basis of the Japanese products, the overall chassis optimization design, strengthen thickening and thickening of the transmission, gear box shell, strengthen the transmission shaft, gear strength, so that the body is more solid, strong. In the planting system, Star Moon God, Jiu Fu, WOD and other domestic brands have carried out fruitful technical optimization and performance upgrades, such as Star Moon God simulates manual hand-planting design, forcing the seedlings into the soil vertically, instead of the traditional pop dodge into the soil, ensuring the seedlings are upright for consistent depth, fast return of seedlings and high survival rate; Jiufu adopts wide seedling needle and wide seedling door design, and the bowl blanket seedling dual-use seedling needle is 3mm wider than the common seedling needle seedling door, with the characteristics of taking more seedlings, the process of taking seedlings without hurting the roots and seedlings, good rice planting posture and fast anti-greening.

    Of course, what is more worth mentioning is the power configuration. Compared with Kubota, Yanmar, well off Japanese products, domestic brands have chosen to have a comparative advantage in operating speed and efficiency, such as Ward, Star Moon God, Jushun and other 8 line machines are equipped with a 25 hp high-powered engine, of which Jushun is assembled with the largest power in the industry, the original Japanese Yanmar diesel engine, high-powered engine can ensure that the machine plays a strong power in complex operating conditions, in deep muddy feet and The engine is the most powerful in the industry.

    I believe that the current Japanese products and domestic products have their own advantages. Competition will guide the rice transplanter to high efficiency and high quality development, whether domestic brands, or Japanese brands to find the best balance between the two.

 , the emergence of miniaturized models, ride instead of hand-held.

    Competition will force companies to differentiate and go to the market segmentation, especially domestic brands, at present in the high-speed rice transplanter, Kubota, Yanmar and well off three mountains can not get around, hard to face the competition is necessary, but the differentiation route is not a wise choice.


    Miniaturization is a differentiated competitive strategy and a marketing choice that is compatible with national conditions. At last year's exhibition, Starry Moon God launched the first small 4-row rice transplanter in China, which attracted great attention from the audience, and this year, Starry Moon God's 2ZG-4QK 4-row rice transplanter still attracts a lot of attention.

    This year, Jiufu launched 2ZG-5G (G5G) and 2ZG-6G1 (G6G1), two small rice-planting machines, G5G is a 5-row transplanter and G6G1 is a small 6-row transplanter, which is a special transplanter developed for land hills, small fields and individual growers, elderly agricultural users, and can replace According to the information of the site, 5 rows and small 6 rows are less expensive than big 6 rows and 8 rows, and the operation is more effective and easier than hand-held.


    The author believes that the 4 lines of Star Moon God, the 5 lines of Jiu Fu and the small 6 lines are more suitable for the hills and mountains, the small plots of southern paddy fields, as well as the agricultural needs of the elderly. In fact, the 4 lines of small rice transplanters are very common in Japan, Japan has long entered the aging agriculture. The elderly are poor in physical strength and slow in response. The high efficiency machine is not suitable, so the ride-on small rice transplanters are very popular.

    China is rapidly entering the aging society. The elderly agriculture has been a real problem. The elderly workers need to reduce the labor intensity. Replace the manual operation of the machine, not necessarily high-powered high-efficiency machines. I hope that the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidies policy concern and focus on taking care of the ride-on small rice transplanter in order to let the production enterprises have the enthusiasm to promote.

 , the brand advantage of high self-made rate is emerging

    From the exhibition, the power standard of the domestic high-speed rice transplanter is still the original Japanese Yanmar engine. Some enterprises of the hydraulic transmission system, stepless transmission, clutch, gear box, etc. are still using imported assemblies or parts. In this sense, the competition between domestic brands, behind the benefit is still multinational companies and foreign parts manufacturers.


    But this situation is changing. It is worth paying special attention to this exhibition, the Star Moon God exhibited the national 4 emission standard XY377-A three-cylinder diesel engine, power 18kW, optional in the large 6 rows, 8 rows, 7 rows of high-speed rice transplanter, which is understood that the star moon god is the first domestic rice transplanter brand in the analysis of the production of homemade diesel engine.

    Not only diesel engine, according to my understanding, Star Moon God can also make its own gasoline engine, transmission, chassis and other key core components. in the industry Starry Moon God's self-made ability is very strong.


    Another one with strong self-made ability is Word, according to Word field personnel, Word chassis, transmission, gasoline engine and other key parts of the internal self-made or core processes are completed internally, of which the accurate self-made rate of parts in more than 85%.

    The deeper self-made rate can make the cost of parts controllable. the whole machine cost-effective, and at the same time can ensure delivery, product quality consistency, after-sales service parts supply in a timely manner, maintenance services quickly.

    From the current competition pattern, the competitive advantage of the domestic brands with high self-made ability is becoming obvious, such asStar Moon God, Ward, Linhai, etc. Linhai is the foundry of more than a dozen domestic rice transplanter brands, the future and Kubota, Yanmar to grab the cake must be these domestic brands with deep internal body system ability.

  Conclusion: The domestic rice transplanter industry has a watershed. In the context of serious internal volume, on the one hand, the industry concentration is improving. On the other hand, intelligent acceleration development, the level of competition, domestic and Japanese have reached the stage of a showdown. The next few years, Japanese and domestic must be able to distinguish the winners and losers.