Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: 2025, the national crop cultivation and seed harvesting integrated mechanization rate of 75%

Release Date:2022-01-09 enlarge

   Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs news on January 5, "14th Five-Year" national agricultural mechanization development plan" was recently issued. Plan to 2025, the total power of the country's agricultural machinery stable at about 1.1 billion kilowatts, crop cultivation and harvesting integrated mechanization rate will reach 75%.

    According to reports, the "13th Five-Year" period, China's agricultural mechanization into the full range of high quality and efficient transformation and upgrading of the development period, agricultural production from the main reliance on human and animal power to rely mainly on mechanical power to a new stage. The total power of the national agricultural machinery reached 1.056 billion kilowatts, an increase of 17% over the end of the "12th Five-Year" period, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation, seeding and harvesting reached 71.25%, an increase of 7.4 percentage points over the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year" period.

    But at the same time, agricultural mechanization in the region, industry, varieties, links on the development of unbalanced and inadequate contradictions highlighted. Some of the key core technologies, important parts and components, materials are restricted, R & D capabilities and product performance can not well meet the needs of farmers, domestic machines are mostly low-end products, overcapacity, homogenization is serious, some areas or links "no machine available" "no good machine with "The problem is still obvious. Some industrial varieties, breeding methods and post-production processing and mechanized production is not coordinated and other issues are more obvious, "difficult to field" "difficult to work" "difficult to store" and other issues are still relatively prominent.

    At present, China's northern plains mechanization development is faster, the southern region, especially in the southwest hilly mountainous areas is slower, typical hilly mountainous counties crop cultivation comprehensive mechanization rate of less than 50%. The main grain crop production mechanization level is high, cotton, oil, candy, vegetables and tea and other key aspects of the production of cash crops, as well as animal husbandry, fisheries, primary processing of agricultural products, facilities and other areas of agriculture mechanization level is low.

    In this regard, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that the "14th Five-Year" period will focus on improving the full mechanization level of grain crop production, vigorously develop the mechanization of economic crop production, accelerate the development of livestock and poultry aquaculture mechanization, actively promote the mechanization of agricultural products processing, speed up to make up for the shortcomings of agricultural mechanization in hilly mountains, accelerate the promotion of agricultural mechanization Intelligent green, bigger and stronger agricultural mechanization industry group industry chain.

    To promote the achievement of these goals, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will continue to strengthen support for the development of policies. Including the stable implementation of agricultural machinery purchase and application of subsidies, the implementation of comprehensive subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery pilot, increase agricultural machinery scrapping and renewal subsidies, as well as actively promote local government bonds and related funds to support the development of hilly mountainous areas of farmland suitable for mechanization and transformation.

    According to the plan, by 2025, the main cereal, cotton, oil and sugar counties (cities, districts) to achieve basic agricultural mechanization, hilly mountainous counties (cities, districts) crop cultivation, planting and harvesting integrated mechanization rate of 55%, facility agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture and agricultural products primary processing mechanization rate of more than 50% in general. 2035, the main crop production to achieve full mechanization, agricultural production to achieve basic mechanization Full coverage, mechanization throughout the comprehensive and high-quality support for the pattern of agricultural and rural modernization has basically taken shape.