With "two musts" firm will to strictly adhere to the "double red line" of arable land --Three on conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Central Rural Work Conference

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  The 1.8 billion acres of arable land must be true to its name. Farmland is farmland, and it must be good land. The central rural work conference held a year ago conveyed the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and make clear implementation requirements. The meeting pointed out that the implementation of good arable land protection and construction of hard measures, strict responsibility for arable land protection, strengthen the control of arable land use, the construction of 100 million mu of high standard farmland. We must deeply understand the general secretary's speech in the two "must" profound connotation, real efforts to implement the "long teeth" of the arable land protection measures, real and practical grasp of arable land protection construction, keep the quantity, quality "double red line", to strengthen the cornerstone of food security.

  The protection of arable land is a matter of national food security and the sustainable development of the nation. Since the 18th Party Congress, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have always adhered to the strictest system of arable land protection and continued to increase the protection of arable land, providing important material support to ensure food security. However, it should be soberly recognized that ensuring food security is an eternal issue, only a work in progress, there is no time to complete, especially under the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the increasing uncertainties in domestic and international economic operations, it is necessary to end the rice bowl of certainty to deal with the uncertainty of the external environment, the initiative firmly in their own hands. Therefore, the string of food security can not be relaxed for a moment, arable land protection must not be slackened, with the most resolute attitude, the most powerful measures to grasp.

  Protect arable land to effectively raise awareness, implement actions, and seek practical results. Awareness highlight a "tight" word. To the arable land as a "treasure", like the protection of pandas to protect arable land. From the perspective of China's arable land resources, more people and less land, per capita arable land is only 1 acre, less than 40% of the world level, the overall quality of arable land is not high, only 30% of high-quality arable land, the vast majority of medium and poor arable land. In the face of the congenital shortage of arable land in the national agricultural situation, we must always "tighten" the red line, fully aware of the urgency, importance and necessity of protecting arable land. Action to highlight a "strict" word. The third national land resources survey results show that at the end of 2019, China's arable land area of 1.918 billion acres, has been approaching the red line of 1.8 billion acres, a reduction of more than 100 million acres than a decade ago. The red line is the alert line, which means that it cannot be broken through and cannot be lost. Party and government responsibility, arable land balance and a series of "long teeth" hardcore initiatives must be implemented on the ground to see the real chapter, to achieve the strictest system, the implementation of the most severe. The effect of highlighting a "real" word. To ensure that farmland is called agriculture, resolutely curb the "non-agricultural", to ensure that good land to grow food, to prevent "non-food", so that 1.8 billion acres of arable land to the name.

  Strictly adhere to the red line of arable land, must implement the responsibility of arable land protection. Responsibility is unknown, the assessment is not strict inevitably lead to ineffective implementation. The red line of arable land is also the lifeline of the economy and society. If you let the arable land continue to reduce, is in touch with the red line, challenge the bottom line. We must resolutely implement the party and government responsibility for arable land protection, and fight the battle to defend arable land.  The amount of arable land has broken through the restoration of supplemental programs, to effectively reduce the arable land back.

  Strictly adhere to the red line of arable land, must strengthen the use of arable land control. The use of arable land can not be considered in full accordance with the principle of comparative advantage and efficiency first, some places occupy arable land to develop forestry and fruit industry, fish farming and digging ponds, digging lakes to create scenery, the economy on the local look feasible, but from the strategic overall situation is not feasible. Therefore, the protection of arable land can not only calculate the economic accounts not political accounts, only look at the immediate future but not the long term. Must strictly control the use of arable land, strictly investigate and deal with illegal occupation of arable land, and strictly control the conversion of arable land to other agricultural land. To clarify the priority order of arable land use, permanent basic farmland focused on food production, new high-standard farmland all for food production. The implementation of the policy of arable land balance, not only from the number of replenishment, but also to ensure that the replenishment of arable land and the quality of the occupied arable land equivalent, to prevent the indiscriminate use of poor land, sloping land, raw land, only account balance, regardless of capacity balance of self-deception.

  Strictly adhere to the red line of arable land, we must increase the construction of arable land. With less than 9% of the world's arable land to feed 20% of the world's population, we rely heavily on the release of land potential. In the existing shortage of arable land, arable land reserves are not enough resource constraints, improve the quality of arable land, to further explore the potential of arable land is an effective way to ensure food production, but also to meet the people's demand for diversified, high-quality food is an important basis. Through a series of effective measures such as continuously promoting the construction of high-standard farmland, transforming low and medium-yielding fields, vigorously transforming and utilizing saline land, actively developing crop varieties adapted to saline land, increasing the irrigated area of arable land, and implementing black land protection and restoration, we will steadily improve the quality of arable land and realize that "farmland must be good land", so as to reverse the The adverse impact of the reduction of arable land, change the passive into active, to ensure an abundance of food production and income.

  Every inch of land is a matter of national planning, and a monopoly and an acre carries people's livelihood. The protection of arable land should be focused on the strategic overall height, but also to implement the details in the field. Only constant attention, alarm bells ringing, firmly guard the quantity and quality of the "double red line", in order to end stable Chinese rice bowl to build a firm foundation.