Tractor: Original Intention Returns, Big Chassis Heavy Load is Popular Again!

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    In this world, the chassis The tractoris dry and paddy field of the cent, the former heavy the latter light, but never the size of the chassis of the cent. However, since the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidy policy, there has been a small chassis tractor can not be on the stage.

    Today's topic is big chassis, heavy duty tractors, but to say big chassis must first talk about small chassis tractors. The so-called small chassis is originally small horsepower tractors in the engine, has become a greater horsepower tractors, such as department of ningbo tractor has 284, 354, 484, 554, four basic chassis, 28, 35 horsepower, 48 horsepower, 55 horsepower tractors, now have companies constantly "tap potential," 28 HP to 50, 35 HP to 70, 48 HP to 90.

    And some manufacturers of Weifang are to install 90 horsepower chassis with 150 horsepower engine, 120 horsepower chassis into 180, 200 or even 220 horsepower tractors, which is the so-called "big horse car". These models simply changed the engine, or did not change the engine at all, just reprinted the engine data, their chassis, electrical and hydraulic parts are basically the same. These models are called small chassis by manufacturers and dealers in the market, that is, "big horse car", but generally do not tell users.

    The tractor of small chassis has many problems, such as no strength, skid, gearbox rupture, bridge fracture, etc., but why the market will appear so many small chassis tractors? Even a few big, well-known companies have jumped on the bandwagon? The most fundamental reason is the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy.

    Before 2020, the subsidy standard of the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy for tractors is only different in power, that is, the greater the horsepower, the more the subsidy. For example, in 2017, the subsidy standard of Heilongjiang Province is 77,100 yuan for 150 horsepower tractors, and 162,000 yuan for 210 horsepower and above tractors, with a difference of 84,900 yuan. If someone does nothing but change 150 horsepower to 210 horsepower, they will get a subsidy of 84,900 yuan. I believe not only the manufacturer but also the buyer will be happy, which is why the small chassis tractor with "big horse and small car" is so popular.

    Subsidy policies or subsidy rules are fundamental, but not the whole story. There are other reasons for the prevalence of small chassis. For example, the amount of tractor holding is increasing, on average to the amount of work on each tractor is serious insufficient, the tractor also can't do a few days of work a year, the user buys small chassis on the one hand is more cost-effective, on the other hand, the amount of work is insufficient, the frequent low of failure, the user also is not easy to discover that the machine has a big problem. There are a lot of tractors just engage in transportation, sowing, rotary tillage, field management operations, itself does not need heavy load operation, so the horsepower is large but the requirements of the body is not high, it is not easy to go wrong.

    Although the small chassis tractor has its existence of social rationality, but still can not cover up its capture, multi-purpose national subsidy funds "original sin", because this malformed industry chain hidden a lot of things can not see the sun. Such as subsidies and price upside down, and even appeared upgrade dealers of cash back to the user, even if only these problems are just a small calamity, small chassis's biggest "evil" is "good money after bad money", is the existence of a large number of small tractor chassis, to a large number of standard chassis and heavy tractor out of the market, Let want to do a good job of the product manufacturers can not survive, so we have to choose "join the dirty".

    Small chassis tractor ever unscrupulous rampant in the Great Wall inside and outside the domestic, the north and south of the market. In the most rampant 2017-2019, the annual national agricultural machinery exhibition, can find many high-power small chassis tractors. There are some small factories by selling small chassis tractors rise in a short period of time, and retrieved hundreds of millions of yuan with "original sin" black gold.

    "Where not normal will not last", the state began to rectify the tractor "big horse small car" problem at the end of 2020, in 2021, the state subsidy policy obviously proposed to have mandatory "K value" requirements, so the small chassis tractor has been reduced. But "there are policies, there are countermeasures", in the tractor industry Chinese-style "wisdom" and cunning so that some enterprises are still playing the government's edge ball, "big horse and small car" phenomenon convergence, but little effect.

    But after entering 2022, the news that comes from different channels such as production enterprise interior, media, industry association looks, the enterprise begins to promote the tractor of standard chassis, big chassis actively. In particular, Yituo Group and Weichai Levo, the two leading domestic agricultural machinery brands, have even launched an organized "infighting" in large chassis and heavy-duty tractors, which is in sharp contrast to the "common ground" of several big factories in the past few years.


    For example, Yitore Dongfang Hong increased the production plan of LD series and LX series models this year, and mainly promoted LN2004 and LX2404-D in the northern market, while Leivo promoted M2004-5G heavy-duty and high-horsepower tractors in a tit-for-tat way. This model adopts semi-frame chassis of construction machinery, and the bearing capacity is better than the traditional joint chassis. And one of the top Dongfeng agricultural machinerythree also don't want to miss this tough PK, this year in the fanfare to promote its honed for three years of xiongfeng series DF2004-2404 series of heavy tractors, Xiongfeng series design at the beginning is to 220 horsepower as the basic type, covering 200-240 horsepower, the minimum use quality of the machine up to 9-10 tons, The unit mass can reach about 14 tons.


    Under the guidance of these three giants, the domestic tractor industry does return to the phenomenon of big chassis, Hanw, Sarding and other flagship is also heavy-duty chassis of the high-horsepower tractors, in addition to Junma Road, Lu Zhong and other main push is heavy-duty models.

    This is really an interesting and delightful one phenomenon, the two companies is homebred brand leader, often play a demonstration of the role of benchmarking, their every move is will play a "sheep effect" on the one hand, on the one hand, to a large extent represents the official, the direction of the policy, so why is this year big companies lead the refocus on the chassis of the tractor? After exchanging opinions with manufacturers and industry experts, the author sorted out several reasons.

    The most fundamental reason is still the guiding role of subsidy policies. From the end of 2020, the state mandatory requirements of the tractor manufacturers to meet the "K value" of the minimum requirements, is also from the end of 2020, first in the northeast, then expanded to the country to guide the provincial agricultural machinery management departments to reduce the province's high subsidies for high-horsepower tractors, For example, the subsidy standard for tractors of 200 horsepower or above in Heilongjiang province will be 63,200 yuan in 2021, nearly 100,000 yuan less than 162,000 yuan in 2017.

    Subsidy policy on the one hand is the quality of the tractor net have clear requirements, "K value" of the bottom line is 28 or 32, many provincial higher request on the greater horsepower tractor K value, it's from a certain extent, solve the problem of the "big horse-drawn car", of course, "Rome was not built in a day" frozen 3, want to solve this problem will not overnight domestic tractors were turned into large chassis.

    On the policy clearly see it is a kind of action, but not one size fits all and one pace reachs the designated position, but to the enterprise and the entire tractor chains adjusting time step by step, such as 7 m - 2204 John Deere tractors, minimum use quality 9085 kg, K value is 41.3, case new Holland, love, with the power of tractor some even higher, "K value" According to some statistics, the k-value of tractors of multinational companies is 35% higher than that of domestic brands on average.


    Policy mandatory requirements, domestic tractor "K value" has significantly improved, but the path is different, some enterprises by using thicker and thicker steel or increase the counterweight to simply increase the weight, and some enterprises are indeed on the machine system optimization. For example, by thickening the gearbox housing and using larger gears and thicker shafts to increase the strength of key parts, the direct result is better quality of the tractor, and the indirect effect is an increase in the "K-value". The latter is the large chassis tractor referred to in this paper or can be said to be the standard chassis tractor, these models have some gap with Deere, Case and so on, but compared with the original "big horse car" is indeed progress, from this point of view, the effect of the policy is obvious.

    The other is the pull of heavy load operations such as deep loosening, deep turning and bundling. The advantage of large chassis tractor is large power, high strength, can win heavy load, high strength, long time operation needs, otherwise if it is light load, low frequency operation, small chassis light tractor has more advantages.

    Of course, what determines the demand for tractors is the operation. What kind of operation will have what kind of demand. In recent years, the second round of land deep excavation operation cycle has come again, so the demand for tractors with 150 horsepower and above, especially 180-250 horsepower, increases. And deep loose and deep turn is the most typical heavy load operation, there is enough horsepower, but if the chassis strength is not enough, there will often be teeth, broken shaft, broken shell, even broken waist and other large quality problems, in these operations knowledgeable users will buy large chassis tractors.

    These two years there is a kind of operation on the large chassis tractor demand to pull a lot, this is the baling operation, especially the big round baling machine and generous baling machine, if it is Corroni BIGPack1270, BIGPack1290, AIkexai Ferguson MF2270, MF2270-XD and other generous baling machine, It is the heavy tractor that needs 200-260 horsepower. The users who buy these brands tend to buy the tractors from multinational companies such as Case New Holland and Deere, but some users also buy the tractors with large horsepower and chassis from domestic brands such as Oriental Red, Revo, Hanvaux and Huaxia.


    Of course, not just generous bundles, generous bundles in the domestic demand for a year is not big, large round bundles and feed straw for large chassis Baling machinetractors, especially for domestic 180-230 horsepower tractors to pull the largest.

    Third, the awakening of users. Sales of reality, the author found that buying small chassis is often small white user or a hobby farmers to covet is cheap, but the real cooperatives, inter-district homework organization, grain, is often tend to buy imported tractors and domestic a big tractor chassis line, called a penny a points goods, good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good, some small a few years ago to buy the chassis of the user, After rethinking the pain, when buying tractor again, can take the initiative to buy the model of big chassis.

    Of course the main reason is now large horsepower tractor subsidy falls badly, the gap between each horsepower section is not big, the user will choose what suits him to use when buying, rather than blindly pursuing large horsepower, if it is true to large horsepower demand, the user is also very clear to buy large chassis, even if it is to want to spend more money.

    Conclusion: As the government of the optimization and adjustment, the user's rational buyers and deep loosening after operation such as demand pull, the chassis of the tractor is acceleration to return, the return is not only more than a year to sell for thousands of tractor, but in reshaping the tractor industry chain and to make the supply chain system, and to complete the process, on the one hand, the government will unswervingly push forward, On the other hand, it is the leading example and responsibility of large enterprises.