How to View Wheat Harvester Market Performance This Year?

Release Date:2022-07-02 enlarge

  Wheat plays an important role in China's food security system, especially when the global economic situation is unstable, conflicts between Russia and Ukraine continue, and the epidemic is still raging, food security is even more important. By the end of June, China's "Three summer" work successfully concluded, wheat yield and quality hit a new high, the hard-won results.

    Every year in the "sanxia" season, wheat harvester is worthy of one of the "leading role", to ensure that wheat grain warehouse set up a great contribution. Overall, this year's wheat machine rate further improved, and the wheat harvester market performance is eye-catching, annual sales close to 30,000 units, is expected to hit the annual sales record in the past five years, much attention.

  Under the Epidemic, Market Demand Potential is Stimulated


    As is known to all, wheeled grain harvester (commonly known as wheat harvester) is one of the earliest traditional agricultural machinery products in China, and is also the first typical product to enter the competition of saturated stock. Especially since the beginning of 2018 in recent years, the annual market sales have always maintained at 20,000 units, the market runs smoothly, enough to prove that the maturity of the wheat harvester market has been very high.

    According to the normal sales rules and sales curve analysis, the prediction at the beginning of the year, if there is no accident, this year is still a year of stable operation of wheat harvester, but from the actual market performance of wheat harvester this year, more optimistic than expected. The reason, however, is not the outbreak of market demand itself, but the impact of the epidemic to boost potential consumption.


    It should be said that since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the impact on economic operation has not stopped, and the operation situation of agricultural machinery market is no exception. This year's wheat harvester market is a representative case. From the overall environmental level, due to the domestic epidemic control mechanism, the implementation of nucleic acid monitoring, green code passage, advance filing and other strict requirements for cross-regional movement of people, the mobility of all people and vehicles is limited to a certain extent. Therefore, the inter-regional operation of wheat harvesters has significantly reduced this year. According to the Survey report on price and Cost Change trend of crop mechanization Operation Service in 2022 "Sanxia" released by the State Agricultural Mechanization Administration and agricultural Mechanization General Station in May this year, 33.85% of users clearly indicated that they would not carry out inter-regional operation in sanxia season this year due to the impact of the epidemic.


    Due to the reduction of cross-region operation machinery, wheat harvesters in many regions are insufficient or vacant, and this year's migrant workers are limited, many users' potential demand is stimulated, investment to buy wheat harvesters, promoting the market rise. At the same time, this year's wheat machine harvest operation price has increased substantially, the basic operation area has reached 60-80 yuan/mu, some regions have higher prices, excluding the impact of diesel price rise and other factors, machine operators this year's operating income is still considerable. In addition, during the wheat harvest this year, there is less rain around the country, the harvest efficiency of wheel harvester is high, and the use of crawler harvester is reduced, so as to ensure that the demand share of wheat harvester is not seized by crawler.

    Superposition of many factors, the increment of wheat harvester in stock market competition this year small high tide, according to the related data statistics and analysis, this year's wheat machine market is still the continuation of the "leading enterprises" head of the competitive landscape, including the weifang diesel Chai Lei wo, wo, giant Ming, the vast majority of the mainstream brands all wave red, growth averaging more than 20%.

  Looking Ahead, Stock Competition Runs the Same

    If the impact of the epidemic is taken as a short-term factor to measure the wheat harvester market, this year's relatively large growth is not the normal market, according to the wheat harvester market competition pattern and development stage and other factors, the characteristics of stock competition will not change, stable operation is still normal.


    At present and even in the future for a long time, if there is no abnormal unexpected factors, the huge market holding of wheat harvester determines that the sales increment mainly comes from stock renewal, the new demand will be very limited, and the characteristics of market performance are stable and distinct.

    First, the Head Brand Concentrated Industrial Pattern Solidified. Throughout the domestic wheat harvester industry distribution and market operation pattern, the characteristics of the high degree of brand concentration throughout, head has led to the products and the direction of market development, competition in the market of absolute proportion, especially god wheat harvester, more than 20 years, has always been the star on behalf of domestic wheat harvester products, it is very rare.

    Second, Sales Area Concentration. The regional concentration of wheat harvester sales is matched with the distribution of wheat planting area. Generally speaking, wheat harvester sales are only available in wheat planting areas. Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Hebei and other Huang-Huai-Hai wheat growing areas are the main sales areas of wheat harvester, accounting for about 90% of the total sales.

    Third, the Service Timeliness Requirement is High. Because the wheat harvest time is highly concentrated, the "rush to harvest" is used to describe the shortness and urgency of wheat harvest time. The concentration of operation and short operation cycle determine the timeliness requirements for the supply of products and services and accessories. Therefore, to do a good wheat harvester, we must first consider the service, which is a constant premise.


    Fourth, High Efficiency and Large Scale. In recent years, the trend of wheat harvester harvest efficiency is obvious, the central Plains region feeding amount of 8kg/s, 9kg/s products become the main sales body, northeast, Xinjiang and other regional markets feeding amount of more than 10kg/s models occupy the mainstream, it can be seen that, according to local conditions, to achieve high efficiency operation is always the goal of users to pursue.

    Fifth, Reliability is Always a Hard Indicator. This is the most basic product index requirements, especially comprehensive mature wheat harvester products, whether large or small, whether first-line brands or small brands, users care about the most or reliable operation, always unchanged.

    Even traditional products have market demand, and saturated markets have competition opportunities. In order to win the wheat harvester market competition, it is necessary to inherit and carry forward the basic market competition criteria, but also to keep pace with the progress of The Times, such as the Internet, automation, intelligence, unmanned driving and so on, to further realize the effective combination of traditional ideas and advanced technology, in order to remain invincible in the future competition.