Blockbuster! Thousands of Overseas Projects of Sardin Holdings were Delivered

Release Date:2022-08-30 enlarge

    The heat was clearing and the scenery was approaching. On August 23, in this joyful day of harvest, colorful flags flew in the First Industrial Park of Sardin Holdings, guests gathered, the fleet of cars was ready to start, and a grand delivery ceremony of thousands of overseas projects of Sardin Holdings was held.


    Zhou Jiajia, member of the Party Working Committee of Anqiu Economic Development Zone and Director of Party and Government Office, Wang General representative of overseas procurement project, Wang Shiying, Chairman of Sardin Holdings Group, senior leaders of the group, and all the staff of functional departments and power machinery Business Department, more than 400 people gathered together to witness this exciting moment.


    Ms. Zhou Jiajia, member of the Party Working Committee and Director of Party and Government Office of Anqiu Economic Development Zone, delivered a speech at the scene and expressed her congratulations on the delivery ceremony of thousands of overseas projects of Sardin Holdings. Director, said Zhou advantage holding group is central to the city's investment promotion and capital introduction and key support the development of enterprises, is the development of the city high quality leader, one thousand overseas large single delivery, the decisive battle of runoff "gold five years" set an example, municipal party committee and municipal government will continue to do a good job of policy support and services, helping with high quality and rapid development of enterprise further.


    Overseas procurement project customer representative Mr.Wang speech at the ceremony, the purpose of the thousands of large single fall to the ground, is after several negotiations, on both sides of a partnership, a new beginning is a long-term strategic cooperation, the two sides will take this opportunity to continue to expand comprehensive and in-depth, diversified close cooperation, looking forward to cooperation on a new step.


    In his speech at the delivery ceremony, Chairman Wang Shiying expressed his sincere gratitude to the territorial government for its care and support, and to partners from all walks of life for their continuous attention and trust. Chairman Wang stressed that the delivery of thousands of overseas projects is a milestone event for Sardin Holdings Group. The rapid development of overseas markets provides two engines for the rapid development of the company in terms of business operation, and will further promote the group to build a world-class non-road equipment manufacturer. Future, overseas department to speed up the overseas market development, further deep overseas channels and to work on the quantity and quality of the channel, effective, the group will also support and guarantee for the development of overseas markets, in their clinging to the overseas product sophistication, reliability, adaptability, in order to open up overseas markets to provide strong background support.


    Wang Shiying, chairman of Sardin Holdings Group, delivered the "golden key" symbolizing the high-end agricultural equipment of Sardin Holdings to Mr. Wang, the customer representative of overseas procurement projects.

  At 9:50, under the eager gaze of the audience, with the sonorous "starting" order of Chairman Wang Shiying, accompanied by the magnificent background music, the motorcade full of Sardin products slowly drove out like a long queue, and set foot on the new journey to help the development of global agriculture.

    Standing at a new starting point, challenge new opportunities. All the advantage of people based on the present, focus on the future, in order to market demand as the guidance, take the customer satisfaction for the purpose, the overall domestic and international two overall situation, around the group of "efficiency, acme, attentively" work culture, more full of passion, more high morale, a more pragmatic style of work, promote strategic ground, leading the group to move to a higher quality development.