The National Crop Cultivation and Harvesting Integrated Mechanization Rate of More Than 72%, an Increase of 15 Percentage Points in the Past 10 Years

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    General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that vigorously promote agricultural mechanization and intelligence, to modernize agriculture with the wings of science and technology. Since the 18th Party Congress, the total amount of China's agricultural equipment continues to grow, the level of operation continues to improve, the socialization service capacity is significantly enhanced, leading to profound changes in agricultural production methods, organization and operation. The rapid development of agricultural mechanization, to enhance China's comprehensive agricultural production capacity, accelerate agricultural modernization to provide strong support.

  From "people carry cattle pull" to "machine seeding machine harvest"

  Modern agricultural machinery for a good harvest of grain, farmers increase income escort

    "It is the critical period of corn growth, water can follow up." Henan Province, Tangyin County, Rengu Town, Meng Zhuang village corn field, agricultural Bo Weiye planting cooperative director Shen Guoxi is busy watering the ground. Soon, large sprinklers began to work, a "arch" over the green tent, spraying umbrella-shaped water.

    "Machine while walking sprinkler, the effect is very good!" Shen Guoxi said, before planting all rely on large water irrigation, now the agricultural machinery to give strength, watering the ground into watering crops, water and fertilizer integration, saving time and energy.

    Shen Guoxi finger calculations: more than 4,000 acres of land in the past, at least seven or eight days of manual watering once, now two days to get. With the sprinkler, an acre of land can save more than 200 labor costs, water and fertilizer spraying evenly, but also save half of the water, 20% increase in yield.

    Agricultural mechanization is not only convenient for farming, but also gave birth to a new way of harvesting.

    This year's wheat harvest, the country invested Combine harvestermore than 650,000 units, 13 consecutive days of daily machine harvesting area of more than 10 million mu, in time to complete a large-scale wheat harvest before the continuous rains. "Now the harvester is leathery and durable, powerful, harvesting fast and losing less grain." Liu Yanhe, an agricultural mechanic from Xinxiang City, Henan Province, said.

    Wheat machine harvest is just a microcosm. During the past 10 years, China's agricultural machinery and equipment upgrades, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation, seeding and harvesting exceeded 72%, an increase of 15 percentage points.

    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management Wang Jiyun introduced, at present, China's wheat, corn, rice, the three major food crops plowing and harvesting integrated mechanization rate of more than 97%, 90% and 85%, agricultural machinery and equipment to contribute to a good harvest of food production significantly.

    High-quality development of agricultural mechanization, improve the independent research and development capabilities of agricultural equipment is essential. According to reports, hilly mountainous areas are still the weak development of agricultural mechanization in China, small niche machinery supply is insufficient, "no machine available" "no good machine with" the problem still exists. This year, the Central Document No. 1 proposed to comprehensively sort out the shortcomings and weaknesses, strengthen the engineering of agricultural machinery and equipment to collaborate on research and development, accelerate the large horsepower machinery, hilly mountains and facilities horticulture small machinery, high-end intelligent machinery R & D and manufacturing and into the national key R & D program to long-term stable support.

    Recently, China YTOthe good news came from the group: the company developed the Dongfang Red hilly mountain two-way Tractordriving wheel type successfully rolled out, filling the domestic hilly mountain professional tractor products blank.

    At present, China's agricultural equipment manufacturing has basically covered all categories, can produce more than 4,000 kinds of agricultural machinery products, to meet 90% of the domestic market demand.

    "The rapid development of agricultural mechanization to promote a good harvest of grain, farmers increased income escort, China's agricultural production has shifted from relying mainly on human and animal power to rely mainly on mechanical power, into a new stage of mechanization-led." Wang Jiayun introduced, the current national total of nearly 200 million sets of agricultural machinery, Beidou navigation high-powered tractors, ride Rice transplanteron, plant protection drones, self-propelled and Corn combine harvesterother new agricultural machinery is widely used.

  From "partial link" to "full range"

  Intelligent agricultural machinery empowers agriculture and enhances the added value of agricultural products

    In the modern agricultural demonstration park in Weicheng Town, Qingzhen City, Guizhou Province, few workers are visible in the large park. Production base Li Shili take out a cellular phone to open the wisdom management platform, head of the demo, fertilization, irrigation, temperature, moisture, all controlled by computer and all kinds of sensors, all kinds of fruit and vegetable growth parameters transferred to the cloud, a key can be real-time monitoring of soil temperature and humidity, light intensity and other indicators, automatic control greenhouse wet curtain fan, spray irrigation equipment, etc. "The intelligent agricultural machinery is enabling, and the fruits and vegetables in the park are all green food, which is of high quality and can be used as a 'vegetable basket' for the surrounding citizens." "Lee said.

    "Agricultural machinery not only plays a big role in the field, but also plays an important role in facility agriculture production." Weicheng town mayor Tian Ping said that in recent years, the city to promote the application of agricultural machinery to fruit and vegetable cultivation, the use of the Internet, big data, the Internet of things and other new technologies, vigorously develop smart agriculture, to achieve green production, "in the past to sell what, now what to produce what, agricultural quality, efficiency to achieve double improvement."

    "Facility planting is an effective way to ensure the supply of 'vegetable baskets'." Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Planning, design and Research Institute researcher Ding Xiaoming said that in the past 10 years, the mechanization level of the national facility agriculture has increased steadily, the technical and equipment shortcomings of seedling grafting, transplanting and harvesting have been accelerated, and the key technology and equipment such as special sensors and automatic operation of the facility planting equipment have been accelerated.

    "Agricultural mechanization strongly drives up the value and efficiency of agricultural products." Beijing Agriculture and Rural Bureau agricultural mechanization management office deputy director Cui Hao said that the city will wash fruits and vegetables, drying, grading and other complete sets of equipment into the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidies, encourage all kinds of business subjects to adopt new processing technology and equipment, drive agricultural production and efficiency.

    In Shixia village, Gaoling town, Miyun District, Beijing, sweet potato harvest is in sight. Song Baojun, Party secretary of Shixia Village, said that the village can produce 500,000 jin of frozen baked potatoes every year through the introduction of sweet potato processing equipment through the subsidy policy of purchasing agricultural machinery. The brand of "ice cream sweet potato" has become increasingly popular, and the market price of the "ice cream sweet potato" is 20 yuan per jin, seven times that of fresh sweet potato. "With the help of machinery and equipment, the 'through-train' development of seed production and marketing has made the villagers' per capita annual income more than 40,000 yuan." Song Baojun said.

    Wang Jiayun introduction, the farmers' demand for agricultural machinery was produced by partial variety and local demand, into ZhongYangJia the demand of the whole chain, agricultural mechanization in our country has formed a fully with high quality and efficiency of the transformation and upgrading to all the good situation, to ensure the supply of grain and other major agricultural products, consolidate the development of poverty engines results provide solid support, promoting rural revitalization.

  From "Going it alone" to "Farming Together"

  Policy to force, service quality, good farm machinery had greater use

    At the head of Xincun Village, Duhu Town, Taishan City, Guangdong Province, even pieces of rice shine green in the sun. "The late rice is growing well. We have deployed plant protection drones, flying hand control and pest control drugs, and will immediately start unified control and control." Huang Zhaopei, head of Taishan Youhe Agricultural Technology Service Co., Ltd. has been engaged in social services for 10 years and currently has 74 drones.

    "Save more than 90 percent of water, save 30 percent of medicine, one mu of land can save several tens of yuan. Single machine works hundreds of mu a day, one mu of land can reduce 70 or 80 percent of the labor cost." After tasting the benefits of UAV plant protection, villager Li Shengye followed Huang Zhaopei to learn the technology and become a pilot in the field of flying prevention. He bought 4 drones and joined the service team of flying prevention. "If you buy a UAV of 70,000 yuan, you can enjoy a subsidy of 15,000 yuan.

    Policy to force, agricultural machinery socialization service rapid development. Last year, Taishan City issued a policy to subsidize rice trusteeship services covering more than four links up to 130 yuan per mu, guiding farmers to turn over the entire rice production to professional service organizations. With the help of the policy, Huang Zhaopai fully carried out trusteeship services and provided social services for farmers. The service scope covered the whole city. In the first half of this year, the company enjoyed nearly 6 million yuan subsidy from the government for trusteeship services.

    "The effective implementation of subsidy policies has given strong support to the rapid development of agricultural mechanization and the promotion and use of green agricultural machinery and equipment." Yang Minli, a professor of engineering at China Agricultural University. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the central government has invested a total of 183.9 billion yuan in subsidies for the purchase and application of agricultural machinery, supporting more than 21 million farmers and agricultural production and operation organizations, and purchasing nearly 27 million sets of various agricultural machinery and tools.

    Agricultural machinery power, a family can not do, do not cost-effective problems have a solution, more and more farmers enjoy quality agricultural machinery services. This year, Weicheng town Rhinocerotic village to "the party branch lead + village collective investment" way, established the Qian Yun agricultural machinery professional cooperative, carried out the machine loss reduction training, cooperative services are welcomed by the villagers. "In the past, when we harvested corn by ourselves, it was easy to lose grain, but now the cooperative farm machinery harvests it, which is really fast, with less grain loss." Rhinoceros village corn machine to receive the scene, villagers Meng Chenghua continuous praise.

    "More and more villagers are willing to pay for their excellent skills and service." Head of the cooperative Zeng Tijun, since this year, the cooperative to carry out social service area of 1165 mu, income of 450 thousand yuan.

    "From working alone to group farming, agricultural machinery services have become the main force of socialized agricultural production services." Liu Xiaowei, director of the Science and Technology Promotion Department of the Agricultural Mechanization Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that the national agricultural machinery service organizations reached 193,400, including 76,000 specialized agricultural machinery cooperatives. Last year, the total operation area of mechanical tillage, machine sowing, machine harvesting, mechanical and electrical irrigation, mechanical plant protection and other 5 operations reached 7.129 billion mu, up 1.7% year-on-year. Agricultural machinery services effectively promote the organic connection between small farmers and the development of modern agriculture, and continuously improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture.