Ji Fei Farm APP: A Digital Management Platform Designed for Small and Medium-Sized Farms and Family Farms

Release Date:2022-10-30 enlarge

   More and more young people are returning to the countryside because of advanced, reliable agricultural technology, which makes farming cool instead of facing the earth. At present, there are more than 3.9 million family farms in China. It is not new for young people to return to their hometown to build their own "happy farms". For example, Zhao Xudong and Zhao Yun, a couple born in the 1980s in Jiangsu who manage a family farm of 7,000 mu, and Xia Zhenfei from Henan decided to return to their hometown to establish a Hongyuan family farm of 500 mu......

    When young people run a farm, they run an intelligent farm. There is no shortage of a management tool that is easy to operate and easy to use and meets the actual production needs of the farm. The farm APP released by XAAC 2022 Jifei Technology annual conference is an efficient management tool aimed at the pain points of digital management of farms.


  Jifei Farm AAP: digital management platform for small and medium-sized farms

    Jifei Farm APP is a digital management platform designed for small and medium-sized farms and family farms, which integrates the functions of farm digital twin, farm work coordination, intelligent management of agricultural machinery and production benefit analysis. It can help farmers to realize the digital transformation of farms, establish more efficient management mode, and continuously improve the efficiency of farm operation with technology.


    Farmers only need to download the Jifei Farm APP on their mobile phones, click Create Farm, delimit the boundary of the farm on the map, select crop types, and set the sowing or transplanting time, and then they can quickly create and complete their own digital farms. Have digital farms, farmers can at any time on the phone to check the farm each plot of environmental information, such as temperature, humidity, light, rainfall, wind speed, such as precise meteorological data, as well as crop growth progress and historical records, to ensure that farmers clearly grasp the whole farm, reduce the management cost of time and manpower.

    Farmers can also purchase the "digital farm" service through the App to obtain high-precision digital map of the farm, accurately grasp the plot boundaries and obstacles of the farm, facilitate farm management and agricultural assistance, and realize more refined agricultural production planning and efficient operation of smart equipment.

    With the food safety awareness becoming more and more popular, farmers should do a good job of data tracking and safety traceability in the agricultural production process to ensure that agricultural products have a stronger competitiveness in the market. Offers an App classify fly farm design to the variety of farming record templates, such as seeding, fertilization, spray insecticide, weed control, convenient for farmers clearly grasp the time, land, agricultural materials, basic farming operations such as the number of species and personnel information, for each block, each production link, so as to realize each crop types of data records, tracking, archive, To provide a basis for product traceability and agricultural settlement. In the context of food safety, with the digital "endorsement" of Jifei Farm, the quality products produced by the farm will be easier to win the trust of buyers and users.


    In addition, farm management involves all kinds of costs and expenses, and how to make every money is spent and effective, farm APP also takes into account. On the APP of Jifei Farm, every labor expenditure, farm machinery service fee, and purchase of production materials such as planting fertilizer can be recorded and saved in a fast and standard way, and cost analysis can be carried out, so that farmers can spend every penny clearly and clearly, and realize fine management.

  Family farms have great potential for rural revitalization

    "People are the key to promoting rural revitalization." Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs show that as of April this year, more than 11 million people had returned to their villages to start businesses. With the deepening of land transfer work and the support of many policies and dividends, more and more young people return to their hometowns to start businesses and become farmers, to display their talents and realize their life value in the vast rural fields.

    According to the Policy and Reform Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, by the end of 2019, the land area of family farms in China had grown from 52 million mu to 185 million mu, of which the cultivated land had grown from 43.109 million mu to 95.241 million mu. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, family farms showed a good momentum of development.

    It is an important topic to accelerate the realization of agricultural and rural modernization to provide scientific and technological assistance to the booming family farms, so as to promote the family farms to promote the integration of small farmers into modern agriculture. The farm APP launched by Jifei Technology is just a digital solution for this topic.

    For example, Hu Jibiao, as the person in charge of the Chuangyou Family Farm in Chengxiang Street, Siyang County, manages more than 1,000 mu of his own land. By using Jifei Agricultural unmanned aircraft to participate in spring plowing and spring pipe, he can efficiently finish the sowing of more than 1,000 mu of wheat in two and a half days. However, the complexity of agricultural production is not only the fertilization, weeding, spraying these labors, but also the rational scheduling and arrangement of agricultural materials, agronomy, agricultural machinery and other comprehensive resources, so as to realize the scientific planting and management of crops, so as to save costs and increase output. Through the Jifei Farm APP, farmers such as Hu Jibiao can "plug" their farms into mobile phones, and complete diversified digital management such as remote monitoring and observation of crop growth and supervision of farm production.

    The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Talents in Agriculture and Rural Areas clearly states that by 2025, 1 million rural business leaders will be trained and 15 million will return to their hometowns to start businesses. In the future, more of them are bound to join the farm camp and become an important force that can not be ignored to revitalize the countryside. Through the farm APP, Jifei Technology will help more farmers establish a more efficient farm management mode with a simpler and more economical form, so that they can enjoy the benefits of agricultural science and technology.

    With science and technology to support the digitalization and fine management of farms, Jifei Farm APP is like a digital housekeeper for family farmers. By integrating the data integrated by family farms, farmers can realize the digital and intelligent management of farms.

    From providing reliable and intelligent agricultural equipment to developing forward-looking farm ecosystems and digital services, JIFi Technology has deepened and refined its understanding of the digital and unmanned development of agriculture. In the future, Jifei will develop more intelligent equipment and digital services based on the actual needs of farm users, change the traditional agricultural production mode bit by bit, and gradually build a more green and efficient digital agricultural ecosystem.