Full of Technology and Ruthless Work, Deutzfahr 8W and Green Elf Series Tractors are Highly Praised

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  In recent years, the speed of rural land transfer has been significantly accelerated, and the construction of high-standard farmland has been vigorously promoted. Basic agricultural production conditions have been improved as never before, providing a good foundation for the development of modern agriculture. Under this background, domestic agricultural machinery demand from functional demand to quality demand.

    In response to the The tractorupgrading of demand in the domestic high-end market, Deutzfaer, which has been rooted in the Chinese market for more than ten years, responded quickly. With its own experience in tractor production and research and development for more than 100 years, it launched high-end tractor products represented by 8W and Green Elf series in 2021, setting up a new benchmark for the high-end tractor market in China.


    Now has entered the end of the autumn harvest, many areas in China have started the autumn operation. So what is the performance of Deutzfahr's new tractors in the field operation? I randomly interviewed two users to find out what they thought of these two tractor products.

  8W series tractors, full of technology and ruthless work

    Baoshiquan, an "old mechanic" in Xinjiang Tacheng area, has been driving tractors for more than 20 years. From domestic tractors to imported tractors, Baoshiquan has handled more than 10 tractor brands. He first bought a Deutzfahr tractor in 2020 and has been a loyal fan of the brand ever since.


    With the rapid development of farm machinery service business, it became clear that the horsepower segment of the tractor in the whole family was not enough, so in 2022, he purchased a new Deutzfahr 8W ps 2804 tractor. "When I bought my first Deutzfahr tractor in 20 years, I used it for two years. The quality was very reliable, the fuel economy was also very high, and the power was strong, and the work was very good. So when I wanted to buy a more powerful tractor in 2002, I went straight for the new Deutz 8W ps2804."


    At present, the Deutzfael 8W ps 2804 wheeled tractor purchased by Bosch has worked for more than 1000 hours, and the deep digging operation area has reached more than 20000 mu. For this industry benchmark of high-end high-horsepower tractor, Bao all smiles with satisfaction. "The Deutzfahr 2804 tractor is perfect in my heart, not to mention the quality of the tractor, the power is very good, and the most important thing is that it is very fuel efficient, which has saved us a lot of fuel costs in the face of the soaring oil prices this year. It's also very comfortable to drive, especially the data display on the steering wheel, which is very technological. I often like to drive for a while when I am not busy. It is more comfortable than a high-end car."


    It is reported that the data display on the steering wheel mentioned by Boshiquan runs VDS, the world's leading virtual driving system of 8W series tractors. The vehicle running status and operation information data can be presented in real time on the big screen. According to different operation needs and driving style, the degree of personalized Settings can be set, which is very convenient. And in order to reduce the user's purchase and maintenance costs, the engine of the 8W series tractor is matched with a domestic engine, can be said to be tailored for Chinese users!

  The Green Fairy tractor, a synonym for high-end refinement

    In recent years, most domestic tractor enterprises have entered the market of high-horsepower tractors in order to gain higher profits, and many enterprises even gave up the small and medium-horsepower tractors. Deutz, adhering to the "rooted China, China's service" business philosophy, in addition to the main high-end high-powered 8 w series tractors, orchard and small block user requirements, also launched a high-end exquisite green elves series tractors, fills the blank of domestic high-end small horsepower tractor market.


    Deng Chuncheng, from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, bought a CD704-N tractor from the Deutzfaer Green Elf series in the spring of 2022. As for why he bought the tractor in the first place, Deng joked that he was completely confused by its appearance. "I usually do some spinning work, so I use a medium-horsepower tractor. Good medium-horsepower tractors were hard to come by in the last two years, and the market was flooded with low-end, small-axle cars that made it difficult to do heavy work. I went to the farm machinery market this spring to look at tractors, and I was immediately attracted to this Deutzfahr 704."

    Of course, Deng Chuncheng, who has more than 20 years of tractor driving experience, could not have bought the Deutzfahr CD704-N tractor just because of its delicate appearance. With his detailed understanding, the dead weight of this tractor is up to more than 2 tons, and many core parts have been optimized and strengthened design, equipped with all-diesel 4B series engine and Guhe front axle, which belongs to the real sense of high outsole disc tow. It is because of its many advantages that the Deutzfahr CD704-N tractor touched Deng Chuncheng's heart.


    Today, Deng Chuncheng has worked nearly 400 hours on his Deutzfahr Green Elf tractor. Although the working time is not long, his satisfaction with the tractor is already very high. "To be honest, I have been driving tractors for more than 20 years, both domestic and imported, but none can match the Deutzfahr CD704-N. First of all, the exterior design is very domineering, even from a distance to stand out. Second is strong power, large chassis heavy load, can do a lot of work, and in the face of all kinds of bad ground conditions can easily cope with."

    Both Baoshiquan in Tacheng area of Xinjiang and Deng Chuncheng in Chifeng area of Inner Mongolia are only miniature users of the two series tractors of Deutzfaer 8W and Green Elf. It is reported that these two series of tractors since the market, has won the pursuit of many users, sales are rising, become the domestic high-end tractor benchmarking products.