Sun Yanping: With Reliable Quality and High Efficiency, Tianlang Baling Machine is in Short Supply Every Year

Release Date:2022-11-26 enlarge

   Located in the "Golden corn Belt", Kailu County is a famous toxin-free corn production area in China, with an annual output of 1.8 million tons of corn. It is also a huge corn planting industry chain, every year after the harvest of corn, there are a lot of waste straw. Especially around 2014, with the implementation of the national straw burning ban policy, the future of straw has become the biggest problem faced by farmers.

    Sun Yanping, the person in charge of Kailu Fuda Agricultural Machinery Sales Co., LTD., has been dealing with corn straw treatment since she entered the agricultural machinery industry in 2013. "I started to enter the agricultural machinery industry in 2013, when the straw burning ban policy was implemented. At that time, I thought that if I could help people solve the problem of straw, I would be able to gain the recognition of users and get a firm foothold in the agricultural machinery industry."


    Therefore, Sun Yanping led the staff to devote themselves to the improvement of straw treatment equipment. After some time of hard work, they developed a Rotary tillermodel that can break up thicker stalks and spin them into the soil without affecting later sowing operations. Although this rototiller made Sun Yanping her first bucket of money, she found that returning straw to the soil would greatly increase the diseases and pests of corn. Out of a responsible attitude towards users, she gave up selling this equipment and turned her head to research straw recycling equipment.

    For Sun Yanping, who did not have any experience in mechanical design and research and development, it was too difficult to design a straw recycling equipment with her own small team. Therefore, she went around the country to agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises, hoping to find a reliable straw recycling equipment. "At the time, there was only one type Baling machineof baler on the market, but users generally reported a high failure rate, so we always wondered if we could find an alternative baler product."

    Until 2016, a straw and feed picker and baler appeared on the market, which impressed Sun Yanping. "When I saw the straw-feed baler on the market, I thought this is the product I have been looking for. I immediately contacted the manufacturer and signed an agency agreement." Although the original straw and feed baling machine was not perfect and had a certain failure rate, it was gradually recognized by more and more users under the promotion of Sun Yanping.


    When it comes to the agent of Tianlang straw and feed baling machine, Sun Yanping said excitedly: "Tianlang is not the brand of baling machine that I was the first agent of. I first knew about Tianlang, or I was introduced by the first agent of baling machine enterprise, he said that Tianlang is the only brand that can pose a threat to their baling machine products. "I felt that they were not selling enough products on their own, so I contacted the sales staff of Tianlang and signed an agency agreement."

    Sun Yanping sold more than 50 sets of straw and feed baling machines in the first year of his agency. It is also through this year, Sun Yanping found that the failure rate of Tianlang baling machine is lower, for her after the sole agent foreshadowed. Really let her give up the first baling machine brand agency, choose the exclusive agency of the brand Tianlang is from the stability of the automatic baling machine.

    In this regard, Sun Yanping explained: "19 years, the two baling machine enterprises have launched a fully automatic baling machine, but also in our side of the operation demonstration, several demonstrations down, on the day of the baling machine has not appeared any problems, from that moment on I look for the brand of the day Lang, because users buy agricultural machinery equipment, quality reliability must be guaranteed. So in the later brand choice, I finally chose Tianlang."


    In the following years, Tianlang straw and feed baling machine also live up to Sun Yanping's trust, the annual sales are growing steadily. Especially these two years, even each year sold out of the state. "In the first year, we sold more than 50 units of Tianlang baling machines. In 20 years, we sold about 100 units. Last year, we sold more than 150 units, and they were out of stock by the end of the year. This year we increased our order to 200, but now we are out of stock again and the manufacturer can't order any more. The popularity of Tianlang baling machines has completely surprised me."

    And the reason why Tianlang baling machine is so popular, Sun Yanping also knows. "Quality reliability this point must be one of the main reasons, we have now sold the Tianlang baling machine including the circulation of some second-hand how also have nearly 1000 sets, the quality of this piece really let us very worry, almost do not need us to solve what after-sales problems. Secondly, the straw feed quality of Tianlang baling machine is very high, and the farms are very recognized. In addition to the good effect of soil, the corn leaves have also been well retained, and the cattle and sheep love to eat them. Moreover, the operation efficiency of Tianlang baling machine is very high, and the efficiency of three packets per second is really fast, which ensures the maximization of user benefits."


    When it comes to the benefits of Tianlang straw and feed baling machine, according to Sun Yanping, her most users can make 100,000 packets of straw every year, with or without dry can make 40,000 packets, so the annual return is the most basic income. "In our here to buy the Tianlang baling machine users, some of the users are loans to buy the machine, the manufacturer also gives interest-free subsidies, they generally only take a 40,000 yuan can carry one, with a year or so to our replacement, depreciation cost is only twenty or thirty thousand yuan, that year to play four or five thousand packs can be paid back, the worst can play four or five thousand packs, the income is very good."

    It is also the income has sufficient protection, to buy the Sun Yanping shop Tianlang straw and feed baling machine users have bought for many years, there are many users with relatives and friends to buy. Therefore, the annual shortage of straw and feed baling machine in Tianlang has been a perfect explanation.