Imported Cotton Pickers had Been Subject to Foreign cut-off, Localized Alternative to Make Chinese Cotton Farmers Stand up the Backbone

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   November 19, 2022, CCTV financial channel CCTV2 "dialogue" column broadcast "China's industrial coordinates: the agricultural "base" program, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association President Chen Zhi as a special guest to tell the industry's achievements, analysis of industry bottlenecks, depicting the development prospects.


    On the topic of domestic replacement of cotton pickers, Chen Zhi said: "It can be said that the cotton picker is the most complex kind of machine inside the agricultural equipment. To six rows of packaged cotton picker, for example, it light design drawings on more than 2,000, it has more than 10,000 parts, cotton picker local replacement of this process is still very difficult."

    Although this process is very difficult, but in the mantle Shi Ran as the representative of the domestic cotton picker enterprises night and day to get efforts, now the domestic cotton picker has broken the barriers, can be a perfect alternative to imported cotton picker, has become a better choice for cotton farmers in Xinjiang, to protect the security of national cotton production.


    In this regard, Chen Zhi lamented: "Xinjiang cotton picking machine was once subject to foreign cut-off, if now there is no domestic alternative to our cotton picking machine business, then once the foreign supply is cut off, now cotton is not just a problem of hiring people, but also can not afford to hire. Xinjiang's cotton will be devastated, so the localization of alternative to this road and then difficult to go on."

    According to subsidized public data, 2018-2021 four-year period, the mantle Shi Ran company sold a total of about 1,500 cotton pickers, with a market share of nearly 50%, picking up half of the domestic cotton picker sales, including a market share of 62% in 2021. It can also be seen that the mantle Shi Ran as the representative of the domestic cotton picker is rising and growing.


    Moreover, the domestic cotton picker is not a simple technology integration, but on the basis of mature products of multinational companies, combined with the domestic agronomy, the use of the environment, the level of purchasing power, driving ability and so on the localization of the new design. In this regard, Chen Zhi said, "Do not think that China's cotton picker is a copy of others, not so, we have a lot of independent innovation, and even foreign countries do not have some of our unique technology." To this end, Chen Zhi also cited several domestic cotton picker unique technology and features. First, for the cotton picker flammable situation has been improved, by changing the diesel tank at the end of the machine or the engine is all sealed up, completely eliminating the case of fire.

    Second, the domestic cotton picker companies invented the automatic timing of the cotton picking head lubrication system, picking the life of the spindle will be greatly extended. There is also the shedding plate, often stained with some leaves and other impurities, the original imported cotton picker, the need to press the button 10 seconds to clean, but the average driver pressed a release, the shedding plate cleaning is not clean, and now the domestic cotton picker as long as the driver touches the button, must be cleaned to 10 seconds, want to be lazy can not.


    In addition, the domestic cotton picker has some more humane design, to bowl Shi Ran 4MZD-3A type cotton picking and packing machine, for example, its left picking head can swing open, it is the same as three picking head, both sides are set to move state. Although it is a small improvement, it reflects the great wisdom of the engineers. It contributes to the ease of maintenance for after-sales technical maintenance personnel and shortens the maintenance time, thus improving the efficiency of the picking head system.


    The safety pedal has been added to the left side of the picking head of the 4MZD-3A cotton picker. When the staff needs to go up to the picking head to maintain the picking head system and solve the blockage problem, they need to go up to the picking head from the safety pedal under the cab, which is very troublesome. After the addition of the safety pedal, it is convenient for users to adjust the picking head, timely solve the problem of cotton blockage, after-sales maintenance more convenient.

    Of course, the domestic cotton picker manufacturing industry still needs to purchase a large number of foreign imports of key core components, such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, solenoid valves, sensors, etc.. However, since the last year or two, with the changes in the international trade situation and the impact of the new crown epidemic, many imported orders encountered late delivery, less delivery, or even do not take orders, cotton pickers can be delivered to users as scheduled as quality has faced a huge challenge.


    The good thing is that in recent years, some of the domestic agricultural machinery quality enterprises have invested in research and development forces, in the cotton picker key components of localization has also had promising progress and results. For example, the mantle Shi Ran launched a domestic cotton picker has completely independent intellectual property rights, more than 150 patents, including more than a dozen invention patents, the localization rate of more than 90%. Up to now, the gearbox, part of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, drive steering bridge, solenoid valve, sensor, etc. of the cotton picker have been successfully trialed by professional manufacturers in the United Nations and fully verified.

    It is reported that, from the beginning of entering the cotton picker industry in 2009, with a cumulative investment of more than 100 million, after long-term technical accumulation and repeated market verification, the first three-row compartment cotton picker was finally put on the market in 2014, and after 3 years of technical precipitation and market sharpening, in 2017, the cotton picker of MASHIRAN was generally recognized by the majority of cotton farmers, and sales increased significantly, breaking the In 2020, BOSRAN launched 3 rows and 6 rows of packaged cotton pickers synchronized with the technology of imported cotton pickers, continuing to lead the process of domestic cotton picker industry and opening the road of domestic high-end cotton pickers catching up from scratch.