2023 Plant Protection Drone Competition lay Down? New Product Launches are Not Surprising

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   Among the more than 3,000 categories of agricultural machinery in China, plant protection unmanned aircraft is a rare agricultural machinery category that has been favored by industrial capital, financial capital, commercial capital and national industrial policy. The aircraft.


    At present, plant protection unmanned aircraft have passed the concept hype of the wind mouth period and entered the golden period of capital harvesting.

    According to the data of agricultural machinery subsidy system, the output value of domestic plant protection unmanned aircraft hardware is about 8 billion yuan/year, which is already ranked second toTractorAt present, the sales scale of plant protection unmanned aircraft of many agricultural machinery dealers is equal to that of traditional agricultural machinery and farm equipment such as tractors and combine harvesters, and the profitability of plant protection unmanned aircraft is much higher than that of tractors and combine harvesters, which means that plant protection unmanned aircraft really enter the industrialization stage.

    In recent years, well-known domestic and foreign investment institutions and funds have been entering China's plant protection drone industry, and well-known institutions such as Temasek and CITIC Capital have also made several rounds of additional investment, indicating that capital is very optimistic about this industry.

    Compared with the first and second rounds of investment peak, this round of investors are stronger, and there are state-owned capital and local governments involved.

    With the support of capital, the domestic plant protection drone industry has experienced nearly 10 years of arms race, and after the first race of the unbridled run, the halftime break has arrived, and the main players represented by DJI seem to call a pause, and the drone industry will enter a new buildup period, but the halftime break is not lazy but to adjust to a better state of play, and here let us look forward to a new round of domestic plant protection drone aircraft outbreak.

    A. 2023 new product launch wave is not surprising


    In November 2022, as always, Polaris took the lead in holding a new product launch. This year, Polaris' new aircraft are P100 Pro 2023 and V50 2023.

    After the launch the old flyers sighed and breathed a sigh of relief. The reason for the sigh is that there is not much new in this year's new aircraft, which makes some tech enthusiasts a little lost, and the reason for the sigh of relief is that the stability of the new aircraft should be assured, the frequent launch of brand new products is the root cause of frequent problems with plant protection unmanned aircraft.

    Although there are no major innovations, the P100 Pro 2023 version does have some practical improvements, such as finally having a manual remote control, foldable paddle arms, split design, netless work mode (temporary regional net), doubling the flow of water pumps, which can be seen in the future of the extreme flying unmanned aircraft more convenient transportation to more remote and occluded areas of operation, AB hit points, etc. to further improve operational efficiency and operation of Simplicity.

    Following closely behind JiFei, DJI also held its own new product launch in December, as if it had been discussed, both head companies are "old wine in new bottles".

    This year, DJI's new aircraft is very "stable", and it is obvious to the discerning eye that the T50 is an upgraded and enhanced version of the T40. I really don't know how Jiebei will face.

    Now that I mention it, let's also talk about the Polaroid. If you have a good memory, you should remember that the new product in 2020 is E-A20, 2021 is EA-30X, and this year is EA-30X followed by a P. This means that the new product this year is still an iteration of EA-30X, which can be seen that Juze this year is also unusually "This means that this year's new product is still the iteration of EA-30X.


    In addition, the 2023 new product Fengpeng 400, upgraded to 35L medicine box, 55L spreading material box, upgrade the flight control system, upgrade the remote control, thicken the motor shaft, etc., the overall look is also "stable" mainly.

    Of course, HanHe, QiFei, etc. is also worthy of attention, according to the author and the person in charge of HanHe communication that HanHe did not launch new products this year, the feeling that the old drone company after the Zhuhai feathered people really the end of the day.

    Heilongjiang Huida Technology 2022, a newcomer to the drone industry, launched the HD540, and recently the HD540 Pro was launched, indicating that it is also "stable".

    To sum up the following mainstream agricultural drone company 2023 new products, the commonality is.

    First, "new wine in an old bottle", mainly old product upgrades and iterations. This feature is worthy of attention, because since DJI entered the plant protection drone industry in 2016, the domestic plant protection drone began a marathon arms race, with the head companies represented by DJI and JiFei launching a new product a year, and many small brands without technical research and development strength were dragged down and killed.

    In fact, users do not like the frequent launch of new products by these companies, on the one hand, the new product performance is unstable, so that the flyer should not bear the trial and error costs, on the other hand, the new product out of the previous year to buy the old product will be eliminated.

    Second, the product features, advantages convergence, are inclined to centrifugal nozzle, visual recognition and radar obstacle avoidance in one, functional convergence is bound to be the inner volume. Of particular concern is DJI unmanned aircraft, DJI was originally the industry's imitation and learn from the object, but in recent years DJI also learn from the extreme fly, extreme eye, top attack and other follow the little brother, the little brother what new set and innovation, in DJI's aircraft and marketing policy is also increasingly reflected.

    Third, all focus on live broadcast, orchard plant protection and other market segments. It means that the unmanned aircraft competition has entered a white heat and the field crops are temporarily saturated. According to DJI's internal informed sources, DJI has 3,000 aircraft operating in orchards in 2022. In 2023, DJI's market focus is on orchard plant protection and corn plant protection, especially genetically modified corn, which is the focus of DJI's future layout.


    Fourth, the competition is shifting from technology and function to marketing method competition. For example, Polar Micro took the lead in launching a trade-in program, which can top 6,000 yuan no matter what brand of aircraft. This policy can really smell good, and I believe it will have an immediate effect on the sales of Polar Micro, but several other brands are caught blind, including DJI.