Beijing Fengmao Dongfanghong 3WX-1200G Self-propelled boom sprayer for high crops




Tank capacity



Filtering system


Three process filtering(at dosing hole, before liquid pump, at nozzle)

Type of liquid pump


Diaphragm pump

Flow of liquid pump


124.7( under 2MPa pressure)

Stirring method


Jet mixing

Working pressure



Spraying range of boom



Working speed



Travelling speed



Wheel base


2050-2650mm adjustable

Motor power



Empty weight/Full load weight



  Technical feature:

  1.    Fully hydraulic travelling, steering, easy handling of operation; large steering angle, the minimum operating radius of 3.9 meters (inside), capable of turning flexible in very narrow area.

  2.    Two-wheel or four-wheel driving are optional base on the customer needs. Rear shock absorber and front axle swing are equipped, perfectly adapted to the rugged field.

  3.    With 2400mm ground clearance, the machine preferably adapted to both complex and peculiar cropping pattern in China.

  4.      The overall doorframe structure of the machine reduces the limit to the row spacing requirement for the crops, During the operation, only two lines of walking wheels were moving across the crops. The central axle of the moving structure has only 370mm distance in length, it has a very good trafficability and can be adapted to the narrow spacing crops

  5.    Import nozzles, automization evenly, reduce the pesticide consumption and residues at the same time. The nozzle body compose of three different nozzles as one group body can be adapted to different kinds requirements of agricultural spraying.

  6.    The machine equipped with the variable spraying control system, which can real-time display of operating speed, working pressure, dosage per unit area, operating area and other parameters; The pesticide can be precisely sprayed according to the established dosage setting per unit area.

  7.    Import diaphragm pump with a stable flow speed and long life span.

  8.    The mixing adopts the combination of jet stirring and backwater stirring, make sure the liquid is stirred evenly.

  9.    The perfect combination of electro-hydraulic control technology. The boom extension, folding, lifting, descending, balance, swift on and off can all be operated in the cab by one operator.

  10.  Wide range wheel base adjustment can adapt to different crop patterns. (1950-2550mm for Xinjiang model, 2050-2650mm for mainland model)