Dongfeng 15HP Walking Tractor

Dongfeng 12HP Walking Tractor

Dongfeng walking tractor 15HP is of dual-function type and can be used as a means of traction and drive. This compact, reliable two-wheel tractor delivers simple structure, long service life, easy operation, large output and good cross-country ability. Compared with DF-12L, it is more powerful and efficient.

Main Technical Specifications for Dongfeng Power Tiller

Model of Power TillerUnitDF-15L
Structure weightwithout rotavatorKg360
with rotavator465
Working Weight (with rotavator)kg505
Turning speed of rototilling shaftrpm188
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)mm2680×960×1250
Number of bladesPCS18
Rototilling widthmm600
Type of tractor Single axle, dual-purpose for both tractor &drive
Traveling speedForwardkm/h1.4, 2.5, 4.1, 5.3, 9.4, 15.3
Reverse1.1, 3.8
Tyre Size 6.00-12
Wheel trackmm800,740,640,580(normally use 800)
Min.ground clearancemm185
Min.turning radiusm0.9(with no rotavator)
Model of engine S1100A2N
Type of engine Horizontal 4-stroke
Total displacementL0.903
Compression ratio 19.5:1
Turing speed of crankshaftrpm2000
1-hour rated outputkW/hp10.50/14.30
12-hour rated outputkW/hp9.8/13.33
Specific fuel consumptiong/kW.h257
Specific lube oil consumptiong/kW.h≤2.04
Cooling mode Condenser(Radiator)