YTO C902 Crawler Tractor

YTO C902 Crawler Tractor

70-90HP Crawler Tractor

Crawler Tractor-C902-2 tractor is a primary product of our 70-90HP crawler tractors. This type of tractor is based on C902 caterpillar tractor; however, it is more suitable for bulldozing operations due to its adoption of (4F+2R) sliding gear transmission. Quality built and economically priced, our crawler tractor is widely used for irrigation, pond renovation, small town construction, and so on.


Our crawler tractor adopts LR6B5-22 diesel engine, which is fuel efficient and delivers large torque.

The distributor of the hydraulic system is 2-valve distributor, and the joystick is in the middle position for convenient and low-effort operation.

The final gear adopts simple beam structure for great reliability.

The utilization of hydraulic power steering greatly reduces the driver's labor intensity.

The novel enclosed cab can be equipped with an air conditioning system for high comfort.

Rubber track and wide track are available for you to choose from.

As a quality conscious crawler tractor manufacturer in China, we have been committed to providing superior agriculture equipment and construction machinery since our foundation. Thanks to our tireless efforts over the past decades, now we at YTO produce a wide variety of quality products, including wheeled tractor, crawler tractor, motor grader, forklift truck, and others. Our products are E-mark, OECD, CE and EPA certified. Hence, customers can feel at ease in using them.

YTO C902 Crawler Tractor Tech