Chery 4LZ-3.0Z Rice Harvester

Chery 4LZ-3.0Z Rice Harvester

Chery 4LZ-3.0Z Rice Harvester Product Features

Strong power:

●Equip with 60kw(82hp) turbocharged engines, sufficient power margin, easily operated;

Advanced Technology:

●Adopted longitudinal axial flow roller which is the most advanced technology of full feeding rice combine, more powerful threshing and separation capability, higher clearance and lower loss rate;

●Integrated design of header and transportation make it easy to harvest both lodging crop and tall crop effectively;

●The wide conveying channel makes the crop transportation more smoothly; Minimize the jam;

●Large tank and grain box, reduce the intermediate links, high efficiency;

●With vehicle technology,performance promoted;

Highly efficient:

●For rice harvesting, (0.27-0.53)hectare/hour; For wheat harvesting, above 0.8hectare/hour;

●Grass chopper and grain box are apolegamic;

Technical Parameters

TypeLongitudinal axial flow
full-feed crawler type
Rated Engine Power/Speed  kW/r60/2600
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)  mm4780×2600×2800
Operation Weight  kg3000
Cutting Width  mm2200
Feed Capacity  kg/s≥10.8
Min. Ground Clearance  mm220
Theoretical Operating Speed  km/h0-5.8
Productivity  h㎡/h0.27-0.54
Fuel consumption per unit area  kg/h㎡≤25
Blade TypeⅡtype
Header Auger Typehelical blade+eccentered
expansion link (Floating)
Transmission TypeMechanical + stepless
 speed regulating
Stalk Chopping TypeFlail blade (optional)
TrackSpec(Pitch X Pitch Number X Width)90mm×50pitch×400mm
Track Gauge  mm1150
Threshing Drum Type  mmφ555×1800
Grain unloadingManual receiving or
mechanical spiral dump