Foton Lovol DG200 Combine Harvester

Foton Lovol DG200 Combine Harvester

Main Features

1. Adopt HST of American Sauer Co., Ltd., which can realize continuous variable transmission of the complete vehicle.

2. Adopt semi-receiver structure as control mode, which makes the operation of moving forward and backward easy and convenient.

3. Adopt receiver beater + single longitudinal direction axial flow cylinder sheller system.

4. Adopt long 400×90×49mm continuous track.

5. The shear platform and the bridge are connected together, which can move up and down as a whole.

6. Adjustable opening of upper screener and adjustable angle of bottom screener.

7. The rotating speed of fan can be adjusted at definite ratio, which can fit the harvest requirement of various crops.

Technical parameters

Engine power (ps)75Cutting width (mm)2000
Feeding rate (kg/s)2Total loss rate (%)(Wheat)≤1.2 (Rice)≤3.0
Broken rate (%)Wheat≤1.0 Rice≤1.5Impurity rate (%)Wheat≤2.0 Rice≤2.0
Threshing and cleaning structure typeFeeding wheel+single horizontal axis flow roller + fan + double layers shaking screenGravure plate adjustable structureAdjust the position of threshing teeth
Axis flow roller(outer diameter*length)¢620*1854Grain tank capacity(m³)0.5/1.0
Grain unloading typeManual receiving grainRunning speed range(Km/h)0~8.579
Operation weight2900±5%Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm)≤5115*2290*2800


1. Assembled with big diesel motor with four cylinders or new diesel motor with four cylinders.

2. Assembled with a small sized crop tank (0. 5m3) + a manual pick-up channel or a big sized crop tank (1. 0m3) + a simply constructed discharging sleeve.

3. The receiver beater + the single longitudinal direction axial flow cylinder sheller system.

4. Adopt HST transmission system of American Sauer Co., Ltd.