Chery 4LZ-2.0 Rice Harvester

Chery 4LZ-2.0 Rice Harvester

Chery 4LZ-2.0 Rice Harvester Product Features

●Mature power match, less fuel consumption, good reliability and large power reserve.

●Hydraulic reel movement, applicable to multiple crops.

●With widened crawler, the ground pressure is less than 20Mpa and the pass ability in rice field is improved.

●HST stepless speed regulating technology is adopted for more convenient operation.

●With tangential flow and transverse flow double spike tooth type threshing drum,it can thresh more thoroughly.

●The adjustable reciprocating type double vibrating screen is adopted,and the screening effect is better.

●Advanced scientific design and diversified protection device contribute to more convenient service and maintenance.

●Internationally advanced suspended supporting wheel design is adopted,which effectively prolongs the service life of chassis system.

Chery 4LZ-2.0 Rice Harvester Technical Parameters

Threshing TypeTangential+Axial
Engine Power/Speed KW/r55/2600
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)4735×2320×2850
Operation Weight  kg2565
Cutting Width  mm2000
Feed Capacity  kg/s2
Min. Ground Clearance  mm240
Theoretical Operating Speed  KM/hLow speed 0-2.88/High speed0-4.54
TransmissionMechanical+stepless speed regulating
Re-threshing deviceSpiral blade type
Threshing drumSpike
Grain unloadingManual+Mechanical