Chery 4LZ-3 Wheat Harvester

Chery 4LZ-3 Wheat Harvester

Chery 4LZ-3 Wheat Harvester Product Features

●The tangential flow + axial flow threshing device is adopted, which ensures more mature threshing and separation technology and higher adaptability;

●Equip with 90/110hp engine, featuring strong power;

●Widened conveying axle and widened vibrating screen contribute to less loss of wheat and more cleanness of grain tank;

●The new dustproof radiator cover is more reliable for dust and impurity prevention and more convenient for daily use and maintenance;

●The new type of caliper brake is adopted for more reliable brake performance;

●Equip with GPS navigation system, and abnormal inspection and alarm device for axial flow drum, re-threshing and elevator, which improves the automation degree;

●The combination instruments has additional sound alarm function when the water temperature, oil pressure and oil level are abnormal, which is more thoughtful;

●The optional straw chopper can meet the requirements for straw mulching;

●The new luxurious driver's cab equips with air conditioner, and is more comfortable for driving;

●When mounted with special attachments, it can be used to harvest rice, rape, soybean (flexible header), corn, etc. Thus it can improve the comprehensive economic profits.

Chery 4LZ-3 Wheat Harvester Technical Parameters

Feed Capacity  Kg/s3
Cutting Width   mm2360/2500
Power  KW66/73.5
Productivity    h㎡/h0.4~0.67
Fuel Tank Volume L235
Threshing Separation Tangential flow + transverse axial flow roller
Grain Tank  m³1.8
Total Loss Rate %Wheat:≦1.2 , Rice:≦3
Broken Rate   %Wheat:≦1 , Rice:≦1.5
Impurity Rate  %Wheat:≦2, Rice:≦2
Machine Weight (incl. Header) KG4640
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) mm6450×2700×2380