Changfa CF1204 Tractor

Changfa CF1504 Tractor

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Tractor ModelCF1204
 HP & Type of Wheeled Driven120hp,4WD
EngineModel YC6B135Z
Type Vertical,six cylinder, water cooled, four stroke
Power at Rated Speedhp (kW.)120(88.2)
Rated Speedrpm2300 (cc)419.3(6872.6)
Maximum Torquenm@erpm≥500@(1500-1700)
Fuel Consumptiong/kW.h≤235
Air Filter Dry, paper, inner located
Tractor ParametersDrive Type 4WD
DimensionsLin. (mm) 198.6(5045 ) to front ballast bracket
Win. (mm)     85.3 (2167)
Hin. (mm)112.2(2850) to cabin roof
Wheel Track (min.)Frontin. (mm)66.7(1694)、71(1804)、71.7(1822)、77.4(1890)、76.1(1932)、78.7(2000)、79.4(2018)、83.8(2128)
Rearin. (mm)66(1676)、67(1700)、73.7(1872)、75(1904)、81.7(2076)、82.6(2100)、90.7(2304)
Wheel Basein. (mm)105.9(2690)
Ground Clearancein. (mm)18.7(475)to traction bracket
Rated Traction Forcekn26.5
Gross Weight(W/O weights)lbs. (kg)10143(4600)
Min.Turning RadiusW/O Brakefeet (m)10.2(3.1)
W/Brakefeet (m)8.6(2.6)
Theoretical SpeedForwardmph (km/h)0.27-23.8  (0.43-38.3)
Reversemph (km/h)0.25-13.6 (0.40-21.9)
CapacityFuel Tankgal. ( l )75.3(285)
Cooling Systemqt. ( l )14.7(14)
Engine Oilqt. ( l )16.9(16)
Gear Box-Rear Axlegal. ( l )63.4(60)
Drive TrainClutch  single friction disk, dry, single-stage, constant engage
Gear Box forward  5x4x2, reverse  5x3x2, synchronizer, shift sleeve
Main Drive Spiral bevel gear
Final Transmission Single Planetary gear set
Steering Full hydraulic steering
Brake Dry, Auto disc,static-hydraulic shoe brake
Differential Lock peg lock, foot operate
Tire SizeFront 14.9-28
Rear 18.4-38
P. T. O.Type Rear mounted, Independent
Splinein. (mm) (8-29.4×38×6) or EXT21z×1.5875m×30p
Speedrpm540 & 1000, or 760 & 1000
PowerHp (kW.)102(75)
Hydraulic System