Chery RK554 Tractor

Chery RK554 Tractor

Chery RK554 Tractor Product Features

●Equipped with the domestically famous engine CHINA II featuring high quality, powerful dynamics, high reliability and high coefficient of torque reserve.

●Transmission gears 8F+4R, optional reversing device 12F+12R or 8F+8R, optional creeper 16F+8R, featuring reasonable speed-matching, high working efficiency, and good fuel economy.

●Shift sleeve adopted, featuring convenient, comfortable and reliable control.

●Double-acting clutch adopted, featuring convenient control and reliable performance.

●Reinforced dual-speed power take-off, featuring the wide range of optional machinery and tools and high reliability.

●The hydraulic lifter uses the force control, position control, or individual force or position control, featuring convenient operation and reliable performance.

●Full-hydraulic steering system, with easy and flexible control.

●The complete vehicle adopts the optimized ergonomic design to improve the driver's safety feeling, and the comfort to control.

●A new generation of streamline hood, with beautiful and elegant appearance, conforming to the safety, dust-proof, noise-reduction, heat-removal and other performance requirements.

Chery RK554 Tractor Technical Parameters

ModelRK554/ RK554-A
Type4×4 Four-wheel-drive
Max. traction force (kN)15
Power of PTO shaft (kW)36.4
Max. lifting force (kN)>10.2
dimensions (mm)W1650
Wheelbase (mm)2040
Track, front wheel (mm)1250
Track, rear wheel (mm)1300
Min. ground clearance (mm)310
Nominal engine power (kW)40.4
Rated engine speed (r/min)2300/2400
PTO shaft (r/min)540/760 (optional 540/1000)