Zhonglian Harvester 4YZ-3W Corn Harvester

Zhonglian Harvester 4YZ-3W Corn Harvester  Performance

1.Using straw crushing and returning device, can completely crush the corn straw and reduce the stubble height. 

2.Peeling device with special design,adopt soft peeling technology,4 sets peeling device,16 pcs rollers,metal and rubber rollers blended,this design makes peeling more clean, reduces the rate of seed damage&loss.
3.Flexible harvesting ways,suitable for different row space and different planting structure,can harvest even not in rows.
4.Assembling shake sieve and seed recycling bins,can collect the fallen corn seed, reduce loss rate.
5.Short machine body, short front-back wheel distance,small turning radius, easy to turn around in field. 
6.Special cutter table, auger-type picking roller, forcelly and quickly to pull the corn stick into cutter table, not intertwine, not blocking.
7.Adopt hydraumatic side-dumping device, convenient for corn unloading.
8.Adopt closed, shock-absorbing and big-sized glass cab,comfortable and clear visibility to drive.
9.Peeling device and grain elevator with alarm system,first-time to warn the fault information.
10.Adopt visual images system to monitor grain tank and reversing,convenient,clear and safety.
11. Reserve a termination to connect air air conditioner or fan.
12. GPS Beidou positioning navigation system,Intelligent control and monitoring technology. It can remotely manage and repair the system to realize the rotational speed, water temperature, oil pressure sensing and satellite positioning images of the engine, peeling machine, lifter and other functional components to realize remote service.
13. The cleaning fan adopts an adjustable air volume cross flow fan to make the corns and its seeds clean,no impurity.

Zhonglian Harvester 4YZ-3W Corn Harvester Technical parameters

TypeWheel type
Wheel2 drive wheel + 2 direction wheel
FunctionPicker + peeling, produce “corn cob”
Model of engine4H11
Engine manufactorywww.changchai.com
Power103kw (140 hp)
Engine speed2300-2400 r/min
Harvester rows3 rows
Cutting width1825mm
Harvest efficiency0.27~0.53 hm2/h
Total loss rate≤4%
Breakage rate≤1.0%
Impurity rate≤1.5%
Peeling rate≥85%
Oil consumption≤20kg/hm²
Minimum corn cob height from field300mm
Granary volume6190×2300×3259mm
NW4990 Kg